Competition Queen meets Coupon Queen

A few weeks ago, The Coupon Queen Emma Mumford got in touch with a great idea for a blog post – ‘Coupon Queen meets Competition Queen’. It sounded so good I couldn’t resist!

So, here on SuperLucky I’m interviewing Emma about couponing, and over at her blog she’s asked me questions me about comping – after all, these two money-saving techniques go hand in hand!

In addition, we’re offering a fabulous prize to one lucky reader – a red wine hamper kindly donated by Serenata Flowers. Scroll down to find out how to enter!


Q&A with Emma Mumford (Coupon Queen)

Thanks for joining me at SuperLucky Emma! First of all, could you tell me how you discovered the world of coupons and freebies?

It was back in 2013, when I was living with my ex partner. I was young and naive and took on his £7k debt to help us out. When the relationship broke down I was left to clear the debt – I had to save money, and fast! I was only working part time at Next so money was really tight, then one day I saw TLC’s Extreme Couponing and I was amazed at how much they had saved. I then took to Google to find all these coupons and it started there – there weren’t really any websites or pages back then so I was asked very quickly to start a page with advice to help others.

What’s the biggest amount you’ve saved with coupons?

My best coupon shop to date was at Tesco – the RRP was £156 and I got the entire shop for free plus 6p from the till, as I was over!

What are your top tips for newbies to couponing?

Stay organised – it’s very easy to print every coupon and never use them. That’s not very cost effective, so only print what you will use. Use cashback apps – these are great tools when doing the weekly shop, and when the coupons run dry you can guarantee you can make some money back using these apps. Example apps are Shopitize, CheckoutSmart and Clicksnap. Some supermarkets release a free monthly magazine full of coupons and offers, so remember to pick these up.

Which websites, in addition to of course, would you recommend people go to for the best coupons?

I try to keep my website up to date with all the latest coupons, but Supersavvyme (P&G Products) is great, as is Caring Everyday (J&J Products).

Have you had much success entering competitions?

I’ve only just started but had some great successes in the month since starting. I’ve won a few chocolate hamper prizes, a Pombear hamper, Ben & Jerry’s T-Shirt & most recently 2 Tickets to Wireless Festival (which I couldn’t make, so gave them to a friend).

I’m a sucker for organising my comping into monthly folders and wallets – what are your tips for organising coupons?

I’ve seen all sorts of coupon holders from photo albums to sticker books so you can really get creative! I personally use a cheque holder from Wilkinson as I hate bending coupons and it comes in very handy sections, so I don’t panic at the supermarket.

Most importantly – tell me where people can find you online!

I think I’m pretty much on every social media site so just search for Emma Mumford or Extreme Couponing and Deals UK – you can find my blog at and Facebook page at I’m @couponqueenemma on Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and YouTube.

Win! A Serenata Hamper worth £59.99!

We have a lovely red wine hamper from Serenata to give away. Entry is easy! Log in to the Gleam widget, and answer the question about the Serenata website in the widget (you don’t need to leave a blog comment!)  

Simply by answering the question, you’ll be in the draw. But you can earn bonus entries by following @serenataflowers@couponqueenemma & @superluckydi on Twitter, subscribing to my YouTube channel, or Emma’s YouTube channel. You can also earn bonus entries by referring friends who enter too!  

Closing date for entries is 1 September 2015 and it’s open to UK residents aged over 18 – check the widget for full T&Cs. The same Gleam widget is installed on SuperLucky, Coupon Queen & our Facebook pages, and there will be one winner.

Red Wine Hamper giveaway
Not used Gleam before? It’s a fair way to choose a random winner, and gives the promoter access to the winner’s email address so they can easily be contacted. See my post on how to enter Gleam giveaways for guidance.

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    oh I remember my Tesco coupon days, some years ago, before they stopped it all. used to love my penny shops.
    I like the beers of the world hamper.

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  124. rebecca beesley says:

    I’ve always had mixed feelings about couponing as some sites try to get you spending money on stuff you don’t really need but I think coupons off things you do need are really useful so do tend to look out for these. Lovely giveaway – i like the happy days gift basket on the serenata site. x

  125. kayleigh bates says:

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  126. Kiran Parry says:

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  1. 06/08/2015

    […] I have avoided entering competitions for far too long! I always thought it was too much effort or there is no chance I will ever win. Well as soon as I stopped being so stubborn and started entering I was soon proven wrong. So far I have won a few hampers, a Ben & Jerry’s T-Shirt and 2x Wireless Festival Tickets all in one month! I contacted Di as I felt that the Queen of Comps would be able to explain to you all a lot easier the perks of comping and all the tips and tricks of the trade. So here is our Q&A you can also find Di’s blog post on myself and Coupons here. […]

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