Comping Calendar 2014

A calendar for creative compers was suggested by Rach on my 5th Blogaverary post, and I realised it could be really useful to set one up each year as a reminder so I can plan my recipes, photo shoots and activities. It’s not just handy for those of us that love our photo comps either – knowing what’s coming up this year ensures you can be looking out for on-pack promotions and search for prize draws and comps nice and early.

We all know when Valentine’s Day and Halloween are of course, but the dates of other annual events like Easter, Pancake Day and Mothers Day change every year. There are sporting events – annual ones like the Champions League and FA Cup Finals see purchase-necessary comps on products like water and beer, and often Twitter comps to win tickets. Then every 4 years we get the Olympics, World Cup and the Euros where lots of sponsors seem to have tickets to give away on their social media (at least I hope so – Brazil is on my wish list this year!). February sees the BRITs and the BAFTAs in London – listen out for comps on the radio to win tickets to these. And if rugby or tennis tickles your fancy, there should be Six Nations and Wimbledon trips up for grabs on social media too.

The comping calendar will be an annual feature here on the blog each January. Print it off, Pin it, save it on your phone – or just roll your eyes and wish you had more spare time, I don’t mind as long as you find it useful!


For many of the bigger events I’ll be adding a ‘linky list’ on the blog for related creative comps – you can already check out my Valentine’s linky and there will be the usual Pancake Day, Mothers Day and Fathers Day round ups, as well as a Summer holiday kids competition linky.

Top tips

  • Be prepared – make pancakes the weekend before Shrove Tuesday and take your photos then – the same with your Halloween pumpkins. I may be slightly mad, but I get my decorations up and Christmas jumper on in November!
  • Keep searching – if you want to win tickets to a certain event, start your Google and Twitter competition searches early.
  • For any creative photo you take, don’t just take a single photo – take a selection of poses so you’re not entering the same one for every competition.
  • Also send off your photos to women’s magazines like That’s Life, Take a Break etc, who pay cash for fun photos, recipes and tips.

What are YOU looking forward to in 2014? Let me know which essential events I’ve forgotten (World Darts Championships, cheese rolling, bog snorkelling etc…)!

3 Responses

  1. Andrea Goodheart says:

    Definitely going on the fridge! What a fab and fun reminder! Thanks Di!

  2. angela wilcox says:

    What a great idea! Thanks Di 🙂

  3. beckykingston says:

    This is fab and so useful! I forgot about many ‘events’ mentioned here! Will be printing it off and its going on the fridge as a constant reminder to keep me motivated! 🙂 Thank you Di!

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