Comping on Twitter

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  1. SuperluckyDi says:

    Pinksy, I do believe the facility already exists to send retweets in batches every few hours until the closing date, as I’ve seen compers doing so. It is frowned upon, but if it’s not against the rules then it’s certainly not cheating in any way. Sending the same/similar tweets over and over again is like entering daily text comps (sooooo dull!) – and I’m desperate for an iPhone App to schedule those for me too!

  2. pinksy says:

    Awesome stuff Di! I had an idea a while back to automate the multiple retweets – I know it’s frowned upon, but if you’re going to do it manually, I just thought “why not set something up that would let you just schedule auto-retweets, say a couple of times a day, until the closing date”. Maybe if it retweeted a couple of times in the last hour of the closing date too, to increase your chance of being spotted. never got round to it though… one day maybe!

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