Competitions for bookworms

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  1. KelleyP says:

    Thank you Di, fingers crossed!!

    • KelleyP says:

      Hi Di, just like to report that I have won a book from readers first from nearly 400 entries but I think they give more than one book away each time.
      Thank you again for the information.

  2. Tina says:

    I won a bundle of 12 fantastic books with Books etc. Just had to write a short book review. Won on my first attempt. Also won a book bundles on Twitter with Wordery and Orion Books. Caboodle and Penguin also do lots of really good book giveaways on their websites. Love book prizes.

  3. Stel says:

    Thanks Di – I won a book from Readers First on my first attempt. I actually got right into the book after reading the preview so I’m so glad I won otherwise I’d have to buy it! It’s a definitely a great site for bookworms and winning was a bonus.

    • KelleyP says:

      Hi, I’ve found it impossible to register with Readers First, they ask for a Referral code, do you know what this is? Thank you.

  4. Natalie Gough says:

    I saw joined Toppsta last month after watching a few of your unboxing videos, my daughter has already won two books. Thanks for another great tip.

  5. Sue Hudson says:

    Shame about Goodreads, I have been lucky in the giveaways over past few years.
    I’ve signed up to National Book Tokens Caboodle site as they frequently run competitions to win book bundles, tokens and related items. Yet to win though….☺

  6. Di says:

    Thanks for the tip Priscilla – I’d not heard of this. Just checked the website – for those interested, Boundless costs £26/year, you get a £10 Amazon voucher when you join and it’s open to civil service & public sector workers.

  7. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    You have to be a member of Boundless, formerly CSMA, but every month a book is chosen by members and if you win it they ask for a review at the end of the month. I’ve had several lovely books from them

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