New Year’s Resolutions for compers

In January 2016, I asked SuperLucky readers to email me with their New Year’s Comping Resolutions – and I’m sharing some of them here to inspire you for 2017!

Leave a comment with your 2017 comping resolution – or let me know how you got on sticking to your 2016 resolution, if it’s listed here! – and you’ll also have a chance to win a lucky prize (read on for more….)

As for me? My 2017 resolution is to schedule in a few hours of ‘creative comping’ time every Friday, where I can enter photo, video, writing and recipe comps! I’ve missed a lot of closing dates this year as I’ve been so busy, so I want to create my entry earlier rather than leaving it to the last minute and realising I won’t have time to do it!


Compers’ Resolutions

“Seek out the prizes I really want rather then enter willy nilly!”

“Be more organised with creative comps – I am very good at leaving them until the last day and then rushing around like a fool!”

Be more focused on social media and hone in on those fab experiences we love – spa stays, theatre trips and fabulous holidays”

“After having some great wins last year and getting some much needed inspiration from others on comping forums, I’ve decided to be proud of my comping hobby and show my face on Facebook and other social networks!”

“To seek out more local competitions”

“I’m going to get more creative with Pinterest”

“Enter more comps that I want to win for me instead of thinking of everyone else first, it’s time for me to be a little bit selfish!”

“Quality not quantity – spend more time on less competitions, so focus on the effort comps rather than try and enter everything on every forum.” 

I am going to be 50 next week and have set myself a challenge to win 50 things next year…”

“Stop wasting time on Facebook and Twitter comps which give me no wins but take up so much of my attention!”

To hunt down and enter more high(er) effort competitions, taking the time to prepare what I need to get a smashing entry.”

“Make time to take a series of silly and humorous photos that could be used for a variety of comps” 

“To bookmark the regular comps I do so I don’t forget them!”

“To set aside at least an hour a day to get back into it – I’ve had so much going on last year that comping fell by the wayside!”

To embrace creative comps as an opportunity to try my hand at new things and visit new places…”

I will be making a wish list and targeting the specific items I want. “

“My resolution is not to not worry about looking silly in photo comps and just have fun with it!”

“To join a creative writing group so that I can become a better writer and write more compelling competition entries.”

“To enter at least 200 competitions per week.”

“To be more organised and  prioritise the comps I really want to win, instead of getting stressed that I don’t have enough time to enter everything!”

“To be more patient with Rafflecopter & Gleam competitions”

“Focus – don’t get distracted!” “

“To get more organised, I am always losing receipts and panicking if I am asked for one!”

“Do a twice weekly google search for my wish list items”

“Keep a log of my prizes for the whole year”

My resolution is to not lose heart when I’m hitting dry spells!”

“To get the children involved more, both in children’s comps and in ones that require photos, selfies, or maybe even videos.”

“Celebrate my wins, not stress over my loses and appreciate all the opportunities and friendships comping gives me.”

“Win £2016 worth of prizes!”

“To teach myself how to use Instagram”

“Write more letters to magazines”

I have bought a diary which I am calling my comping diary and every Monday I’ll jot down the comps I am going to enter for that week!”

“To push myself out of my comfort zone, to enter more creative competitions – video/photo entries ones I may have shied away from in the past!”

Find a comping friend local to me to meet and share success and ideas with”

“Comp smarter, and take a break when I’m getting bored!”

And to finish, a poem from Sarah…

This year and forever beyond I shall…

Stick to the rules and read the T&Cs
Check back and see if it was me
Enter more postal and keep tab of these
Look out for local, promo and freebies

Enter what I want and what I need
Not what I don’t, there’s no need for greed
Try not to be glum when the postman has got none
And don’t be upset when you’ve not won

Keep trying, search better. Take more photos. Smile more and always enjoy!”

Is your 2016 resolution featured here? Let me know how you got on with it!

Win! A Good Luck Biscuiteers card

Leave a comment – either with your own 2017 competition-related resolution, or letting me know how you got on with your 2016 resolution – and I’ll choose one comment at random and send them a special personalised Biscuiteers Good Luck Biscuit card!

T&Cs: Open to UK residents aged 16+ only, to enter leave a comment before midnight on 10.1.17. Winner will be contacted by email within 7 days and must respond with a postal address within 14 days.

Competition closed – winner was Jo Corrado.


Main 2017 image copyright: alexraths / 123RF Stock Photo

100 Responses

  1. Gaynorfay Spanswick says:

    Mines to start keeping secrets (hate secrets lol )and be more adventurous when looking and entering competitions.

  2. hayley payton says:

    To enter more blog competitions

  3. Anila hussain says:

    Try and enter more creative/effort comps this year. Also try and improve on my Pinterest skills.

  4. claire_barnesy says:

    My comping resolution is to be more selectice with prizes I want to win (and more organised!!)

  5. Eileen McC says:

    Comping resolutions for 2017 – Regularly search for local competitions especially items on my wish list. Enter London comps when I see them pop up. Only enter competitions for items i actually want or can use as presents for friends or family. Ignore the people who tell me I win too much 🙂

  6. Damian Thomas says:

    Mine is to use my crafty ways to enter more creative comps.

  7. ellie says:

    to start being more creative! i usually skip the effort comps because i can’t be bothered but i need to start doing them properly!

  8. Hannah Ingham says:

    To keep up using the competition listing websites but to also track down low entry competitions on social media sites, especially Instagram and Twitter!

  9. Claire Nelson says:

    I am being more pro-active, I want to being seeing competitions early and entering them with days/weeks to spare not hours. I often miss creative ones because I only see them as they are finishing. I’ve spent the evenings going through as many as I can so I am now in a position to be looking at competitions on the day they are posted, I hope I can continue with it!

  10. h_igoe says:

    I want to learn more about purchase comps and build them into my regular shopping and weekly meals where I can!

  11. Sirley Young says:

    I want to be super organised this year. I’ve got my daily to do list and I’m working through the tips in your book 🙂 I’ve made a comping section in my bullet journal 🙂

  12. Mark Tebbutt says:

    more holidays

  13. Samantha O'D says:

    Get creative and get the kids involved.

  14. Jordan Jarmain says:

    My comping resolution this year is to seek out and enter more local competitions. I’ve had no success with national comps all year but in December I won vouchers for beamish (local attraction), tickets for a gig at a local comedy club, vouchers for our local trampolining centre and vouchers for my fave restaurant all from local competitions.

  15. Mel Daniels says:

    I’d like to find some more “comping friends” on Facebook and Twitter so we can tag each other and share competition posts 🙂

  16. Donna Niman says:

    Focus on my wish list (its the first year I’ve done one) and start to search for low entry comps. I also want to use pinterest and snapchat more. And to carry on enjoying comping (and of course the wins!)

  17. Emma Lamb says:

    My resolution is definitely to try and use Instagram more. Have the app on my phone and iPad, but it hardly gets used.

  18. Christine Oprey says:

    To get the whole family involved!… creative comps for the kids are great fun, it also means i can be a busy mum and still make time for my hobby!

  19. Donna Peters says:

    my comping 2017 resolution is to buy di cokes book which is full of loads of help and tips on comping as i dont seem to be winning anything and hopefully with the help from her book i will be more successful , also to set aside an hour a day for myself to enter competitions and be more organised and have a wish list and only enter competitions that i would like the prize from as i see so many people winning and then selling there prize as they said they didnt want or need the item which i find frustrating

  20. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    To be more selective and not just enter anything.

  21. Verity Bale says:

    My comping resolution is to get organised make a wish list and make more effort this year.

  22. Victoria_CosmeticCravings says:

    My main resolution is to get organised. Don’t leave effort comp planning until the last possible moment, think of ideas for photos so they can be taken in advance rather than a half hearted attempt just before the deadline.

  23. Tiff Jordan says:

    My comping resolution is to only enter prizes I want to win… I’ve won a few prizes this year that I thought my husband or children might enjoy, such as tickets to the Digital Kids Show. When the date came I had to work, and I came home later to find that hubby and kids had decided not to go as they didn’t really fancy it. A shame when another family would have loved the chance to go, but I’ve learnt from that and I’m being super selelctive thus year!!

  24. Laura Barratt says:

    This year I am focusing on mini goals every quarter such as try and win 5 twitter competitions or search google for what I would like to win. I asked my hubby and children and we have a diverse comping wishlist to tackle this year so fingers crossed everyone!

  25. Sarah Corbett says:

    This year, I am going to really enjoy entering competitions which push the boundaries. Competitions which get me really thinking about my entry, and having a lot of fun in the process.

  26. Stevie says:

    I would like to learn how to regram. I don’t know if you can do it on the computer or a mobile phone is the only way.

  27. Robyn Clarke says:

    I’m going to get the most out of Compers News Subscription.

  28. Kelly-Marie Chrascina says:

    This year I’m going to get really organised with my competitions. This means actually writing a wishlist with an on-line programme and then focusing on the items. Fingers crossed!

  29. sarah lees says:

    Part of my 2016 comping resolutions were to win days out with the kids, firstly I won 4 tickets to Disney on Ice, Little Mermaid, our Daughters went on the ice in Ariels submarine and was part of the show in front of about 10,000 people. Amazing day! Then I won 4 tickets to Flamingo Land which included VIP tickets to their Party in the Park, our girls stood right next to stage then met Ben Haenow (xfactor) and the other stars. Then just for us two adults I won a local competition to a Fawlty Towers evening, meals included, we cried laughing the whole time. Finally I won 4 tickets to go to The Deep in Hull, which we are saving for a rainy day!

  30. Trenton1984 says:

    My one aim this year is to try and win a family holiday but I also received a new camera for Christmas and so will try to use it to enter more creative competitions as I never usually enter those.

  31. Lynne OConnor says:

    I’m going to make more use of Google and other search options to look for the specific prizes I want to win, and enter rafflecopters/gleam before the last day

  32. Jamie Millard says:

    To enter less. Seems counter productive, but I’ve entered way too many so need to streamline (don’t work harder work smarter mentality). Also trying to stay an extra day ahead on end dating (cutting out the ‘race to midnight’ that I’ve been adopting).

  33. toadfinder says:

    Learn to use Pinterest…and possibly even Snapchat!

  34. rebecca beesley says:

    My comping resolution this year is to get the kids involved once again – they used to love taking part in comps when they were homeschooling but lately haven’t shown so much interest. As I often hide any prizes they win until Christmas, I think they realised that they hadn’t entered or won so many comps this year so i think they will get on board again in 2017.

  35. Milly says:

    Mine is to do more Instagram comps – I won two awesome prizes on there in December and they’re much lower entry than most!

  36. JaynesDen says:

    To be more organised. I have already set up reminders on my iPad to remind me when the competitions close etc.

  37. greig spencer says:

    Mien is to enter more instagram comps- as i think fewer people enter them xx

  38. ClaireT says:

    I’m going to learn how to use snapchat and also how to set up folders on my new computer so I can keep certain comps all in one place like weekly entry or effort or purchase ones

  39. Sue Ocock says:

    To make better use of my camera and enter more creative comps

  40. Anne Johnston says:

    Last year I homed in on the prizes I really wanted and won £1300 worth. I’d never won a break away before but I did recently and I’m looking forward to a luxury B&B stay soon. This year I’m going to up my game with effort competitions especially photo comps. Good luck everyone!

  41. Kyle Cann says:

    Morning i have been entering competitons for years and have won some really nice prizes,but lately they have all dried up,i think i am edicted to comps,so 2017 will be no different,my policy is to enter 3 comps from each different sites

  42. Francesca Plowman says:

    My resolution is to keep a better record of comps I see in the notes and reminder section of my phone last year I screenshotted hundreds of comps but never got round to going back and entering them!

  43. Ann Jefferson says:

    Try to enter more comps rather then trawling through lots for ages then realising I havn’t entered any…

  44. Alice Picari says:

    I’m going to be more brave and not take myself so seriously. I previously was concerned about what people might think if I sent in a daft photo or custom made postcard. This has limited my entries in the past. This year I’m just going to do it!

  45. Alex Cuckson says:

    I’m going to focus on finding low entry and effort competitions, inspired by Di’s comment recently that she only enters around 20 per day. Quality over quantity does seem to be the way forward.

  46. Debbie Loveday says:

    Make more use of the comping emails and magazines I subscribe too and not worry to much about double entering as keeping a check of what I have entered across multiple platforms takes us to much valuable comping time

  47. Susanna says:

    I’m going to make a wish list and stick to it as I’ve been entering every competition which takes up so much time.

  48. Monica Gilbert says:

    I want to enter more creative competitions, specifically ones to do with writing or art. I think I could do well in those, and it would be a good excuse to do more in those areas.

  49. jade rice says:

    this year im going to try save up enough money to get a new car but with a huge family birthdays every month will take me years , so my resolution is to win all birthday gifts for friends and family and may aswell try win next christmas too hehe x

  50. Margaret Surrey says:

    Enter more local comps

  51. tammy says:

    I am going to enter more local comps and see how I do! Did well in 2016 – been comping 3 years and it was my best year yet!

  52. Jo Marie says:

    I am going to try my hand at some radio competitions. Ive been inspired by others compers’ radio wins!

  53. Laura Walker says:

    I really enjoy cooking so I’m going to keep an eye out for competitions where I can but my skills to use

  54. Sarah Robinson says:

    Going to try more effort comps and get my son involved in winning some children’s competitions.

  55. Lee Gardner says:

    Im going to try my hand at more creative comps. I see them and just push them to one side. They will be un to enter

  56. Rochelle Benson says:

    I am going to stay positive that I will win more competitions in 2017.

  57. Lindsey Loughtman says:

    To make sure I seek out and enter the BIG comps as well as the little ones.

  58. CrazyJoggingGymLady says:

    I am going to try and enter more effort comps this year. I don’t really do many of these and they look a lot of fun so I am going to give it a go.

  59. Lisa C says:

    My 2016 resolution was to write a wish list and to keep a list of wins, I found both very motivating. My resolution for 2017 is to keep following Di’s advice!

  60. Stacey Anderson says:

    My 2017 comping resolution is to try and focus on my wishlist items, using google searches etc and stop entering so many like and shares with high entry numbers. I also want to begin doing more ‘effort’ competitions x

  61. Alison Thackray says:

    I learnt to be more selective with my comping in 2016, in 2017 I want to be more organised, with deadlines and receipts etc.

  62. Linda says:

    My comping resolutions for 2017 are to work out instagram and try and remain positive. To enter for prizes that I would love to do but scare me, red carpet events, Life begins at 60 or so they say. Hopefully win a London hotel stay or a holiday. Good Luck All

  63. Frances Heaton says:

    I intend looking at apps such as Raffler and others, also learn how to use Instagram and Pinterest. Broaden my horizons a little! Good luck everyone!

  64. pippasmum says:

    My resolutions are to not feel guilty when I take some ME TIME to enter competitions and to try and find lower entry ones so I have a better chance of winning when I do enter.

  65. I’m really hoping to win a short uk break away or a fridge would be handy seeing as mine has just broken

  66. israrbaig says:

    going to try and win an PS4 or Xbox as that would making comping great for me

  67. Gail Oswald says:

    This year, I shall search for low entry competitions, local competitions and focus on things I really want to win. I shall refer to Di’s book for inspiration. I shall try to get to grips with Wamo, Blippar and Instagram. I shall try to ignore Facebook & Twitter competitions unless it is something I really want to win or I am bored!

  68. Wendy butcher says:

    This year my comping resolution is to win at a click win for the first time ever

  69. Sue Southwick says:

    Teach myself to use roboform. Then I will nor have to spend ages filling in name and address

  70. Chris says:

    My 2017 comping resolution is: Don’t comp hard, comp smart. This is the tactic I am using having followed Di’s example.

  71. Pinksock says:

    2016 found me wavering with my competition entering enthusiasm , I suppose I lost my way a little and my comping mojo just faded. I have bought your book Di, and will endeavour to rekindle my passion for competitions with prizes both large and small. I enjoy creative comps and my trusty camera will go everywhere with me. 2017 I’m excited.

  72. helena h says:

    My resolution is to try to focus on London based competitions and as ever unusual holiday competitions. I have the most success with these and they lead to the most exciting adventures.

  73. Elaine says:

    I ended the year with a really good haul of prizes. I hope to keep that momentum going. I’ve created my New Years wishlist of prizes and want to target them. I also intend to be more organised. Plus try and enter more on air radio comps. I’m not shy & retiring at all

  74. Mary says:

    Just completed my first full year of comping. Won about one small prize a month which was exciting. This year I want to focus on entering less comps, but spend more effort on the ones I do enter. Fingers crossed for us all this year.

  75. Annette Slater says:

    Ive decided to try my hardest this year,sticking to a list of comps to do daily, dedicating as much as I can to it, being organised, pen, bag, smart phone charged even business cards to hand. Then im ready to leave the house lol. Ive got a planner as well so I can track what I’m doing and wish list that I’m aiming for, with things like a hamper, a tablet, hotel stay, and hopeful a festival 🙂
    Last year I started comping after a camp bestival win in July and managed on average £1,000 of prizes every month, hopefully I can continue this. Aim high and stay positive is my motto this year. Good luck everyone.

  76. Maxine Feehely says:

    My resolution is make more effort on Twitter. Of my 140 odd prizes, only 1 was a Twitter retweet. I see the same people winning regularly with great photos and aim to join them

  77. Louise Crocker says:

    I would like to get the hang of Pinterest and Instagram comps this year also to do more creative and radio comps

  78. Hannah Smith says:

    For me it will be not to put too much pressure on myself.. some days I won’t be able to enter competitions but feeling guilty about that is silly!

  79. Deborah Mackenzie says:

    2017 – I need to search out more comps for things I would love to win; do surveys from stores (I have won before) and would love to be more creative and stop feeling stressed if I take time out from entering to enjoy myself!

  80. Susiegee says:

    My resolution is to have more comping time for 2017, get my head around Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Wamo and enter to win the things I want and need. 2016 magazine comps were good for me so I will be doing more of those and keeping tabs on the value of the prizes I win. Good Luck fellow compers.

  81. Linda Ford says:

    To enter a competition even if there are a lot of entrants, I always think, there are loads of entries so I won’t win. You never know it could be me….

  82. Sarah prescott says:

    Start to use Crowd fire for twitter and unrollme for emails to be a bit more organised in 2017.

  83. RebeccaC says:

    Paying more attention to the T&Cs of contests! I entered one this year that I didn’t qualify for and didn’t realise until too late, and I entered another one that didn’t hand the winner the prize but reimbursed them later and I would not have accepted this prize if I had one.

  84. Sandra Clarke says:

    I intend to search for more creative comps rather than waste so much time on facebook for little return, as has happened this year. Also look for prizes I want to win rather than for family & friends who don’t seem to appreciate them and for the effort that goes towards them. Good luck and Happy New Year to everyone.

  85. hayley cooper says:

    I’m going to spend more time searching for things I WANT to win this year!! Instead of entering everything!! I have already made a list so let’s get started!!! 🙂

  86. Emma Ellams says:

    For this, I’m going to spend more time on creative comps and not just run for the hills like I normally do!

  87. Jim Radford says:

    Mine is to encourage others to take up “comping”-there is plenty to share and its such a fun way to earn those little extras!

  88. Lisa Cotton says:

    To be more positive, be more organised and to try something new

  89. Francesca Jones says:

    My comping resolution for 2017 is to focus on more voucher prizes because although I’ve had some fabulous wins in 2016 which we loved it would be great to win vouchers that could go towards everyday purchasing needs.

  90. D. Harrison says:

    Hoping to win everything for Christmas so I can save some much needed money! Would love to also win a new sofa as ours needs replacing and some gaming bits for myself would be the icing on the cake.

  91. I shall be focusing on prizes that I really want to win and keeping track of my creative efforts, so that I can check back and see if I have won. I shall be spending much less time on Facebook and Twitter as I am not convinced my entries even get seen. I shall be doing more Purchase Required Comps and get organised with my shopping, so I don’t forget the items

  92. patricia bond says:

    I am going to be more positive and not get disheartened when I have dry spells. Also I want to be more organised and do more gleam comps and low entry if I can find some. I will be reading your book again Di to refresh my memory on some things. Good luck to everyone and H.N.Y. xx

  93. Kate Jones says:

    In 2016, I focused on competitions when I had time. It’s easy to take the fun out of our hobby if you try to enter all. It paid off and I reckon I won about £3,000 worth of prizes. I must keep a list of prizes and values in 2017. Happy New Year and good luck everyone x

  94. Vicky R says:

    I’m going to try and focus more on my wish list in 2017, hopefully with better results!

  95. Andrea Goodheart says:

    Get into using Google regularly to check for comps offering prizes I’d really like to win (& also to check if I’ve missed any wins!) and also to start using Tweetdeck again.

  96. Lucy robinson says:

    I am going to leave facebook competitions and focus on effort competitions. I need to get my creative head on as I’m not that good at video comps. Did very well with purchase comps so will put even more effort in there.

  97. EMMA FURNISS says:

    ha ha, great post – thank you! My resolution is there and I won my first ever video competition on Xmas Eve. My resolution for 2017 is to be organised. Like you, I leave things to the last minute so have to find a system where I pull out the really good creative comps in good time. Happy new year, hope its a lucky one for all 🙂

  98. Bex Allum says:

    To not enter for rubbish and things I don’t want or can’t give to friends!

  99. Kim Dillon says:

    My comping resolution is to get to grips with Instagram and spend less time on Facebook comps as there are so many entrants for the smallest prizes on there now.

  100. Katrina Adams says:

    Firstly, Happy New Year! My comping resolution for 2017 is to not give up! When I get a dry spell I neee to keep motivated, read other wins and work on effort necessary rather than just throwing in the towel and complaining I don’t win. More positive thinking all the way!!!

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