How to complain to the ASA

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  1. Neesha Wright says:

    Hello I won a competition on Instagram in November for a holiday to Portugal and they are fobbing me off and the PR company in the UK, who are arranging the prize, keep telling me that they can’t get in touch with the hotel and there’s nothing they can do? What can I do!

  2. Laura C says:

    Any advice? I won £200 of vouchers from Instagram which have been submitted to me as 2 x £100 vouchers. Apparently, I can oy use one voucher at a time, and for each one, there’s a minimum spend of £24.99. There’s no terms and conditions and the competition did not state that there was a minimum spend. This means I’m going to have to spend almost £50 of my own money to redeem my vouchers. Do I just suck it up and appreciate £250 worth of goods for £50? Although technically, I don’t have this sort of money to spend and wouldn’t have entered if I’d have known. Thanks in advance for any advice!

  3. Claire Noke says:

    Hi Di, any advice would be appreciated…. I received an email from Utilita saying id won a pair of Rayban Aviator sunglasses and could I send an email with my details for my prize to be sent out within 5 days. I did this straight away. They have now sent me an email saying its an error. I haven’t won. I’m furious! and upset. Can I push this further? Should I be awarded my prize? the email was addressed to me – Thanks Claire x

    • I saw your Facebook post earlier Claire and see they’re sending you a small gift as an apology. I’m presuming this was an error where the same ‘winning’ email was sent to all entrants, or was it just to you? This happens quite often and in many cases a ‘computer error’ or a staff error is blamed and the promoter can usually get away with it, and maybe send out an apologetic discount code to everyone. It’s very disappointing for you though.

  4. Sally Rowland says:

    Thanks for this Di, I have just made my first ASA complaint and this was very handy.

  5. @kazzakoo says:

    Thanks for the post. I had a prize that I won in December for tickets to an event in February. I never got the tickets or anything else so I followed your instructions. I made a complaint and the ASA emailed to say that the company advertising the competition and prize had broken the code and they had advised the company of this. I called and queried what was happening about the prize and they said they don’t do that and my best bet was to contact the company again. I did and had a reply back saying that they have removed the advert from December from Facebook and that legally, they don’t need to do anything else. Is this true? Is there any other way of getting the company to send me an equivalent prize to the one I won and have never received?

  6. Emma Groves says:

    Fantastic post, I have just made a complaint about a comp not being run fairly and rules not being clear after advising the company they had not followed the asa guidelines they stopped replying so, I have reported it. I think they thought I was bluffing but they dont know me very well 🙂

  7. Neill Johnstone says:

    Thanks for this! Just posted my first complaint about a promoter. Wasn’t going to bother as it looked like they had gone out of business (all online activity had ceased and the website went ofline) but they’re back up and running this week – and still not replying to me!

  8. Louise says:

    Great info, I had a problem, but only had certain screenshots to rely on, not the url’s or anything. I feel like a vigilante but I think everybody should put the heat on promoters, we all know who offenders are on twitter every week for example. It would be nice for everyone to start on a level playing field.

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