Comping on your foreign holiday

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  1. Patricia Avery says:

    Some good advice but a word of caution re Royal Mail Keepsafe. On returning from a wonderful 3 week holiday in Wales last Thursday I was horrified to find 3 weeks worth of mail stuffed in the postbox at the end of the drive. It should have been held until Friday. I rang and was offered an apology and a full refund. As I pointed out its not the money I’m worried about but the loss of faith in the system. Twice before we have had odd letters put in by relief posties but never the whole lot. Our regular postlady called in on Friday to say that she was puzzled to get a card from her manager to resume deliveries to us as she knew she hadn’t stopped them. I assured her we attached no blame to her and at least she had left a red card rather than a parcel as requested on the box for a recent win of an Apple Watch!

    • Di says:

      How awful! I must admit, the staff turnover for RM these days is much faster than it used to be – I rarely have the same postie for more than a few months, which is such a shame!

  2. Brenda Wilkes says:

    Found The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio quite moving to read how someone needed to win to feed her family. Another great read for compers is “A Prize to Die For” by Jon McKnight.Quite funny – brought back many memories!

    • Did I read about ‘A prize to die for’ in Compers News? It rings a bell!

      I enjoyed the Prize Winner film too, I’m a big fan of Julianne Moore.

  3. Patricia Walpole says:

    Great ideas 🙂

  4. Clare Duiker says:

    Brilliant advice xxx

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