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Back in November PromoVeritas asked if I could help out by circulating details of their compers survey on my blog and Facebook page – many thanks to everyone who completed it. They had already conducted a survey to gauge the public interest in prize promotions, and were looking to compare those statistics with results from a survey targeted at regular compers.

For more information on the original survey of 1,000 consumers check out the Marketing Week article here which gives details of the results. From them we learn that a promotion with lots of small prizes is more popular than one with a single big prize (are you listening, Walkers?), most competition fans are aged 35-44 (yup, that’s me!) or over 55, and a quarter of people enter at least one competition every couple of weeks.PromoVeritas sent through the results of their additional compers survey to me, which I’ve turned into this handsome infographic…


Nothing too surprising here from a comper’s point of view, although the fact that 27% of those surveyed enter more than 1000 comps a month would probably be shocking to most ordinary folk. But using Roboform and entering one-click Twitter Retweet and Facebook Like promotions, it’s quick enough for a lot of compers to rack up 30+ entries a day – it doesn’t have to be the obsessive hobby the media make it out to be (OK, so for a few of you it is – 200+ hours of comping a month sounds like hard work!) From my point of view, it’s super to see a fair proportion of respondents to the compers survey are giving Instagram and Pinterest a go, as these are usually judged creative competitions – and the more we see of those, the merrier. I do think that more compers are starting to realise that creative effort competitions are the ones to target – it’s not great for me of course, as I’m up against so many more excellent entries now! – but it does make our hobby much more fun and the increased entry numbers should result in even more promoters running photo, video, recipe and tiebreaker competitions. What do you reckon to these results? Are you one of the compers who does 1000+ entries a month, or do you just do a handful when you get chance?

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  1. lynn savage says:

    I remember filling in the survey. And from these results I have learnt that I’m average. I’m not at the top or bottom of any of the results. The effort comps will always have less entries (because people find them difficult). I can do Vine (have entered a couple) but I’m not very good at it nd have never won from it, as for blippar, it’s on my phone but I’ve never used it.

  2. emmasfabulous says:

    I need to find out what blippar & vine are!

    • I’ve got a Vine guide in the pipeline – it’s a video app for your phone where you can take 6 second videos. Most people use it to do stop-motion videos but I prefer the funny stuff! Blippar is an ‘augmented reality’ app where you scan a product or advert with your phone and you see special content on the screen, often competitions. More popular in the US than in the UK though I think!

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