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Purchase-necessary competitions can give you an amazing chance of winning a prize – you buy a product, and as a bonus you’ll be able to enter a prize draw or competition with the packaging or receipt! Over twenty years I’ve won thousands of pounds of prizes in purchase comps, including a car and several holidays.

The table below shows a list of current purchase-necessary promotions available in UK supermarkets – check it before you go shopping, or print it to take to the shops with you! The promotions listed are ones that I’ve found myself, plus the comps that my blog readers and members of the Lucky Learners group share with me. For promotions where a receipt is required, it’s usually OK to shop in store or online (but check the Terms & Conditions first!) – a screenshot or photo of your online order qualifies as a receipt. 

Space in the table is limited, so if you want to find out more, see a photo of promotional packaging, or ask questions, please do join us in the Lucky Learners Facebook group and check our photo album of current purchase comps for the individual chat threads. 

Click the column headers in the table and you can sort by store, closing date, or product name. I’ll be regularly updating, new additions will have a NEW icon added and you’ll always see the date of the latest update at the top of this post. The links in the table will either take you to my own SuperLucky blog post about the promotion, or directly to the promotion website or Terms & Conditions. For some Tesco text comps, it will be a photo of the in-store display if the T&Cs aren’t yet online. 

If you’re new to purchase comps you might like to read the following blog posts before you get stuck in – they will help you understand which type of promotion gives you the best chance of a win:

Please note that the closing date in the table is when the main promotion ends. Some instant win promos have one or more late entry draws (also called mop-up, sweep-up, wrap-up, or catch-all draws) which can be several months after the instant wins finish. These late draws usually just have a single prize so it’s not worth keeping the products listed here, when flashed packs are likely to have long since disappeared off the shelves…

List of current purchase-necessary comps 

Click/tap the column headers to sort – click ‘closing date’ twice to change the order to earliest date first! A NEW icon at the starts shows the latest additions to the list.

Key to promotion type:
WM = winning moment, IW = instant win, PD = prize draw, STW = swipe/scan to win, J = judged. A ☆  indicates that the product you need to buy has specific promotional packaging, sticker or neck tag. A thumbs down 👎 icon indicates the promotion is algorithmic, and less than 5% of advertised prizes will be won – I don’t recommend this format!

ProductStorePrizeClosing dateTypeLink
Heineken ☆Euro2020
HUN wineTESCOAll Points East Festival VIP
Birra MorettiCO-OP/NISA25 x Italian Feast
Coca Cola ZeroTESCO£250 & years supply
Nature’s Variety Pet FoodPETS AT HOMEYears supply pet
Filippo Berio Olive Oil ☆30 x Ninja 7-in-1
Meatless Farm ☆5 x BBQ
Pringles ☆
Rustlers ☆100 X £100 gift
Punk IPAMAJESTICGold Can & £10k
Punk IPAMORRISONSGold Can & £10k
Coca ColaCO-OPPresent Golden Boot
TyrrellsCO-OP5 x year's wine &
Sharps BeerWAITROSEFoodie weekend
MagnumWAITROSERoyal Ascot
Birra MorettiSAINSBURYS200 x 'Our Italian Table'
Jaffa CakesSAINSBURYSTrip to Costa
San PellegrinoSAINSBURYSTickets to BA TV
Nestlé CerealsSAINSBURYSAdidas family
Nestlé Desserts ☆4K Smart TVs9.5.2021WM/
Boots Footcare ProductsBOOTS10 x
Batchelors CoD Warzone ☆Call of Duty games &
Doritos / Pepsi MaxICELANDHome Entertainment
Whole Earth Peanut Butter ☆£15,000
Ready Brek ☆10 x £1,
Oreo ☆Lady Gaga
Wagon Wheels ☆Top Gear Track
Meantime ☆BST Hyde Park (scroll to end of T&Cs!)
Fireball ☆Fireball Party
Ribena ☆25,000 board
Fruit Shoot ☆£5000 dream prize (kids)
McVitiesup to 1000 x £1000
Flipz PretzelsGaming
Jack Daniel's ☆5 x Bespoke home bar27.7.2021PD/
Le Rustique ☆2000 x cheeseboards31.7.2021IW👎/
Tena Discreet ☆£500
Mars confectionery ☆10 x £
Black Bottle Whiskey ☆Smoky cocktail
Valspar PaintB&Q5 x £3000 holiday
JamShed wine ☆£10 vouchers / Jam
Allinson's, Billington's, Silver Spoon ☆ 🆕3 x £25k
Henry Weston's Cider ☆TESCOGarden Bar & £1000
Carling ☆10,000 x Umbro
Budweiser ☆Premier League prizes30.5.2021PD/
Three Mills Wine ☆£5000 home makeover30.9.2021PD/
Amstel ☆Trips to
Worthy Farm Cheddar ☆CO-OPGlastonbury
London Pride ☆VIP Rugby

Spotted an in-store or on-pack promotion that’s missing from the shopping list?
Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll add it.

Promos starting soon (I’ll add these to the list when they start)

  • Cadbury & Maynards Win the Captain (starts 28/4)
  • Tropicana Win £5k (starts 1/5)
  • Pringles Win football prizes every hour (starts 1/5)
  • Nestlé (KitKat, Aero, Polo) – Win a staycation every day (starts 3/5)
  • Weetabix Win football prizes (starts 4/5)
  • Pepsi/Doritos/Walkers Max Get Match Ready Instant Cash Prizes (starts 17/5)
  • Brewdog have lots of prize draws coming up when you buy Punk IPA in various stores:
    • Bargain Booze (starts 27/4)
    • Ocado (starts 5/5)

If you do enjoy purchase-necessary competitions, I recommend Compers News magazine (my affiliate link) and its private Chatterbox forum, where you can often be the first to hear about the latest on-pack promotions. Compers News usually costs £4.95 a month, but at the moment your first issue will cost just £1! Members can access all previous issues online, and there’s no commitment to an annual subscription so you can unsubscribe at any time.

I also recommend using the Supermarket Comparison tool on the Latest Deals mobile app, so you can see where to get promotional products at the cheapest price!

You might also want to check out my guide to organising your quallies, receipts & POPs!

64 Responses

  1. Paula says:

    Cant for the life of me see any limit to number of entries on Rustlers comp, but can’t get a second entry to go in. (I have purchased 5 burgers between 2 receipts…)???

    Anyone else?

    • Di says:

      It’s not clear at all from the T&Cs but Rustlers have told me it’s just a single entry per person, and losing entries roll over to the following draws. Looks like you’ll have to pass your second receipt on to a friend to enter with!

  2. Elaine Hollis says:

    Bought a Feasters from Heron as they were only £1.29 but the comp won’t accept the till receipt. Tried umpteen different photos but it keeps saying “The computer says that’s not a receipt, did something go wrong?Please have another go at uploading a valid receipt.” Surely it shouldn’t matter where you bought the product?

    • andy morris says:

      hi elaine….guess who lol ..its probably just their comuter system not recognizing your upload

  3. andy morris says:

    another member of my comp site has just emailed me saying a FitBit from the Pedigree Dentasticks one has turned up in post and hasnt been asked for any proof of purchase..shes the sister of the one that won a lindt hamper from Asda one that didnt ask for proof of purchase

    • Di says:

      That’s correct, no receipts were asked for and no winning notifications were sent. I won too.

      • andy morris says:

        these POP comps are a bit of a joke….you clcarly DONT need to buy their products to enter

        • Di says:

          For most T&Cs it does say a POP ‘MAY be required to claim the prize’ – however for Pedigree/Perfect Fit it does specifically say “proof of purchase WILL be required to claim a prize” so it’s strange that they’ve decided not to ask for it – particularly as Dreamies are owned by the same company as Pedigree (Mars) and they’ve been very strict on seeing receipts before sending prizes. I always think it’s better to play safe and if it says a purchase is necessary, then you should buy the product. But it would be better if promoters did stick to their own T&Cs!


    I won a magazine subs with the Wagon Wheels competition!

  5. andy morris says:

    i run a competition site and one of my members has emailed me saying her sister has won a Asda Lindt hamper but they didnt ask to see her receipt

    • Di says:

      To be honest, for a lot of these prize draws you won’t be asked for the receipt. But it’s a big risk to enter without one just in case they do!

      • andy morris says:

        i looked at T and Cs and it says a till receipt MAY BE required …… comps like that run by dumb companies should specify when and when not a receipt is needed ..other wise it takes the P out of saying a purchase is needed to enter

        • andy morris says:

          its the same with the Spar wine one…comp says buy a bottle of wine to enter yet theres nothing in terms that says you have to prove you bought a bottle

        • Di says:

          I agree. It’s frustrating for those of us that make the purchase to find out that the winners were not asked to provide proof of purchase – that’s why I like the Tesco and Waitrose competitions that ask for receipt numbers/photos up front.

  6. Elaine says:

    Having difficulty entering the code for the Lidl Crownfield cereal products for £500. It is a 8 digit number which I found on the side of the packet, but jut coming up error all the time – very annoying.

  7. Elaine says:

    I was wanting to enter the Miami Mimosa Cocktail comp to win a trip to Miami with Waitrose, but none of the Waitrose stores in Scotland stock this item so a bit disappointed that I can’t enter it. I tried to send a note about it on the comp site, but wasn’t sure who to send it to.

    Any ideas?

  8. Mcj says:

    I’ll be going to Asda to buy Nivea Q10 products.

  9. Frances Heaton says:

    I will be buying the Cadbury’s Creme eggs. They have had them on promotion at Tesco, and we all enjoy them. Winning the cash would be a brilliant treat.

  10. Anna says:

    Hi Di just a quick question can you entry the Perfect Fit one daily? I have one receipt Thanks

  11. Linda says:

    Is it worth paying to join simply prizes i did it before and didn’t win nothing

    • Di says:

      I don’t recommend Simply Prizes at all Linda. You really don’t need to pay any money to be successful at comping as everything you need is available for free online on websites, forums and in Facebook groups. If you DO want to spend money on a magazine, opt for Compers News which is much better value because it gives you membership to the excellent private Chatterbox message board. You can subscribe to CN using my affiliate link at and your first issue will be £1 – you can always cancel if you don’t like it!

  12. Harls says:

    Hi di I am trying to enter the one stop quavers comp and it says enter the qr code at the point of sale I have a receipt but couldn’t find a qr code to generate a keyword any suggestions many thanks

  13. Dale Askew says:

    I love this handy shopping list. I check it each time I’m heading out for essentials. Thanks Di!

  14. Carla Fox says:

    Hi, I was looking for some of these products yesterday in the supermarket and quite a few didn’t have the competitions advertised on the packaging, eg. Uncle Ben’s, Hop House Lager, Cadbury Creme eggs, is that because those competitions haven’t been launched yet or do they sometimes not advertise them on the packaging?

    • Di says:

      There’s a key above the table Carla, it explains that a star next to the product means it’s in promo packaging (Hophouse gift sets) . If there’s no star (Uncle Ben’s, Creme Egg) then the packaging is normal.

  15. Jean Vaughan says:

    Di, for the first time ever I’m ready to enter on Day 1 of the Nescafe salary competition but no matter how I try it will not accept my county, it flits back to Cheshire every time I press enter. Is this happening for you or anyone else? And of course it is saying error every time.

    • Di says:

      Yes, lots of people have this same issue! I was able to choose mine, after typing Ea it came up with Ea Sussex, then East Sussex. There’s clearly something wrong with that part of the form!

  16. Hazel Lemar says:

    Hi Di, Is it my imagination or has the Coca-Cola competition on the Waitrose site disappeared early?

    • Di says:

      It has – there’s a conversation in Lucky Learners about this and Waitrose have been contacted! The qualifiers are pricey so I would imagine they will reinstate it this week.

      • Hazel Lemar says:

        Thank you for your comments Di. I won’t rush back to return my purchase if it reappears!

  17. Joseph Harper says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to enter the competition at Crownfield cereals (Lidl) but can’t input the codes as it is very confusing and keeps coming up with “error”. Can you please check this out and advise, thank you.

    • Di says:

      Your best bet is to email the organiser at Joseph!

      • Joseph Harper says:

        I’ve just done so, so we’ll see what kind of response I get. Many thanks for the info, Joe.

        • Joseph Harper says:

          They did get back to me and instructed that I had to put the first 4 digits in the the first box, and the remaining 4 digits in the second box.
          I had tried this previously without success but have now managed to enter the codes without a problem.
          Many thanks, Joe.

  18. Neill Johnstone says:

    I love that you can sort this by retailer AND by product – you’re a hero!

  19. Psula says:

    Oops. Sorry ignore me. Just noticed London Pride details are further down same page.

    • Di says:

      No worries – Asahi own Peroni, London Pride, Meantime and Grolsch too so all T&Cs should appear on that same page for those beer promotions, it’s definitely worth bookmarking!

  20. Paula says:

    Hi Di, Thanks for the update today but notice the London Pride link goes to the Peroni page?

  21. Julie Scattergood says:

    Thank you so much for doing this Di. Is there anyway I can link to it? (I like to save link to my home screen if poss)

    • Di says:

      What device and browser do you use? On Android you should be able to access the menu in your browser, and ADD TO HOMESCREEN. On an iPhone you won’t be able to do this in Chrome but you can in Safari (tap the share icon (middle of screen at bottom) and scroll down to ADD TO HOMESCREEN)!


    This is brilliant, Ive printed it all out! just clicked on the mudhouse wine link and its saying the promotion has ended though?!

  23. Patricia Avery says:

    A much appreciated list. Thank you so much.

  24. John Ettery says:

    Oh Di, you have given me a new lease of life re comping, I am so disorganised, I have a folder for receipts eg Jan to Dec, but reading your tips, I’m going out today and buy a small stapler, to add receipts to wrappers, and I’ll have a look for something for the bottles etc. I have been quite lucky in the past with some big wins on Free to enter comps, but am going to satrt working on “POPS”. Thank You Thank You….for the excellent advice.

  25. julia linsley says:

    Really useful Thanks

  26. Ellie says:

    Di you’re a star, I wish there was a way to compile such a list for ROI but I wouldn’t even know where to start. I hate feeling how ROI/NI//UK are so divided when it comes to purchase to enter comps. We all use pretty much the same brands and I would love a reason to leave the house lol Thanks for the fantastic list anyway! Much appreciated

  27. Jonny Price says:

    Great resource, thanks Di.

  28. Tom Morrison says:

    A nice quick reference for products with comps on them, many thanks

  29. Gill says:

    That’s spooky, Di. I have literally just written out a comping shopping list, ready to head out in the morning. I decided to be organised for once!! Ha, ha!
    Well, I just put my iPad on to charge overnight, picked up my phone, my comp shopping list and decided to take one last look at my iPad…..and there was your announcement but your new shopping list, on my screen.
    Thanks for setting this up. It’s a great idea and much appreciated.

  30. Rebecca Beesley says:

    This is AMAZING! I had planned to do more purchase necessary this year as I hardly ever do them but it’s been a tricky year for it when its been hard at times to get hold of basic essential foods. Hopefully can use this list as a prompt for shopping. Thank you x

  31. KRYSTAL Light CUNNINGHAM says:

    There’s a great competition on RYMAN’s at the moment. Win a £50 voucher for playing monsters match- entered forfree. Make a purchase instore to get a code to win stationary xxx

  32. KRYSTAL Light CUNNINGHAM says:

    Wow! Thank you for all the time and effort xx

  33. james says:

    wow great list Di!

  34. Vicky M says:

    This is absolute genius Di…thank you so much! Am saving this to my home screen on my phone

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