Channel 5 competitions: how to enter for free

Although the prizes aren’t as huge as those you’ll find given away in the ITV competitions, Channel 5 competitions feature some excellent holiday, short break, gadget and cash prizes.

The prize draws are advertised on a range of Channel 5 TV shows, and the text entries cost a pricey £2 each, plus the cost of a standard rate text (around 15p). 

But did you know that, like ITV, you can send ‘free’ postal entries for most of the Channel 5 competitions?

Several SuperLucky readers have won prizes by sending off postcards! All entries – whether by text or post – have the same chance of winning as each one is assigned a unique ID number. The winning ID number is chosen at random from all entries using a winner selector tool, under independent supervision.

Note that a postal entry is still officially considered as a free entry, even though sending a second class postcard will cost you 75p for a stamp. That’s still much cheaper than £2.15 for a text entry though!

Who is eligible to enter Channel 5 competitions?

Channel 5 competitions are open to all residents of the United Kingdom, but not Channel Islands or Isle of Man residents. The Channel 5 general competition T&Cs state there is no minimum age for entry, but a winner aged under 18 must take an adult with them if they win a prize including travel.

What prizes can I win in Channel 5 competitions?

The majority of the Channel 5 competitions offer holiday and short break prizes for two people, usually accompanied by some cash too. Check out all the current prizes at

How do I send a postal entry for a Channel 5 competition?

Check the Channel 5 competitions page for current competitions – each prize has a different keyword (eg. HOLIDAY) to write on your postcard, so entries can be sorted when they arrive.

For postal entries, you can use a picture postcard, a plain postcard or an envelope. It’s fine and eco-friendly to recycle used birthday and Christmas cards or product packaging for your competition postcards!

If it’s plain card, write the keyword plus the address on the front – PO Box 7557, Derby DE1 0NP, then your name and phone number on the reverse.

If it’s a picture postcard then lay it out like below, with your details on the left (not my real phone number, of course!)

If you write details vertically, there’s no risk of the Royal Mail machines confusing the sender’s details with the destination address. I do this for all my postcard entries, even if I’m just adding a phone number!

If you don’t have a postcard, it’s fine to send an envelope – either seal it and write your details on the reverse, or write your details on a piece of paper and put it inside the envelope.

You must use a stamp on your entry! If you use a second class stamp, post early – it could take a long time for your entry to arrive.

You can enter each Channel 5 prize draw by post as many times as you like. Each entry must be sent on a separate stamped postcard (or envelope). You can’t send them all together in one envelope – they will just be binned!

For more postcard tips, see my blog post How to send a postcard entry. You can also enter ITV competitions by post!

Where can I see a list of Channel 5 winners?

Winners details are published at

Good luck, but keep in mind that every Channel 5 prize draw gets thousands of entries. You’ll have a much better chance of winning prizes in purchase necessary competitions or Instagram prize draws! Check out these helpful blog posts:

20 Responses

  1. Bal says:

    HI Di, I enter itv competitions by postcard, can my family enter the same competitions or does it have to be one entry per for household only?

    • Di says:

      You can send as many entries as you like for each prize draw, so it doesn’t really matter if it’s you sending extra entries or your family as each draw only has one winner!

  2. Heather Flint says:

    My only concern is that scammers may get my name and phone number because the details are on the outside of the envelope / postcard.

    • Di says:

      The only people that see postcard details are Royal Mail staff, who must see thousands of names, addresses and phone numbers and I’m certain would have no interest in yours! The entries go directly to a PO Box, belonging to a Handling House, where the postcards will be sorted under independent supervision to ensure everything is done properly.
      Unfortunately many scammers these days use systems to just try random consecutive mobile phone numbers, so unfortunately you’re likely to get these calls anyway. And of course, your name and postal address appears on all other mail going through the Royal Mail system!

  3. Gordon says:

    I entered the latest Scenic railway journeys comp on 19th July, when will the results be published (and where?).

  4. Kate Halsall says:

    Hi Di,

    I received a call today to say i’d won £5000 in a channel 5 competition and that was from a postcard entry 🙂

  5. Michelle Smailes says:

    Thanks Di this is great! x

  6. Sylvia Robbinss says:

    Thanks for all these comps Di.
    This is to be my year of entering comps and perusing the 1921 census,
    I got a slap on the wrist for doing 3 hours of gardening by one of the consultants so what will be will be.
    Happy New Year!

  7. David Butler says:

    Can I submit several postcard entries in one envelope to save on postage?

    • Di says:

      No, each entry must be sent on a separate stamped postcard (or envelope).

      • Morowa Lawrence says:

        Can you enter multiple separate postcards for the same competition. I really can’t remember and would like to shift some stamps, or does it depend on the competition?
        Thank you

      • Anett varga says:

        Hello can I send a envelope and my name and phone number in it ?

        • Di says:

          Yes! either seal it and write your details on the reverse, or write your details on a piece of paper and put it inside the envelope.

  8. Kazzy Minton says:

    Ah I wondered how a postcard entry might be chosen – so now I realised that sending pretty/brightly coloured postcards and writing in fabulous calligraphy isn’t going to help mine get picked – thanks for helping me understand Di
    … 🙂 x

    • Di says:

      Unfortunately not in this case! For postcards that don’t go to a PO Box you can still try that method to make your entry stand out though (eg. local newspapers and magazine comps!)

  9. Satvinder Billa says:

    Thanks Di, not entered postal comps for a while so this is quite handy info. Will be entering the channel 5 comps. I need a good source of post cards ha!

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