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Keep it in the family! If you can get the kids on board with your comping hobby, you should see some great results. Here are more winners stories from SuperLucky readers and their talented (and occasionally naughty!) offspring…

Shelly‘s daughter won a unique prize – her own design made into a pencil case!

“I spotted a competition on the SuperLucky Facebook page by Maped Helix stationers, for children to design their own pencil case to celebrate National Stationery Week 2016. One winner per age category would be be chosen by a select panel of judges to have their pencil case handmade and filled with £50 of Maped Helix stationery. My 6 year old twin daughters love drawing and often enter colouring competitions. So both entered the competition, and I received a telephone call to advise me Alice had been selected as the winner for her age group! This prize is completely priceless. Alice loves stationery and dalmatian dogs… she named the dog on the drawing ‘Lucky’ – she certainly was that!”

Alice's prize winning pencil case!

Suki did what all good compers too in a messy situation – reached for her camera!

“My favourite 2016 win arose out of what would be seen as a negative situation, when my two year old scribbled over my new tablecloth with felt tips! I quickly grabbed my phone to take a photo, and entered it into a Littlewoods Clearance photo comp about bad luck on Friday 13th. I won a bundle of colouring goodies for my daughter including felt tips and colouring pads – it just goes to show how comping can turn negative situations into positive ones!”

Kate won a prize with her puddle jumping Batboy photo…

“One of my favourite prizes last year was a signed storybook and a pair of snazzy Clarks wellies. We had to submit a picture of puddle jumping fun!”

Puddle jumping prizewinner

Clare has a talented four year old…

“My daughter Samaris has just turned four, she can’t read but she recognises the words WIN and COMPETITION and points things out to me to enter in her magazines and shops – and she stops her dad from throwing away any important packaging! She was especially thrilled to win an awesome scooter suitcase with one of her drawings this year…. now apparently I have to win a holiday to go with it!”

Prizewinning picture by Samaris

Glenn‘s daughter LOVED her arty prize…

“Our favourite win of 2016 and has brought the most smiles is this Art Box from a drawing competition on Twitter run by Bloomsbury Kids. My daughter Pippa, 5, was so chuffed to win!”

Pippa's art box prize

Anita‘s daughter won a ‘creative castle’ competition that I helped to judge…

“My daughter won entrance for our whole family to England’s Medieval Festival 2016 Herstmonceux Castle in Viva Brighton magazine with her castle.”

Castle prizewinner

And Darren‘s daughter won a prize in the WHSmith kids gift wrapping competition (my son won a prize in this too!)…

“My favourite prize of 2016 was actually won by my daughter, Lily. She got 2nd place in the WH Smiths Christmas wrapping comp! Inspired by your videos, we did an unboxing of her win as well, which was loved by Netmums and WH Smith – she gets as much pleasure for people viewing her videos as she does winning stuff!”

What a lot of talented children us compers have – it’s a great hobby to keep in the family! Have your kids won any nice prizes?

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  1. melanie stanbridge says:

    My daughter won her first prize with Eon energy, she had to draw an energy saving device and she drew a solar powered heated bed. She came second and won an iPad and it was published in our local paper.

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