Compers Survey 2018: the results

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  1. Simon says:

    Really interesting and great research for someone like me who is starting a competition website – -reading through the feedback I think I have covered all the concerns people have. I really hope people enjoy it and will strive to give the best experience to my customers.

  2. Kieran Walsh says:

    Very very interesting.Thanks great insight Di

  3. Jackie Dawson says:

    Really enjoyed doing the survey and now getting to see the results, very interesting read Di.

  4. Sylvia Robbins says:

    I may not have entered, but the results are very interesting. It’s heartening to see that so many Compers use the excellent free sites like The Prizefinder, Loquax. and your own which are so useful, accurate, and bang up-to-date. I never made time to read the articles in my subscription magazine – what a lot of money I wasted that I could have spent on qualifiers, lol. Thanks Di. x

  5. you are brilliant as always Di speaking up for everyone’s views. I had a moan on the quaker fb page – I was genuinely surprised that not a single male entry won nor a savoury entry! Which i know if they are judging there wouldn’t necessarily be either of those if there are stronger entries but then to pick so many similar recipes was weird rather than look for originality. Also annoying that they took SO long to start announcing winners – all my early entries I included the packaging in which turned out to be a no-no as none of the winning ones did – so if they’d announced the winners sooner i could have stopped entering photos with packaging. Totally agree that smaller prizes each week would have made many more people happy – eg 10 prizes of £1k is still a massive life-changing amount of money and that way 10 good entries each week could have won and I suspect receive less disgruntled comments. Your two slides at the end are great and its good to see so many people on the same wavelength when it comes to what is fair etc.

  6. Francesca Jones says:

    Really interesting read. I hope promoters take on your feedback.

  7. Emma Gough says:

    How interesting, an insightful view on us Comper’s. Loved it Di.

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