ComperCon 2017

Have you ever been to a comping day? It’s the most fantastic day out – an opportunity to meet fellow compers, win prizes and chat about the best hobby in the world, without anybody thinking you’re a weirdo!

This June, Sunderland will host its first ever Comper Convention, and I’m delighted to be attending as their guest speaker (along with Compers News Editor Steve) – I’ll enjoy sharing some of my favourite comping tips and stories!

ComperCon is on Saturday 3 June 2017, from 10am to 4pm and should be a brilliant, fun-filled day for anyone who loves comping. Organised by the local competition club, the day will include quizzes, raffles and competitions – plus a buffet lunch and drinks.

Here’s a bit more information about ComperCon…

  • Venue: Whitburn Academy in Sunderland
  • Charity: Money raised will go to Newcastle charity Tiny Lives, to support sick newborn babies and their families.
  • Tickets: Are £35, which includes lunch (vegetarian option available), teas, coffees and biscuits. For payment details, contact the team on
  • Accommodation: There are plenty of local hotels (including the Marriott) if you’d like to make a weekend of it – I’ll be travelling up from Brighton on Friday so I’m sure there will be some Friday night drinks involved!

If you’d like to find out more, email the team at You can also visit their Facebook Community page  – where you’ll currently find a comp to win a £10 Love2Shop voucher plus see some of the amazing raffle prizes they have lined up (I’ve heard there’s a 40 inch TV, I’m not sure I’d want to bring that back to Brighton by train though!)

Will you be attending ComperCon? It would be great to see you there!


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  1. Kathryn Hipkin says:

    This really is going to be good fun! Quite surprised how many of you are relatively local to us – yes, I am part of the team. But this is actually my first comping event!
    My little girl Rachel is hoping I can get your autograph, Di!

  2. Karen Stirling says:

    Hi. Does anyone know if there are still tickets left? I’m just awaiting an email response (but I’m very impatient!)

  3. PrizeDeck says:

    We’d love to get involved in this too and would be more than happy to run a giveaway, donate a prize, etc. We’ll email the team and introduce ourselves, thanks!

  4. Anna Davison says:

    I’d love to go to this, and Sunderland is not far from me – but I’m on holiday! Ah well, maybe next year! It would be so nice to talk to ‘real’ people about comping – all my comping friends are online, my ‘real-world’ friends think I’m a bit bonkers – though they are impressed when I win things!

  5. Diane Marie Harwood says:

    I’d love to but it’s too far. How about you running one down South Di? We don’t have anything here. Southampton Comp Club will support you 🙂

  6. DanielleGraves says:

    It sounds fantastic and like it’s going to be a great day. I’d love to attend but due to distance and my anxiety I’d need my partner to attend too and he’s not into comping unless I’m winning something he wants ha

  7. christineshelley says:

    My family live nearby, so Im bringing my sister, its a lovely part of the UK , so much to see and do, looking forward to it

  8. Karen Foster says:

    Aaah it reminds me of the good old days, Big Brum, Compex, etc. I really miss them. They were always great weekends, and I loved catching up with comper friends who I never saw at any other time as we all lived scattered around the country. I’ve booked my ticket – I’ll be travelling up from London – I’m looking forward to seeing you again Di, and hopefully some ‘old’ familiar faces too, as well as meeting other compers. Can’t wait.

  9. Jordan Jarmain says:

    I’ve just emailed to see if I can get a ticket. I live in Sunderland so this would be awesome. Hopefully I’ll see you there Di x

  10. Emma Nixon says:

    sounds fun. But a bit too far from where i live. Enjoy yourselves.

  11. Lauren Reed says:

    Wow this sounds like such an amazing idea!

  12. Jo Marie says:

    Would so love to attend but can’t make that date. I’m already looking forward to ComperCon 2018 though!

  13. Natalie Ellis says:

    Sorry I won’t be able to join you on this occasion as I’m in an Amateur Dramatics show ‘Legally Blonde’ on that date. Sending you lots of comping luck. Have a great day 🙂

  14. Christine Evans says:

    I will definitely give this some serious consideration; never attended one before but sounds like great fun; must check tomorrow to see if I can get June 2nd off work for the travelling

  15. Caroline Louise Wood says:

    Too much money for me to attend ( as much as I’d love too) but for me n my carer/partner it’s £70 n just don’t have it spare ….. such a shame

  16. Sarah H says:

    I’m working on that day but maybe next year, sounds a good laugh and would be nice to meet others who understand the thrill of comping 🙂

  17. Tracey says:

    I have never heard of this either, it sounds great. Pity I live in N Ireland as I would love to go. Have a great day Di and anyone else that is lucky enough to be going 🙂

  18. I’ve never heard of this before, but Sunderland isn’t far from where I live and it sounds great, so just might have to get myself a ticket! 🙂 x

  19. Chloe Louise says:

    I’d love to come as my family and friends think I’ve lost the plot by entering all the comps but I love it. I’m learning new things, winning prizes and enjoying myself. Maybe next year! Xx

  20. D Fairman says:

    I didn’t even know there was a Comper Con. I’d love to go but I think Sunderland is just a bit too far for me. Have fun!

  21. Maxine Feehely says:

    I’ve found reasonable advance train fares from London. Now to check out accommodation before I book

  22. Christina Curtis says:

    I have always fancied something like this ever since watching High Stake Sweepers! Would be such fun.

    I hope there is another down South sometime!

  23. Rebecca says:

    Sounds great and would love to go to this if it wasn’t over the school after term holiday on one of the few weekends I’m away this year. Maybe next year…

  24. Heather Haigh says:

    It sounds great fun – not sure about the title though – the whole comping cons thing!

    • ELISHA says:

      short for convention, like how comicon does it and there is a moviecon now lol I guess the word convention sound a bit dull

  25. Eileen Teo says:

    Not heard of this before. Good to know, hopefully next time I can make it!

  26. Linda says:

    Sounds like a amazing day out, went to something similar about 35 years ago really encouraged me to enter more competitions, Have a fun day and raise lots of money. Could it be in Brighton next year?

  27. priscillastubbs says:

    I would love to a day out like this. The best we can do in our corner of West Wales is a meet up for coffee every month or so. That is more of a comping club get together rather than a day out. Sunderland would be a long way to go for the day but I hope it all goes well and you have a great time.

  28. Keri Jones says:

    I would love to go to an event like this. Unfortunately unless I win some cash I wont be able to make this one 🙁

  29. Lorraine Bryan says:

    I’d be really interested in attending but it’s so far away. I know you have to travel further than me but you’re a guest speaker who’ll no doubt have the guests hanging off your every word. I’ll definitely look out for one in the South.

  30. Linda Ford says:

    I wish I could attend, it sounds great, lots of competitions and supporting good causes. I wonder if there is one closer to me in Wirral or Liverpool?

  31. Jackie Dawson says:

    This sounds fantastic!! my perfect kind of day out, really hoping they do one closer to me one year so I can come along 🙂

  32. Christine Oprey says:

    This sounds like great fun! Too far away from me though as i live in Northern Ireland. I wonder if there are any local to me?

  33. Jo Glasspool says:

    Shame I can’t make it, it sounds like a great day out. The prizes look ace and what a fantastic charity to raise money for. I hope everyone has a fab day and I can’t wait to read your blog post about the fun you all had.

  34. ELISHA says:

    Oh jeez I would love this, as I have never been to one before BUT the cost of the travel is ridic!
    Hopefully there will be one organised soon more central.

    Are there any comping groups in Birmingham area, I would like to join one.. Anyone??

  35. Christine Caple says:

    It sounds fantastic, but unfortunately the wrong end of the country for me!

  36. Posiekins says:

    Sounds awesome. But Kent to Sunderland in a day is nigh on impossible…!

  37. Julie Lorraine thomas says:

    If such an event was local I would definitely attend, unfortunately I could not justify the travelling time or cost! How about an event at the NEC Di? There are such good links into Brum that I am sure you would have good numbers attend, including me!

    • I used to go to the annual Birmingham comp days (Big Brum) about 15 years ago, it was brililant! I’m not sure that comping group is still going though…

  38. cherylp59 says:

    I didn’t even know this kind of event existed – sounds great fun though !

  39. Jamie Edwards says:

    I sooooo wish I was going! Don’t think I can justify a 5 and a half hour journey though :/

  40. Rachelle Morgan says:

    I’d love to do this if it was closer to Coventry or Birmingham xx

  41. rebecca beesley says:

    Sounds amazing! Probably not something I can fit in this year into the hecticness of life – but hope it is the start of many like it as it is so great to chat with people about our amazing weird and wonderful hobby! x

  42. Gilly Mc says:

    Our club are having a great time organising the events of the day and sponsors have been so kind with their donations for our grand raffle, looking forward to meeting up with lots of compers.

  43. Derek Wilson says:

    Really tempted by this. I actually hail from the North-East but have lived in London for the last 20 years. Would be nice to get out of the capital for a couple of nights, so this is definitely worth considering. x

  44. Denise Slater says:

    I’m going 🙂 I really miss my Glasgow meetings since I’ve moved to Scarborough, and thought I’d get my comping group fix here lol. I’m looking forward to catching-up with compers I used to meet at the Glasgow meetings, and CN members that I haven’t met previously 🙂 Should be a fun day out.

  45. Sheila Docherty says:

    Wow…I’m only minutes away from Sunderland. I’m a newby really so should pick up some more tips!

  46. Jacqui Sclanders says:

    Yes, I’ll be there, look forward to meeting you! x

  47. Laura Anne Farnworth says:

    I really looking forward to it and its been fun to organise too – if you look on our facebook page Im posting up pictures of some of the prizes. Ive been to 2 comping days and I hope people will enjoy ours as much as I did the ones I attended and it s a great way to meet other compers and get inspired! (and hopefully win something too!)

  48. Jane Sanderson says:

    Leeds comp club will be attending – can’t wait!

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