Celebrating ten SuperLucky years!

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  1. ELISHA says:

    Congratulations! I bet looking back it feels like a whirlwind of accomplishments. It’s nice to reflect and to go on to create even bigger and better for yourself and others.
    I hope I can get to Brighton from Brum to your up coming event. (gotta see if car or train & bnb is required/preferred).
    Sometimes I do kick myself for coming off FB because I then would have been with the LL group but this blog is will do me! 🙂

  2. Caroline Mobbs says:

    Congratulations! Here’s hoping both our books can get published this year! It’s a given yrs will of cause gl n best of luck

  3. Congratulations! Here is to another 10 successful years!!

  4. Congrats on 10 years – Here’s to the next ten years! Your blog is the number 1 place to start when I talk to my friends about comping. All my work colleagues have heard about my wins and ask me how to get into comping and I tell them to start with looking at Superlucky blog. You are an amazing inspiration Di and we love watching your unboxings with Ryland too. x

  5. jade rice says:

    your blog is amazing and has literally changed our lives . i love to share my win with the rest of my family if their lucky thank you for all the tips/post instant wins and other brilliant content Cheers to the new year and to ten+ more years of superlucky hope you have alucky 19 x

  6. Congratulations Di on all you have achieved over the last ten years- you should be very proud of yourself. The comping world is very lucky to have someone so willing to share our fantastic hobby and make it accessible and fun for everyone. Here’s to an awesome 2019 and many more lucky years to come!

  7. Sylvia Robbins says:

    Hubby and I should love to come to your event knowing that it will be much better than the one organised by an early comping mag at Saltdean lido and where the highlight seemed to be Joe Pasquale. I joined in with various conversations but no one spoke to me. Very cliquey So different from the Kempsey Kompers where I made lifelong friends. I’ll keep checking your blog.

  8. Charlotte Cauldwell says:

    Genuinely this blog has changed my life. Not just winning prizes but it has lifted my mood considerably so thank you. Wish you all the best for your 10 years. Am hoping to come to the event in October my husband said we could go so just need to save the money!

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