Compers shopping list

Purchase-necessary competitions can give you an amazing chance of winning a prize – you buy a product, and as a bonus you’ll be able to enter a prize draw or competition with the packaging or receipt!

Over 25 years I’ve won thousands of pounds of prizes in purchase comps, including a car and several holidays – the biggest being my 2021 win of £15,000 plus £10,000 of shares in Brewdog! My biggest recent purchase necessary wins have been a 50 inch Sony TV in a Tesco Popworks text-to-win, an XBox with Tesco/Doritos, £250 with Pepsi, a KitchenAid mixer with Stork and a £250 Decathlon voucher with Gillette Venus. Plus in October 2023, a coaching experience for my husband Rob at the Spurs training ground with 2 nights hotel stay and £500 spending money!

The table below shows a list of current purchase-necessary promotions available in UK supermarkets – check it before you go shopping, or print it to take to the shops with you – or ideally, use it to collate your own personal shopping list. You can find more advice in my blog post Ten great ways to organise your comping.

The promotions listed are ones that I’ve found myself, plus the comps that my blog readers and members of the Lucky Learners group share with me.

For promotions where a receipt is required, it’s usually OK to shop in store or online (but check the Terms & Conditions first!) – a screenshot or photo of your online order qualifies as a receipt. If you have a long online order, take several screenshots of it and combine them into one file using the free Filesmerge website.

Take a photo of your receipt, barcode or unique code

My advice is to take a photo of your receipt (ideally, with the product, unique code or barcode alongside it) as soon as you get home from your supermarket trip.

Save this photo into a ‘receipts’ album on your phone. Then if you do lose the receipt, you still have a photo of it to validate a win – and if you included the product in your photo you’ll be able to locate the correct receipt easily when swiping through your phone’s camera roll!

I then file away my receipts, codes and packaging in an expanding file with 12 monthly sections. There’s more advice in my blog post How to organise quallies, receipts and POPs.

Purchase necessary competition receipts

Space in the table is limited, so if you want to find out more details, see a photo of promotional packaging, or ask questions, please do join us in the Lucky Learners Facebook group for the individual chat threads (these are linked in the table too). 

If you’re new to purchase comps you might like to read the following blog posts before you get stuck in – they will help you understand which type of promotion gives you the best chance of a win, and advise on whether you only need to buy a single product to make multiple entries. 

Please note that the closing date in the table is when the main promotion ends. Some instant win promotions have one or more late entry or mop-up draws which can be several months after the instant wins finish. I don’t include these in the main shopping list, but you can find them in the second list of Recently Closed comps at the end of this post! Find out more in my blog post What are mop-up draws, late entry draws and re-draws?

How to use the Compers Shopping List

The product name is a clickable link – it will either take you to my own SuperLucky blog post about the promotion, or directly to the promotion website or Terms & Conditions. For some text comps, it might be a link to view a photo of the in-store display if the T&Cs aren’t yet online. 

Click the column headers in the table and you can sort by store, closing date, product name – or the final column shows the date the promotion was added to the list. Newly added promotions will display a NEW icon until the next batch of comps are added.

Column 6 has a clickable link to the chat thread about that particular promotion in my Lucky Learners Facebook group (you will need to be a group member to see the chat post).

Key to promotion type:

  • SIW = seeded instant win
  • AIW = algorithmic instant win (usually less than 5% of prizes will be awarded)
  • WM = winning moment (enter after a winning moment to win)
  • PWM = precise winning moment (enter during a winning moment to win)
  • PD = prize draw
  • STW = swipe to win/scan to win (eg. Nectar, Co-op loyalty card prize draws)
  • AE = automatic entry into a prize draw after a purchase (eg. Ocado)
  • J = judged (usually a photo or tiebreaker competition)
  • OOM = order of merit (organise statements in order of importance – the prize will only be awarded if an entrant matches the judge’s list exactly)
  • A  icon indicates that the product you need to buy has specific promotional packaging, sticker or neck tag. If there’s no star, it’s OK to buy the product in regular packaging.
  • A NEW icon at the starts shows the latest additions to the list
  • (E) means the promotion is effort based, usually taking a photo!
  • A * next to the total prizes means it’s an algorithmic instant win and not all prizes will be won (read more about these here)

Spotted an in-store or on-pack promotion that’s missing from the shopping list?
Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll add it.

Online purchases

Certain UK supermarkets have prize draws where you’re automatically entered if you add a certain product to your online order – these aren’t included in the shopping list but you can find current comp details in my Facebook group:

Pre-order cinema tickets & books to win

  • Odeon and Cineworld offer prize draw entries when you pre-book tickets for certain films
  • Waterstones offer prize draw entries for pre-ordering books

Other purchase-necessary promotions

The instant wins and prize draws that aren’t quite right for the shopping list are listed below:

Lidl Fruity Super Spin

Every time you shop at Lidl (spending a penny or more) between 16 May and 12 June 2024 you can play the Super Spin on the Lidl Plus app to win fruit! Find out more on the Lidl website.

Miele win £125,000

Buy a Miele appliance between 1 May 2024 and 30 April 2025 and you’ll go into a prize draw to win £125,000! Two winners each month will be chosen to win a £150 and £250 Miele voucher too. Find out more at

Stanley Tools Win a trip to Barcelona

Buy any STANLEY® or STANLEY® FATMAX® product between 1 April and 2 June 2024 for a chance to win the ultimate FC Barcelona experience for you and a guest to test your skills against winners from around the world in an exhilarating ‘Striker Challenge’ skills competition. After purchase, complete the entry form at before 16 June 2024.

Kärcher win garden prizes

Purchase a K3 to K7 series Kärcher Pressure Washer between 25 March and 27 May 2024 then enter your receipt/order number details at within 30 days of purchase. You’re guaranteed an instant win prize – you could win one of 10 Lazy spa Miami Air Jet Hot Tubs, 10 Philips NeoPix 330 Projectors, 10 Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Ovens, 25 x JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth Speakers – or if you miss out on the big prizes, you’re guaranteed a £20 voucher!

DeWalt win a Truck

Buy any DeWalt DCD100 drill kit before 12 June 2024 and upload a photo of your proof of purchase at for the chance to win a 2024 Ford Ranger Pick Up Truck. There are also a hundred runners up prizes, including 2 big bundles of tools, 8 twin drill sets, 20 drills, 30 Powerstack batteries and 50 radios. by Closing date for entries is 26 June 2024. See T&Cs for full details.

Purchase necessary promotions coming soon

These will be added to the shopping list when they start

Note: the list below may contain affiliate links

Current promotions

Qualifying productStoreMain PrizesTotal PrizesClosing dateTypeMax entriesWhoNotesChat linkDate added
Innis and Gunn LagerBar for 100 people in Glasgow on 23 June10.6.2024PD💬3.5.2024
Starbucks Chilled CoffeeTESCOVIP Experience at Victorious Festival28.5.2024PD💬10.5.2024
BEAR Snacks20 x package of 8 Water Babies swim lessons22.9.2024PD💬10.5.2024
Funkin' CocktailsTESCO / MORRISONS / SAINSBURY'S2 night trip to Barcelona for 2, 428 other prizes429*31.8.2024PD / AIW1ppUK 18+👎💬11.5.2024
Sipsmith GinWAITROSE2 x pair of Wimbledon tickets4.6.2024PD💬11.5.2024
Lynx / Radox / DoveBOOTSTrip to Germany & £4002.7.2024PD💬13.5.2024
Ambre SolaireBOOTS3 x VIP family stay at Peppa Pig World2.7.2024PD💬13.5.2024
CampariTrip for 2 to Milan, 150 Spritz kits15131.8.2024PD1ppUK 18+Unique code💬13.5.2024
SlimfastHOME BARGAINS7 night wellness holiday to Bali for 2128.5.2024PD1ppUK 18+Upload receipt💬15.5.2024
CoorsCO-OPColorado Road Trip for 214.6.2024PD1ppGB 18+Keep receipt💬16.5.2024
Starbucks Chilled DrinksASDA1 x VIP tickets to Kendal Calling, 5 x general tickets65.6.2024PD1ppUK 18+Keep receipt16.5.2024
Lynx / Radox / Dove / SureHOME BARGAINSEURO 2024 tickets, 50 x £50 cash514.6.2024PD1ppUK 18+Keep receipt💬16.5.2024
Lynx / Radox / Dove / SureASDA150 x £100 cash15012.6.2024PD1ppUK 18+Keep receipt💬16.5.2024
Robinsons Fruit CreationsSAINSBURY'SFamily holiday to Barcelona / 10 x 50k Avios1128.5.2024STW1ppUK 18+💬16.5.2024
Dark Horse WineSAINSBURY'S20 x Ooni Pizza Ovens204.6.2024STW1ppUK 18+No T&Cs💬17.5.2024
KingsmillASDA3 x family tickets to Peppa Pig World, 300 x Peppa prizes3035.6.2024PD6phUK 18+Keep receipt💬17.5.2024
PeroniWAITROSE2 x VIP Trip to Ascot, 200 x Peroni merch2524.6.2024WM1pp/wkUK 18+Keep receipt💬18.5.2024
Dr Paw PawSAINSBURY'S£1,000 Sainsburys gift card117.7.2024PDnot statedUK 18+Email receipt💬18.5.2024
AperolTESCO5 x pair of Latitude tickets, 20 x speakers2515.7.2024PD1ppUK 18+Unique code💬20.5.2024
Monster EnergyTESCO2 x 3-night football trip to Asia, 50 x Monster bundle5218.6.2024PD1ppUK 18+Upload receiptTTW post21.5.2024
Cadbury Dairy Milk BarTESCO50 x £200 cash5018.6.2024PD1ppUK 18+Upload receiptTTW post21.5.2024
Volvic Touch of FruitTESCO9 x pair of BST Hyde Park tickets918.6.2024PD1ppUK 18+Upload receiptTTW post21.5.2024
Ferrero BarTESCO35 x £150 BuyAGift e-voucher3518.6.2024PD1ppUK 18+Upload receiptTTW post21.5.2024
Cadbury TESCOVIP match day experience, 10 x shirts, 15 x match tickets2618.6.2024PD1ppUK 18+Upload receiptTTW post21.5.2024
Nuii ice cream TESCO£10,000 trip to New Zealand111.6.2024PD3ppUK 18+Upload receiptTTW post21.5.2024
BK Kids Meals BURGER KING65 x week pass to kids sports activity camp6518.9.2024PD1pp/dayGB 18+💬21.5.2024
Smokehead Whisky TESCO20 x Smokehead Prize Packs worth £1002030.6.2024PD1ppGB 18+Upload receipt💬21.5.2024
Caffe Nero Maritozzi Bun CAFFE NEROHoliday to Rome131.8.2024PDUnlimitedUK 18+Buy via app💬21.5.2024
Via Roma Lager CO-OPMichelin star chef dinner party for 6111.6.2024PD1pp/wkENG/WALES 18+Upload receipt💬22.5.2024
Cadbury CO-OP5-night football trip + £10001111.6.2024PDUnlimitedUK 18+Upload receipt💬22.5.2024
John West ASDATrip to Paralympics on 6-7 September 2024119.6.2024PDUnlimitedUK 18+Upload receipt💬22.5.2024
Boots Meal DealBOOTS7 night Jet2 holiday to Greece & various prizes7513.9.2024PD?UK 18+Enter receipt no.💬22.5.2024
Squashies 🆕CO-OP20 x Co-op Live event tickets, 10 x Squashies Bundles3030.6.2024PD1pp/dayGB 18+Keep receipt💬23.5.2024
Diet Coke 800 x Diet Coke tote bags8002.1.2025PD200GB 18+Scan receipt in app💬3.5.2024
Rosa Blanca MORRISONSWeekend for 2 in Mallorca in Sept 24130.6.2024PD1ppUK 18+Keep receipt💬3.5.2024
Sipsmith GinASDA2 x pair of Wimbledon tickets2.6.2024PD💬4.5.2024
Sipsmith GinMORRISONS2 x pair of Wimbledon tickets2.6.2024PD💬7.5.2024
Sipsmith GinSAINSBURY'S2 x pair of Wimbledon tickets2.6.2024PD💬8.5.2024
Tyrrell's CrispsSAINSBURY'S15 x £500 Habitat gift voucher1528.5.2024STWUnlimitedUK 18+👎 1 entry per transaction💬9.5.2024
Doritos, Pepsi Max, Walkers MaxSAINSBURY'S3 x £3,000 Argos voucher34.6.2024STW1ppUK 18+👎💬9.5.2024
Tampax, AlwaysMORRISONSTrip for 4 to Olympics with Athletics tickets4.6.2024PD💬9.5.2024
Seabrook Crisps10 x Seaside Family Adventure Breaks101.9.2024PD1pp/wkGB 18+Unique code, wrap up💬7.5.2024
Budweiser92 x LG 50 inch TV9231.7.2024WM1pp/dayENG 18+Keep receipt💬4.5.2024
BudweiserWAITROSE10 x signed England football shirt1031.7.2024PD1pp/dayENG 18+Keep receipt💬4.5.2024
BudweiserALDI10 x £100 Aldi gift card1031.7.2024PD1pp/dayENG 18+Keep receipt💬4.5.2024
BudweiserSAINSBURY'STraining session at St George’s Park with Jermaine Defoe131.7.2024PD1pp/dayENG 18+Keep receipt💬4.5.2024
BudweiserTESCOPair of Inner Circle Club 3 year Wembley Memberships + £1500131.7.2024PD1pp/dayENG 18+Keep receipt💬4.5.2024
Lyre's Non AlcoholicOCADO20 x £250 Live Nation Gift Card24.5.2024J💬4.5.2024
Ribena30 x UK family breaks, 89 x Experiemce Day, 1000 x £501,11931.8.2024WM1pp/dayUK & ROI 18+❤️ Keep receipt💬6.5.2024
Weetabix87 x Google Pixel Watch 2 Smart Watch31.7.2024WM💬6.5.2024
Walkers560 x £500 cash14.7.2024WM💬6.5.2024
Robinson's112 x pair of tickets to The Hundred cricket13.8.2024PD💬6.5.2024
Costa48 x pair of festival tickets28.7.2024PD / WM💬6.5.2024
Stoneleigh/Brancott Estate wineTESCO / ONE STOP / BUDGENS / PREMIER / LONDIS / FAMILY SHOPPER£10,000 trip to NZ30.11.2024PD / AIW6.5.2024
Oasis2,029 x Thorpe Park tickets30.6.2024WM💬6.5.2024
Carex2,445 x Alton Towers tickets30.9.2024WM💬6.5.2024
Harvest Snaps10 x weekend at Happy Place Festival30.6.2024PD💬6.5.2024
Whole Earth Peanut ButterTrip to Paris Olympics30.6.2024PD💬15.1.2024
Seed and BeanWAITROSE10 x Years supply of chocolate31.12.2024SIW💬23.1.2024
Emerge SportTough Mudder tickets31.12.2024AIW💬28.1.2024
Cadbury Fingers3 x £20,0001.6.2024SIW💬1.2.2024
Identity WineBig Green Egg BBQ15.8.2024PD💬4.2.2024
Cadbury70 x £1,000 cash16.6.2024WM💬28.2.2024
Rockstar324 x pair of O2 Academy gig tickets31.12.2024PD💬3.3.2024
Fosters10 x £5,000 holiday gift cards30.8.2024PD💬3.3.2024
San Miguel25 x Malaga trips for 226.5.2024PD/WM💬4.3.2024
McGuigan Wine30 x £1,000 cash1.9.2024PD💬4.3.2024
Brothers Cider10 x pair of Glastonbury tickets31.5.2024WM💬4.3.2024
Le Rustique2,000 x hamper2,000*31.7.2024AIWUnlimitedUK 18+👎 Unique code💬5.3.2024
Cerveza VictoriaBerlin football experience with the Spanish National Team24.5.2024PD(E)💬14.3.2024
Ambre SolaireTESCOFamily trip to Peppa Pig World11.6.2024PD💬19.3.2024
Bertolli Spread10 x £5,000 holiday10.6.2024PD💬24.3.2024
Lee Kum KeeFamily trip to Germany31.5.2024J💬28.3.2024
Erdinger Alkoholfrei10 x road bikes27.5.2024PD💬29.3.2024
Old El PasoOlympics VIP tickets23.6.2024PD💬1.4.2024
Rubicon Raw30 x pair of tickets to Boardmasters Festival21.6.2024PD💬1.4.2024
Radnor Fizz150 x Go Ape £25 voucher1.11.2024PD💬1.4.2024
Henry Weston's CiderAdventure to Toronto, Sri Lanka, Sicily or Mauritius31.8.2024PD💬2.4.2024
Kettle Chips672 x £100 Virgin Experience Days vouchers6729.6.2024PD1pp/hourUK 18+❤️ Buy once, then re-enter💬17.4.2024
The Guv'nor WineMAJESTIC WINETrip to Madrid16.10.2024SIW💬18.4.2024
ScentosTESCO20 x Scentos product bundle2031.5.2024SIWn/aUK💬18.4.2024
Brewdog£10,000 cash30.8.2024SIW💬18.4.2024
Sure, Dove, LynxMORRISONS3 x pair of tickets to EURO20244.6.2024PD💬19.4.2024
CheestringsFamily trip to California28.7.2024PD💬22.4.2024
Cadbury Home & Away Wins4 x £5,000 holiday voucher & player experience19.7.2024PD / WM💬22.4.2024
Clipper TeaCO-OP5 x pair of Glastonbury festival tickets31.5.2024PD💬22.4.2024
Robinson's SquashTESCO / BOOKER / ONE STOP / PREMIER / BRP400 x Family Swim Passes27.5.2024PD💬22.4.2024
1664 BierePARTICIPATING CONVENIENCE STORES9 x £1664 cash23.6.2024PD / AIW💬22.4.2024
Mars Wrigley£10,000 cash31.7.2024WM / PD💬28.4.2024
Frijj100 x £1000 cash5.10.2024SIW💬28.4.2024
Aero34,400 x Aero® Giant Peppermint Sharing bars21.7.2024WM💬29.4.2024
Pringles9 x European holiday for 220.8.2024WM💬30.4.2024
Definition WineMAJESTIC£500 Majestic voucher3.6.2024PD💬30.4.2024
John WestTrip to Paralympics19.6.2024PD💬1.5.2024
Soreen11 x Forest Holidays break1.9.2024SIW / PD💬1.5.2024
Stella Artois10 x pair of tickets to Wimbledon Championship15.6.2024PD💬1.5.2024
Stella ArtoisTESCO1 x pair of ticket to Wimbledon Men's Final15.6.2024PD💬1.5.2024
Stella ArtoisMORRISONS100 x £100 Morrisons Gift Cards31.7.2024PD💬1.5.2024
Stella ArtoisWAITROSE5 x Picnic sets31.7.2024PD💬1.5.2024
Stella ArtoisLIDL100 x Stella Artois Tennis Kit Bags31.7.2024PD💬1.5.2024
Stella ArtoisALDI10 x Tennis Lessons (given as £600 cash)31.7.2024PD💬1.5.2024
Stella ArtoisSAINSBURY'S50 x t-shirt & jacket set31.7.2024PD💬1.5.2024
BEAR Snacks92 x Dino Snores sleepover at NHM31.7.2024PD💬1.5.2024
NAKD Bars60 x ClassPass memberships31.7.2024WM💬1.5.2024
Florette Salad100 x £3,000 Jet2Holidays1007.8.2024AIW1pp/dayUK + ROI 18+👎 Batch code💬1.5.2024
Fry's FoodsModelmaking Experience at Aardman HQ31.8.2024WM💬1.5.2024
Tilda Microwave RiceTESCO, WAITROSE, ASDA, MORRISONS, OCADO, SAINSBURY'SHoliday for 2 + 80 daily prizes19.7.2024PD💬1.5.2024
Irresistible CrispsCO-OP6 x pair of tickets to a Live Nation Festival in 202531.12.2024STW💬1.5.2024
Smirnoff VodkaCO-OPPair of tickets to Co-op Live & overnight stay30.6.2024STW💬2.5.2024
WKD Blue£10,000 cash + 10,000 branded items26.8.2024AIW💬2.5.2024
Tennents LagerUltimate Scotland Football Experience at Hampden Park + 10,000 glasses17.7.2024WM / PD💬2.5.2024
Jolly HogJolly Hog feast for your street, 5 BBQs, 50 foodie bundles20.9.2024WM💬2.5.2024
Kopparberg Alcohol Free12 x Cooler Kub 250s e-bike, 48 x £250 cash6031.3.2025PDUnlimitedUK 18+Unique code💬7.4.2024
Estrella DammMORRISONSWeekend in Barcelona & match tickets30.9.2024PD💬7.4.2024
Mahou beerWeekend trip to Madrid31.12.2024WM / PD💬7.4.2024
Corona9 x holiday to Corona Island, 227 caps201031.8.2024PD / WM1pp/dayUK 18+Unique code OR upload receipt💬7.4.2024
Pimm'sSAINSBURY'S5 x pair of Wimbledon Centre Court tickets24.5.2024PD💬7.4.2024
Kellogg's257 x football prizes16.8.2024WM💬7.4.2024
Robinsons Fruit Creations5 x 5-night Flavour Adventure worldwide trips2.7.2024PD💬7.4.2024
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter FormulaTrip for 2 to Dubai8.6.2024WM / PD💬8.4.2024
Actimel Kids250 Pokemon prizes6.6.2024PD💬9.4.2024
Tullamore D.E.W.VIP Distillery Trip to Ireland for 214.9.2024PD💬11.4.2024
AdegaMãeCO-OPTrip for 2 to Lisbon31.5.2024PD💬13.4.2024
Dove & LynxPOUNDLAND50 x £50 cash30.6.2024PD💬13.4.2024
RockstarGig tickets / festival tickets19.7.2024PD💬13.4.2024
McVities10 x £2,500 cash19.6.2024WM / AIW💬15.4.2024
Sweet Freedom Choc Pot CaramelASDAMultiple £100 ASDA vouchers31.8.2024 (tbc)SIW💬16.4.2024
Walkers10 x £2,500 cash1.7.2024PD💬2.1.2024
Birds Eye Green Cuisine£3,000 overnight Paris Olympics trip21.7.2024PD💬3.1.2024
Percy Pig Great Egg-scapeM&S£5,000 cash31.8.2024SIW💬3.1.2024
Roc de Lussac WineTrip to Bordeaux for 231.7.2024PD💬30.12.2023
Itsu Zen WaterITSUTrip to Japan131.1.2025PDUnlimitedGB 18+Upload receipt💬30.5.2023
Trebor£15,00031.5.2024WM / PD💬24.7.2023

See photos of the latest promotional packaging in the gallery below…

Recently closed promotions & late entry draws

The list below features promotions that have recently finished, plus details of any ‘late entry’ draws that may still be open. These draws are for when an instant win period has ended, but flashed promotional products may still be on the shelves. These draws can be open for several months after the instant wins finish… find out more in my blog post What are mop-up draws, late entry draws and re-draws?

ProductStorePrizeClosing dateLate draw dateLate draw prizesTypeChat
Tango & 7-UpASDA400 x £50 Pizza Hut e-gift cards22.5.2024PD💬
Love2Shop cardsPARTICIPATING PAYPOINT STORES£1000 Love2shop card30.4.2024PD💬
CarlingFA Cup Final tickets1.5.2024PD💬
Pringles85 x Logitech Handheld Gaming device30.4.202428.6.20241 x Logitech consoleWM💬
Sure / Lynx / Radox / DovePOUNDLAND3 x EURO24 semi finals tickets19.5.2024PD💬
WalkersTrip for 2 to New York5.5.20243.8.202450 x £25 Sony Store vouchersWM/PD💬
Little's CoffeeTESCO / WAITROSE / SAINSBURY'S / OCADO3 x pair of Olivia Rodrigo tickets30.4.2024PD💬
Robinsons Squash425 x family water park passes13.5.2024WM💬
illySAINSBURY'SVIP weekend for 2 at Taste of London7.5.2024STW💬
CadburySAINSBURY'S5 x 200,000 bonus Nectar Points7.5.2024STW💬
Robinson'sSAINSBURY'STrip to Orlando7.5.2024STW💬
Better Nature Tempeh£500 gift card15.5.2024PD💬
Co-op Pizza DealCO-OP100 x pair of tickets to Co-op Live in Manchester7.5.2024STW💬
Sure, Dove, LynxASDA2 x pair of tickets to EURO2024 Final15.5.2024PD💬
FourPure BeerWAITROSE£50 vouchers7.5.2024IW💬
BacardiWAITROSE36 x pair of Wilderness Festival tickets8.5.2024PD💬
Estrella DammSAINSBURY'SWeekend trip to watch FC Barcelona14.5.2024STW💬
SureSAINSBURY'S2 x pair of tickets to EURO2024 Quarter Final14.5.2024PD💬
HeinekenTESCOPair of tickets to UEFA Champions League final21.5.2024PD💬
Minor Figures Oat MilkWAITROSE25 x Morning Coffee Machines21.5.2024PD💬
BrewdogCO-OPVIP Kendal Calling experience14.5.2024STW💬
PeroniCO-OP4 a pair of tickets to summer events14.5.2024STW💬
PeroniSAINSBURY'SPair of BST Hyde Park Shania Twain tickets14.5.2024STW💬
Remy Martin CognacSAINSBURY'STrip to Cognac, France14.5.2024STW💬
DairyleaASDA50 x Family & Friends Railcard15.5.2024PD💬
CadburyWHSMITH£2,000 cash8.5.2024PD💬
CadburyCO-OP4 x £2,000 cash21.5.2024PD💬
RustlersSAINSBURY'S100 x 10,000 Nectar Points30.4.2024STW💬
SukinBOOTSTrip for 2 to Palm Cove, Australia7.5.2024PD💬
Bibigo Gyoza£1,000 cash30.4.2024PD (E)💬
Cadbury Ice CreamCO-OP100 x £200 cash7.5.2024STW💬
WalkersTrip for 2 to the UEFA Champions League Final8.5.2024WM/PD💬
H!P ChocolateSAINSBURY'SMortgage/rent paid for a month (up to £1,250)1.5.2024PD💬/a>
Campaneo Verdejo WineMORRISONS5 x Ooni Pizza Ovenswhile stocks lastPD💬
Piccolo Kids Squeezy YoghurtsMicroScooter & Piccolo bundle (monthly prizes)1.5.2024PD💬
Budweiser15 x pair of Premier League tickets1.5.2024IW💬

Save money at the supermarket

  • Use the Supermarket Comparison tool on the Latest Deals mobile app, or the website so you can see where to get promotional products at the cheapest price
  • The brilliant app JamDoughnut is a great way to save cash on your shopping too, by buying vouchers at a discounted price to use at the supermarket – read all about it here
  • You can also buy supermarket gift cards at a discount using Airtime Rewards.
  • Link your bank account to the Cheddar app and you can earn cashback automatically every time you spend at their partner supermarkets (these change regularly) – you can also buy supermarket gift cards in the app.
  • Use the Shopmium, CheckoutSmart and GreenJinn apps for more supermarket offers!

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288 Responses

  1. Jean Paul says:

    I love the new layout for the shopping list Di

  2. Mark R says:


    the ‘product’ and ‘link to fb chat’ links for this comp arent right

    ive tried to find it in the group, but you know the search :/ also i cant see it hiding in the sainsburys nectar thread

    Dr Paw Paw SAINSBURY’S £1,000 Sainsburys gift card 17.7.2024 PD Dr Paw Paw chat 18.5.2024

  3. Raymond Mather says:

    Boots/Lynx/Radox/Dove. Euro 2024. The prize is advertised as 16/8-18/8. The Euros finish on 14/7!

    • Di says:

      Hm. The landing page says the prize is footy tickets, T&Cs suggest it’s just a trip to Berlin in August! I’ve created a chat thread in Lucky Learners and asked if someone could contact Boots/Dove to confirm which is correct.

  4. Kay Reid says:

    Hi Di just to let you know the link for the Asda Tango/7 up comp is taking me to the Morrison’s Rosa Blanca post

  5. Annie says:

    Hi Di, thanks for all your hard work putting together these lists and all you do. I just bought a bottle of McGuigan wine with competition neck tag. When I went to enter the comp it’s open to everyone in UK and Rep of Ireland except Scotland. I think it’s very misleading to sell these competition bottles in Scotland if you are not allowed to enter if you’re from here. I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. What’s your take on that and does that happen often? Really disappointed. Many thanks

    • Di says:

      I agree that the neck tags shouldn’t be on the bottles distributed in Scotland, and I would contact McGuigan to let them know how disappointed you are (you may get a voucher for a free bottle!).
      Excluding Scotland from alcohol promotions is not new – I believe it’s because the Scottish government are looking to cut down on any advertising that encourages people to drink excessively, and on-pack promotions seem to be in this category. The new Stella Artois promos are also not open to Scottish residents. It’s the brand that has made the decision, as there are also alcohol promotions that ARE open to Scottish residents too. When the shopping list moves to a resource for SuperLucky members, I should be able to add this kind of info to the table as I’ll have more room without the blog sidebar!

      • Annie says:

        Thanks for your reply Di, much appreciated. I did e-mail both McGuigan and the promoter and they both came back with the same response about the law in Scotland preventing a competition promotion on alcohol where you can win alcohol (unfortunately they didn’t feel bad enough to offer a voucher) . I’ll just have to be more on my toes when shopping!
        I think I was confused because there do seem to be others that are open to Scottish residents. Thanks again 🙂

        • Di says:

          Ah yes, I forgot there’s a case of wine to be won every week in the McGuigan comp. Some brands offer a cash alternative or some sort of supermarket voucher to the alcohol prize, just for Scottish winners – but it’s probably a lot of admin to do this, which is why some find it easier to just exclude Scotland.

  6. Sarah G says:

    Just seen on Twitter about buying Pepsi Max and scanning the QR code to win Champions League final tickets plus other prizes. Starts today.

  7. Ritchie says:

    Henry Weston’s Cider link is taking me to Rubicon Raw Boardmasters page.

  8. Donna Bellis says:

    Hi I entered the text to win Lindt competition at Christmas. If you bought from the Lindt store. Do you have the terms and conditions by any chance. I have won a two-day trip to Switzerland and a tour of the Lindt Chocolate Factory, which is amazing but would like to see the terms and conditions to see what I have won. Thanks in advance.

  9. Lynne says:

    Hi, The BP £250 every hour competition – I don’t know if I’m having some ‘mum brain’ issues- but I’ve read the T&Cs and I don’t understand if it matters what hour of the day you enter (to give yourself a better chance) or if they draw 24 prizes a day regardless of when your transaction was. Thanks

  10. Hello Is the Iceland Billionaire Bar comp to win £10K a prize draw not a IW.? I looked at the website and it said all entries put into a draw.

    • Di says:

      Well spotted – that was my mistake, it’s indeed a prize draw and I’ve updated the list now – thanks!

  11. Lynnie says:

    Hi, off for some drinks with a friend tonight and looking to enter the Jack Daniels and absolute comps but can’t actually see what pub/bar etc you need to buy from?! Anyone had any luck?

    • Di says:

      Sorry Lynnie, I’ve been away and missed your comment. I assume you mean Sailor Jerry rather than Jack Daniels? That can be purchased at any bar.
      Absolut is trickier, although Drake & Morgan are definitely participating I’m not aware of other places yet.

  12. Just gone to try and enter the Febreze/Home Bargains comp. I am already a member of Savvy Circle so easy enough to get onto the site – but absolutely no sign at all of this comp, and when I press the link for T&Cs I get 404 error – page does not exist. I have emailed them but fear sadly that the same might turn out to be be so for the competition…..
    Something went wrong
    (Error 404)
    This page doesn’t seem to exist

  13. Elaine Hollis says:

    New Denigris Balsamic vinegar purchase necessary to win an electric Vesda. Italy holiday and gift boxes.Order of merit

    • Di says:

      That one is on the list Elaine! I think there might have been a glitch where it disappeared briefly, but it’s definitely there now!

  14. Andrea Dimmick says:

    I’ve tried several times to enter the Camden Town Octoberfest comp but it keeps saying there has been an error please try later, anyone else having this come up?, I tried scanning on mobile and on laptop.

    • Andrea Dimmick says:

      It final went through, I cant see how to delete a comment Di, otherwise I would have, as this now worked

  15. KelleyP says:

    Hi Di, I’ve just had a nice win in the Asahi Super Dry comp of an Asahi Super Dry Rugby World Cup 2023 Hoodie, thanks to clicking on the link in the Compers Shopping list, competing my entry and seeing the ball soar over the bar. Normally it misses to the side. I didn’t realise it was still going. It’s daily, so a good one to try. They do require a receipt, which is fine as I bought 2 single bottles from the Co-op and Waitrose.

  16. Jay says:

    Hi Di, can’t find the cadbury sky competition to enter on the website. Any help?

  17. Sarah Gray says:

    Have a missed the deadline for coop cravendale milk competition? Just bought some today.
    Thank you, Sarah

  18. Andrea Dimmick says:

    The Lynx comp says its CLOSED

  19. Sarah R says:

    Hi Di,I won £25 on the Pringles paypoint promotion and have tried so many shops to claim the money, but they either do not have paypoint or if they do they are hesitant to accept it. Is there anything you suggest?

    • Di says:

      Have you tried a Co-op? They seem to know what they’re doing with the SupportHer PayPoint vouchers. Ask for a Manager’s help too!

      • Sarah R says:

        Yes I tried the coop today and the store assistant didn’t want to help

        • Sarah R says:

          I have managed to get it done from an off licence but he said just doing it this once…he wasn’t too happy about it

  20. Andrea Dimmick says:

    Just got a another morisons voucher with budwieser (hubby won this time, after entering daily)

  21. Ritchie says:

    Thanks for the addition of the Stowford Cider competition. The chat link isn’t correct though. It takes you to a Co-op competition.

  22. Satvinder Billa says:

    Hi Di, just want to say a massive thank you for continuing to update the compers shopping list -lots of Purchase to enter comps at the minute. We appreciate all your support and efforts in keeping us updated.

  23. Shirley Burridge says:

    Hi Di
    I am trying to enter the Trebor ‘Own It’ comp but the link gives me this message 403 Forbidden

  24. Emma Ellams says:

    Hi Di

    Thank you so much! Just to let you know, the Anchor link takes you to the Co-op Brooklyn comp. Would you mind taking a look at that please? Thank you!

  25. Michelle says:

    Di – Have you heard of anyone getting lucky with the Koppagerg e-bike/cash comp yet – i’m drinking gallons of the stuff and entering every week but not heard of any winners yet? Strawberry and Lime is my absolute fave – guilt free drinking on school nights !

  26. Lorna says:

    Just a heads up for the Garnier Solaire Hydra comp (not the Asda one, the other one), my entry got rejected because apparently it’s only valid if purchased in Superdrug, so may be worth updating the list!

    • Lorna says:

      Sorry, Ambre Solaire I meant!

    • Di says:

      Thanks Lorna! I’ve spoken to Garnier several times about the errors in their current comps (and lack of T&Cs for this one!) but they’re not responding or sorting it out! Very frustrating. I’ve added Superdrug to the table now.
      Did you try pointing out to them that the landing page doesn’t mention Superdrug, and the T&Cs link is broken so you were unable to check?

  27. Andrea Dimmick says:

    Do you know the participating stores for the Rieker comp?, I cant find this on their web site. I’ve seen them in Pavers shoe shops but dont know if they know of the comp.

  28. Jenny says:

    I have bought two small packets of wrigleys extra gum but when I try to upload the last 4 digits of the barcode it is saying it’s not valid.what can I do? Thanks

  29. Alison Brooks says:

    Is it possible to print the shopping list? Sorry if this has been asked before. Thanks

    • Di says:

      Sorry Alison, I missed this comment. You can try to print it, but you’ll have to select the relevant pages so you don’t get all the blog post text before it too. There’s nothing set up that offers an easy-to-print version though.

  30. LORETTA EMERY says:

    On the Tesco Bottle Green cordial I believe it should be a £500 farm stay not £1500 cash prize? This shopping list is great. I check it out nearly every day before I go shopping. Many thanks.

  31. Michelle Harbinson says:

    Hi Di The Spontex chat link goes to the Barcardi chat

  32. Emma Ellams says:

    Hi Di, this is such a brilliant resource, thank you! Just a quick question, the Philadelphia one in Tesco, the link takes you to Ts and Cs for a holiday in New York rather than Eurovision tickets. Not sure if if I’m too tired

  33. Nicki Simpson says:

    There a kp promotion starting 1/05/23 I’ve got it on my new packet of multipack skips- let me know if you need a picture or the details if you don’t already know about it x

  34. Pauline Danley-Cox says:

    Just a head’s up that there are fifty prizes available on that Tesco / Nescafé comp (for £166 Tesco gc)

  35. Satvinder Billa says:

    Finallly won £50 on the J20 instant win.

  36. Sal says:

    Di, the link to the Cadbury/Odeon competition goes to a Lucozade competition.

  37. Satvinder Billa says:


    Did anyone win the savers purchase Lenor comp? I entered but I guess even with 100+ prizes there must of been a lot of entrants/ winners.

  38. Helen Nineham says:

    Di, I believe the date on the sainsburys/Whitley gin should be 20/09

  39. Asha says:

    Hi, does anybody know where I can find the code for the Nestle Cereals crayola competition? I have a promotional pack but can’t see any code. I’ve tried the barode and also the code at the top of the box. Neither seem to work. Thanks!

    • Kay Reid says:

      I’ve just had exactly the same problem but found it eventually. On mine (Nesquix) it was on the back of the box, in the section that says “Prizes to be won each week” and then has How to Enter instructions. There were 4 points and the code was included under point 3

  40. Sarah R says:

    Does anyone have issues uploading their receipt for the Buxton Rise Up & Win promotion? I was able to upload previously, but now it says invalid file type

  41. Ian Taylor says:

    Hi Di – the Robinsons ready to drink listing actually links to the Aspalls cider comp.

  42. Hippo bags are doing a new promotion but I cant see it here. It is win a mortgage for a year! They gave away an electric mini last year and I won it!
    It is only running until the end of May.

    • Di says:

      Oh how fab for you! I’m never too sure about non-supermarket and High Street purchase comps but as it’s a big prize I’ve included it – thanks for the nudge!

  43. lisa jones says:

    Hi Di I think the prize is incorrect on the new cadbury desert one it is 1k not the 100x dining i think? Just thought I would let you know hope thats ok Lisa

  44. Marsha Richardson says:

    Not sure if you have the new Onken ‘win a 10k giveaway’ PN comp? Opens today 4/4/22

  45. Sal says:

    I enjoyed the Cadbury competition. I won 2 £10 vouchers on it. I liked seeing the golden “congratulations” ticket on the screen, then waiting to see if it was £5 or £10 voucher. Cadbury do seem generous & have frequent competitions. Always worth playing.

  46. Sarah R says:

    Have you had any luck with the Trebor comp Di? I have been entering overnight but nothing yet. But I have been lucky with the Cadbury comp and won 4 vouchers and also a voucher with Belvita.

  47. Sarah R says:

    I won access to a digital game with Pringles and thought I would be allowed to enter again later in hope of an actual prize…but now it’s telling me to enter a valid code? Is it because I already “won”? So I would have to enter a new code every time I guess. Quite disappointed if that is the case.

  48. Karen says:

    Noticed in Lidl today Malteaser bunny’s
    Text WANTED to 60163 for chance to win £25K I have a photo of advert but no sure how to share with you.

  49. Kazzy Minton says:

    I think 17/12 next to Charlie Bighams is meant to be next to East End products Di xx

  50. Martin Garrod says:

    Hi Di
    I won a hot air balloon experience with Robinsons great british adventure completion with their refresh’d drink online game that I played a few months ago. I was wondering if you have the link for the terms and conditions anywhere as I cannot see them online anymore. I’m a little excited and forgot to save the information. Thank you I’m advance

    • Di says:

      Here are the prize details :

      i. The Hot Air Balloon Ride flight voucher is subject to its own terms and conditions which can be found here:
      ii. The Hot Air Balloon Ride can be taken from one of over 100 sites across the UK.
      iii. The flight voucher entitles you to the following:
      A pre-flight briefing from the pilot.
      Approximately 1 hour’s flying time, subject to weather conditions, safety and legal compliance.
      A glass of Prosecco, or another similar sparkling wine as available, after the flight.
      A personalised commemorative certificate.
      iv. The Voucher is ONLY redeemable on Weekday Morning (MORNMF), Monday to Friday.
      v. The Voucher is valid for a period of 12 months from date of issue.
      vi. Bank holidays are included.
      vii. The Voucher is Non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

  51. Sarah Crow says:

    I would love to join your Facebook page but my invitation never gets accepted. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    • Di says:

      Just added you Sarah! I only add new members every 3 or 4 days so I can tag you all into the welcome post at once.

  52. Paula Munford says:

    Hi there,
    So far I have only spotted the Guinness comp on draught but my other half only likes Original. Have I just struck it unlucky or is that the only variety that’s got it?
    PS I’m not on Facebook

  53. John Ettery says:

    ooops!! link for Cadburys at Nisa throws up the following message

    Something’s wrong here.
    This is a 404 error, which means you’ve clicked on a bad link or entered an invalid URL. Maybe what you are looking for can be found at P.S. Bitly links are case sensitive.

  54. michelle harbinson says:

    I may be wrong but I think the Wolfbass Wine finishes on 31dec21

  55. Marissa Wright says:

    Hi ! Not sure if I was dreaming but I’m sure I saw a purchase necessary comp for Lee Kum Kee on your Facebook page recently Searched but can’t find it anywhere ?

  56. Sarah says:

    I noticed on my recent purchase from Tesco the item for the competition was not itemised just a generic term biscuits. Will this be accepted by promoter? I used a Tesco Express. Would be unfair if rejected as customer has no control over the design of the receipt.

    • Di says:

      Yes, that would be absolutely fine. My Tesco Express also just uses ‘White wine’ and other generic product names!
      What I tend to do is take a photo of the product at home, next to the receipt. It serves two purposes – as a reminder to yourself what quallie is listed on the receipt (handy when swiping through your phone photos!) . And also shows the promoter you bought the product (it’s not ‘proof’ of purchase of course, but demonstrates you have it!)

  57. Melanie Walker says:

    Hi Di, thanks for all your hardwork and loving the compers shopping list. Just to let you know that the link to coca cola cocktails isn’t working.

  58. Kay Reid says:

    Hi Di. On the Tesco Campo Viejo wine comp I’m not sure from the T&C’s whether it’s a winning moment or whether prizes are allocated to specific unique codes. What do you think?

    • Di says:

      I assume it’s algorithmic, if all £70k of hamper prizes were guaranteed to be won I’m certain that would be advertised clearly! But I’ll send an email to find out.

      • Kay Reid says:

        Thanks Di, I’ll hold off on entering my code for a while in the hope that they clarify then

  59. Janice says:

    Hi, sorry if this has been asked before. I ordered 3 products for competitions on my Tesco delivery order. No paperwork with delivery, Tesco’s cutting down on paperwork, but my emailed receipt is across 5 pages, do you know how I can send this as comps only allow one photo. Or will I just have to go in store and buy again. Many thanks

    • KelleyP says:

      Up to now, I’ve taken a photo the of the page the item is on side by side (sometimes a slight overlap) the page which shows date and time of purchase and this seems to have been accepted.

  60. Hi Di – current Wolf Blass wine comp. Need a bottle with a promo neck tag.

  61. John Ettery says:

    Hello Di
    Firstly I’d like to say THANK YOU so much for this listing, it’s fantastically helpful. Just been doing the rounds, picked up the Vimto from Sainsburys, Cider from Tesco and GoCat from Asda, may I please ask your opinion on the Morrisons Birds Eye/Aunt Bessie’s comp? I had a look at the T&C’s and it appears to be that the “STORE” you visit has to have promotional material, I have been in 2 Morrisons and none had any promotional material, and even spoke to customer services who had no knowledge of it, to be fair though, it probably isn’t part of their job to know. If I’m correct it means I’m going to have to travel a bit further afield to find one.

  62. Nadia Josephine says:

    Hi friends! Looking at the Asda Taylors of Harrogate competition (Closing 17/09/2021), it doesn’t specify which product to buy i.e. specifically whole beans of ground for caffetiere etc. Can we take this to mean ANY TofH product or do you think it is just the whole beans (because that’s what is in the picture). Apologies if I have missed something obvious in the Ts and C’s! Thanks so much!

  63. Elaine Hollis says:

    Tesco Buy Whyte & Mackay to win a trip to Scotland. Text Blend plus last 4 digits of barcode to 82727 Closes 31/10/21 SNR

  64. Laura says:

    Reading this table and some of the examples was a bit of an eye-opener – I hadn’t realised there were so many competitions with no promotional flashing! Do you think these get a lower number of entries? Thanks for putting this together and keeping it up-to-date.

  65. Diane says:

    Trying to enter Britvic competitions wirh coop and spar but can’t get text to recognise number. If there a shirt tex number available as long number provided doesn’t work for me on either competition. Thanks

  66. Chris says:

    I just got an email from Nature Valley. I’ve won some branded merchandise (not quite sure what that will be) but a fun win regardless.

  67. Sarah KNIGHTLEY says:

    Just thought I’d let you know I won the July Mentos challenge! And interestingly it was just a normal selfie with the pack of Mentos that I won with, taken outside in the sun, but nothing extra special about it really. Very pleased that I won! We’ve received tickets to an activity for 2 people at the Bear Grylls Centre, we’re going to do indoor sky diving, plus a selection of Mentos sweets.

  68. Sarah KNIGHTLEY says:

    Thanks for this list Di, it’s really useful! Just wondering if you’ve heard of any problems with the One Stop Ben’s rice bounceback emails. I’ve tried texting twice with no response, but the t&c do say that a bounceback confirmation should be received.

    • Di says:

      No bounceback for me either. I notice I entered a Lindt comp to the same number with no bounceback in March too.

      • Sarah KNIGHTLEY says:

        That makes me feel a bit better! Thought it was my phone playing up again! Although I tried again the next day, so will probably be disqualified now for entering twice. Ah well!

  69. HELENA says:

    buy Richmond sausages fom co op text RICHMOND NAME AND POSCODE TO 83100

  70. Sue says:

    Thanks for the list. I managed to win a few Love2shop vouchers on the now closed Cadburys Win The Captain competition. Thanks for your efforts.

    • Di says:

      I entered this one daily and won nothing – congratulations! Maybe I’ll get lucky on Match and Win next season.

      • KelleyP says:

        I didn’t win anything on the Cadburys WTC competition either but I have won a £50 Adidas voucher in the nestle competition, I bought a packet of Shreddies from Tesco online and uploaded my receipt and was one of the 3 people drawn for that day. Really pleased. I have to provide ID and confirm my details but that’s fine. I also won a £15 Team GB voucher in the Yoplait competition and have chosen a small microfiber towel to use at Golf, very pleased with that.

  71. Nadia J says:

    Firstly, I have to say a big Thank You for this fab list!
    I wondered if anyone knows if you need to buy a new loaf of Jackson’s bread for each new entry or can you use the same barcode? The Ts&C’s don’t say you need a new code but on the website after you’ve entered one time it says “Thanks, buy another loaf and enter again” but this might just be to encourage you to buy more!

    • Di says:

      T&Cs say “”Please retain promotional packaging and receipt dated within the Main Promotional Period for each individual entry, as they will be required for verification in the event of a win” which suggests you need a new receipt for every entry. I’m trying to find out if there have been any winners yet an if they were asked to provide receipt(s) to claim!

      • Gill says:

        Hi Di
        I won one of the Jackson’s gift sets and had to send my receipt.

        • Helena Romanowska says:

          Me too! I used the same single loaf entry and receipt each time I entered but there are several draws so once you have passed the draw date you would need a new receipt for the next draw. Hope that makes sense.

  72. Yvonne L says:

    Hi Di – there seems to be a Robinson comp going on that I couldn’t see on here. Is it one you would usually list?

  73. Hazel Lemar says:

    Hi Di, Looking at the Co Op/Nisa promotion to win a Volkswagen campervan. I keep reading through the terms and conditions and can’t work out whether you can just purchase one Amstel product and enter every day, or whether you have to purchase another product each time before you enter again. What do you think?

    • Di says:

      One purchase/receipt will be fine for this one – there’s nothing in T&Cs to suggest you need a separate receipt for each entry (and it would also be rather irresponsible to request this, with it being alcohol!)

  74. Melanie Walker says:

    For the polo comp can you just purchase once?

    • Di says:

      Yes. T&Cs say you can enter once a day but there’s no mention of needing a separate purchase for each entry.

  75. Hazel Lemar says:

    Hi Di,
    Have you any idea what the ‘Epic Football Prizes’ are in the Sainsbury’s Oatibix swipe to win promotion? It doesn’t seem to mention them in the terms and conditions.

  76. Di says:

    I’m not a fan of pay to enter draws – I’ve heard that some of the websites find excuses not to put postal entries into the draw because of illegible writing, the wrong stamp, they arrived too late, etc! If ticket price is a whopping £95 I can see them doing everything they can to avoid giving the £1000 to a postcard entry!

    • jayne bond says:

      iv already had win from a postal entry one an a runners up one from another site..The entry ticket prices are usually anything from 90p to £10 depending on prize. You can enter supercars ones for £30 to £35..Theres one for £1,000,000 ,cant remember how much the tickets are, something like £5.. or free postal entry.. The £95 one is bit unusal..most are 90p to £5 to £10

      • jayne bond says:

        the way i see it is that i have a 1 in 15 chance of winning £1000 just for the price of a stamp…there will ONLY be a maximum of 15 entries to that comp and theres no garantee that they will sell all the 15 entries before the closing date so far as of today 3 July theyve sold ONE… when they get mine that will be 2 entries into the comp.. The comp was only put on their site last night,, then they say they hadnt sold any…so as of today saturday, it says ONE ticket sold .. it will have been too soon for a postal entry to be someone has bought a £95 ticket

  77. Melanie Walker says:

    The t&c’s for the Odeon comp don’t seem to be working. Can someone remind me of the purchase and entry please.

  78. Jay Gee says:

    Hello Di
    The Vivera Shawarma – Ts & Cs say one entry per pack purchased…no mention of any proof needed nor how many entries per person per day…is there anything to stop people entering hundreds of times and winning?

    • Di says:

      This promotion hasn’t been well thought out at all – and as you say, there’s no mention of the winner providing proof of purchase! I would usually drop the promoter a line with some advice, but as T&Cs shouldn’t be altered they probably wouldn’t take it on board until their next promotion!

  79. Richi says:

    Hello Di? Just to let you know the link for Cadbury odeon £5k promoterms website is not working, can you take a look please.

  80. John Ettery says:

    I used to be on Plusnet, and you can’t send texts to short numbers, and as my contract was only a rolling one I switched to 3, which enables me to enter ALL short number text comps

  81. Lak says:

    Thank you very much for this list..any one tried Oreo text message? Unqble to send it to 60777

    • Di says:

      What network are you on? Some won’t allow texts to 60777! I’ve entered successfully this evening.

      • Lak says:

        Oh is it? I have plusnet May be thats why it was not going through.. sad..
        Thanks for letting me know

  82. Nicola Coveney says:

    Is the Lindor coop one a Text one, not STW?

  83. Elaine Hollis says:

    So much for “unique codes” on Threemills wine, I got the same code on 2 labels. No reply from their customer service either.

  84. elisa says:

    Hi Di,
    questions on the whole earth comp – t&c’s state u can enter once per qualifying product ?? does that mean u can enter 4 times per person as it running across 4 items in their range ??

  85. saffron isaacs says:

    can i reuse the same batch code the next day for the BFL comp or does it need to be a new pack?

  86. Trish says:

    I won £100 & tube of mints on the Trebor competition. Time wise I did it mid morning. Thanks Di for your tips.

  87. Sue says:

    Hi – is anyone else having problems entering the the Waitrose Balhsen competition? The entry form just keeps updating & asking for new code to be entered ‍♀️

    • Di says:

      Sorry to hear this problem is back again Sue – it’s been ongoing for years and Waitrose have still not managed to fix it! I think the only solution is just to keep trying and eventually it should work.

  88. Jo Taylor says:

    Di what is the comp type for Belvoir? It says W< on the list, not sure if it’s just a typo

  89. John Ettery says:

    Once again Di, THANK YOU so much

  90. John Ettery says:

    Hello Di
    Please excuse my lack of nouse, but what do you need to do to enter the “Whole Earth” peanut butter comp, to enter for the £15k Prize.
    I have bought what I think is a special jar, it has ” Win Team GB prizes” on it. I have followed the link, but cannot find out how to enter

  91. Hazel Lemar says:

    Hi Di,
    Can we use the same one purchase of KP product to enter weekly? Or do you have to buy a new one each week?
    Thank you.

    • Di says:

      I think it’s fine to buy once, there’s nothing in the T&Cs to suggest it should be a new pack per entry or that multiple receipts and packaging will be required to validate a win!

  92. Bic says:

    Do we have any t&c’s for the Sainsburys Coca Cola purchase, there doesn’t seem to be any when I click on?

  93. Hazel Lemar says:

    Hi Di, The whole earth peanut butter promotion, I can’t see the terms and conditions. How many times can you enter? And also how do you enter? When I click the link on the website it keeps taking me around in circles. Thanks.

  94. Hector says:

    The Flipz competition is only valid for purchases in Coop or Nisa.

  95. KelleyP says:

    Thank you so much Di for compiling the purchase necessary comps. I saw the Tesco Coke Zero Comp on here & for the cost of a 1.25L bottle, with just the one attempt, I have won a year’s supply of Coke Zero (368 cans) & a £250 Tesco gift card. I couldn’t believe it but am thrilled.

  96. Paula says:

    Cant for the life of me see any limit to number of entries on Rustlers comp, but can’t get a second entry to go in. (I have purchased 5 burgers between 2 receipts…)???

    Anyone else?

    • Di says:

      It’s not clear at all from the T&Cs but Rustlers have told me it’s just a single entry per person, and losing entries roll over to the following draws. Looks like you’ll have to pass your second receipt on to a friend to enter with!

  97. Elaine Hollis says:

    Bought a Feasters from Heron as they were only £1.29 but the comp won’t accept the till receipt. Tried umpteen different photos but it keeps saying “The computer says that’s not a receipt, did something go wrong?Please have another go at uploading a valid receipt.” Surely it shouldn’t matter where you bought the product?

    • andy morris says:

      hi elaine….guess who lol ..its probably just their comuter system not recognizing your upload

      • Elaine Hollis says:

        Hi Andy.
        Tried 3 different receipts and gave up in the end. Nearly as frustrating as that darned Waitrose catcha fiasco!

  98. andy morris says:

    another member of my comp site has just emailed me saying a FitBit from the Pedigree Dentasticks one has turned up in post and hasnt been asked for any proof of purchase..shes the sister of the one that won a lindt hamper from Asda one that didnt ask for proof of purchase

    • Di says:

      That’s correct, no receipts were asked for and no winning notifications were sent. I won too.

      • andy morris says:

        these POP comps are a bit of a joke….you clcarly DONT need to buy their products to enter

        • Di says:

          For most T&Cs it does say a POP ‘MAY be required to claim the prize’ – however for Pedigree/Perfect Fit it does specifically say “proof of purchase WILL be required to claim a prize” so it’s strange that they’ve decided not to ask for it – particularly as Dreamies are owned by the same company as Pedigree (Mars) and they’ve been very strict on seeing receipts before sending prizes. I always think it’s better to play safe and if it says a purchase is necessary, then you should buy the product. But it would be better if promoters did stick to their own T&Cs!

  99. AMANDA COFFMAN says:

    I won a magazine subs with the Wagon Wheels competition!

  100. andy morris says:

    i run a competition site and one of my members has emailed me saying her sister has won a Asda Lindt hamper but they didnt ask to see her receipt

    • Di says:

      To be honest, for a lot of these prize draws you won’t be asked for the receipt. But it’s a big risk to enter without one just in case they do!

      • andy morris says:

        i looked at T and Cs and it says a till receipt MAY BE required …… comps like that run by dumb companies should specify when and when not a receipt is needed ..other wise it takes the P out of saying a purchase is needed to enter

        • andy morris says:

          its the same with the Spar wine one…comp says buy a bottle of wine to enter yet theres nothing in terms that says you have to prove you bought a bottle

        • Di says:

          I agree. It’s frustrating for those of us that make the purchase to find out that the winners were not asked to provide proof of purchase – that’s why I like the Tesco and Waitrose competitions that ask for receipt numbers/photos up front.

  101. Elaine says:

    Having difficulty entering the code for the Lidl Crownfield cereal products for £500. It is a 8 digit number which I found on the side of the packet, but jut coming up error all the time – very annoying.

  102. Elaine says:

    I was wanting to enter the Miami Mimosa Cocktail comp to win a trip to Miami with Waitrose, but none of the Waitrose stores in Scotland stock this item so a bit disappointed that I can’t enter it. I tried to send a note about it on the comp site, but wasn’t sure who to send it to.

    Any ideas?

  103. Mcj says:

    I’ll be going to Asda to buy Nivea Q10 products.

  104. Frances Heaton says:

    I will be buying the Cadbury’s Creme eggs. They have had them on promotion at Tesco, and we all enjoy them. Winning the cash would be a brilliant treat.

  105. Anna says:

    Hi Di just a quick question can you entry the Perfect Fit one daily? I have one receipt Thanks

  106. Linda says:

    Is it worth paying to join simply prizes i did it before and didn’t win nothing

    • Di says:

      I don’t recommend Simply Prizes at all Linda. You really don’t need to pay any money to be successful at comping as everything you need is available for free online on websites, forums and in Facebook groups. If you DO want to spend money on a magazine, opt for Compers News which is much better value because it gives you membership to the excellent private Chatterbox message board. You can subscribe to CN using my affiliate link at and your first issue will be £1 – you can always cancel if you don’t like it!

  107. Harls says:

    Hi di I am trying to enter the one stop quavers comp and it says enter the qr code at the point of sale I have a receipt but couldn’t find a qr code to generate a keyword any suggestions many thanks

  108. Dale Askew says:

    I love this handy shopping list. I check it each time I’m heading out for essentials. Thanks Di!

  109. Carla Fox says:

    Hi, I was looking for some of these products yesterday in the supermarket and quite a few didn’t have the competitions advertised on the packaging, eg. Uncle Ben’s, Hop House Lager, Cadbury Creme eggs, is that because those competitions haven’t been launched yet or do they sometimes not advertise them on the packaging?

    • Di says:

      There’s a key above the table Carla, it explains that a star next to the product means it’s in promo packaging (Hophouse gift sets) . If there’s no star (Uncle Ben’s, Creme Egg) then the packaging is normal.

  110. Jean Vaughan says:

    Di, for the first time ever I’m ready to enter on Day 1 of the Nescafe salary competition but no matter how I try it will not accept my county, it flits back to Cheshire every time I press enter. Is this happening for you or anyone else? And of course it is saying error every time.

    • Di says:

      Yes, lots of people have this same issue! I was able to choose mine, after typing Ea it came up with Ea Sussex, then East Sussex. There’s clearly something wrong with that part of the form!

  111. Hazel Lemar says:

    Hi Di, Is it my imagination or has the Coca-Cola competition on the Waitrose site disappeared early?

    • Di says:

      It has – there’s a conversation in Lucky Learners about this and Waitrose have been contacted! The qualifiers are pricey so I would imagine they will reinstate it this week.

      • Hazel Lemar says:

        Thank you for your comments Di. I won’t rush back to return my purchase if it reappears!

  112. Joseph Harper says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to enter the competition at Crownfield cereals (Lidl) but can’t input the codes as it is very confusing and keeps coming up with “error”. Can you please check this out and advise, thank you.

    • Di says:

      Your best bet is to email the organiser at Joseph!

      • Joseph Harper says:

        I’ve just done so, so we’ll see what kind of response I get. Many thanks for the info, Joe.

        • Joseph Harper says:

          They did get back to me and instructed that I had to put the first 4 digits in the the first box, and the remaining 4 digits in the second box.
          I had tried this previously without success but have now managed to enter the codes without a problem.
          Many thanks, Joe.

  113. Neill Johnstone says:

    I love that you can sort this by retailer AND by product – you’re a hero!

  114. Psula says:

    Oops. Sorry ignore me. Just noticed London Pride details are further down same page.

    • Di says:

      No worries – Asahi own Peroni, London Pride, Meantime and Grolsch too so all T&Cs should appear on that same page for those beer promotions, it’s definitely worth bookmarking!

  115. Paula says:

    Hi Di, Thanks for the update today but notice the London Pride link goes to the Peroni page?

  116. Julie Scattergood says:

    Thank you so much for doing this Di. Is there anyway I can link to it? (I like to save link to my home screen if poss)

    • Di says:

      What device and browser do you use? On Android you should be able to access the menu in your browser, and ADD TO HOMESCREEN. On an iPhone you won’t be able to do this in Chrome but you can in Safari (tap the share icon (middle of screen at bottom) and scroll down to ADD TO HOMESCREEN)!

  117. REBECCA MACBAIN says:

    This is brilliant, Ive printed it all out! just clicked on the mudhouse wine link and its saying the promotion has ended though?!

  118. Patricia Avery says:

    A much appreciated list. Thank you so much.

  119. John Ettery says:

    Oh Di, you have given me a new lease of life re comping, I am so disorganised, I have a folder for receipts eg Jan to Dec, but reading your tips, I’m going out today and buy a small stapler, to add receipts to wrappers, and I’ll have a look for something for the bottles etc. I have been quite lucky in the past with some big wins on Free to enter comps, but am going to satrt working on “POPS”. Thank You Thank You….for the excellent advice.

  120. julia linsley says:

    Really useful Thanks

  121. Ellie says:

    Di you’re a star, I wish there was a way to compile such a list for ROI but I wouldn’t even know where to start. I hate feeling how ROI/NI//UK are so divided when it comes to purchase to enter comps. We all use pretty much the same brands and I would love a reason to leave the house lol Thanks for the fantastic list anyway! Much appreciated

  122. Jonny Price says:

    Great resource, thanks Di.

  123. Tom Morrison says:

    A nice quick reference for products with comps on them, many thanks

  124. Gill says:

    That’s spooky, Di. I have literally just written out a comping shopping list, ready to head out in the morning. I decided to be organised for once!! Ha, ha!
    Well, I just put my iPad on to charge overnight, picked up my phone, my comp shopping list and decided to take one last look at my iPad…..and there was your announcement but your new shopping list, on my screen.
    Thanks for setting this up. It’s a great idea and much appreciated.

  125. Rebecca Beesley says:

    This is AMAZING! I had planned to do more purchase necessary this year as I hardly ever do them but it’s been a tricky year for it when its been hard at times to get hold of basic essential foods. Hopefully can use this list as a prompt for shopping. Thank you x

  126. KRYSTAL Light CUNNINGHAM says:

    There’s a great competition on RYMAN’s at the moment. Win a £50 voucher for playing monsters match- entered forfree. Make a purchase instore to get a code to win stationary xxx

  127. KRYSTAL Light CUNNINGHAM says:

    Wow! Thank you for all the time and effort xx

  128. james says:

    wow great list Di!

  129. Vicky M says:

    This is absolute genius Di…thank you so much! Am saving this to my home screen on my phone

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