Could you be a Mastermind?

The ultimate quiz is back for a new series! Mastermind are looking for contestants to sit in the infamous black chair – can you handle the pressure?

If you love to read, have a passion for learning and want to experience a new challenge, then either apply on the BBC website, or email for more details. The production team are particularly keen for more women to be on the show, and it would be a super way to gain some confidence and have a great story to tell!

The series will have 96 contestants competing in heats, six semi finals and the Grand Final.

Previous finalist Mohan Mudigonda said that he found the Mastermind experience ‘just incredible, the best experience I’d had since the birth of my daughter. That is absolutely no exaggeration. Every step has a fond memory!’ 

Mohan chose Kurt Cobain and Seinfeld as two of his specialist subjects, topics I wholeheartedly approve of!

‘I deliberately picked subjects I was passionate about because although I had my eye on the prize, I wanted the whole experience to be fun. Much as I love quizzing, I never felt that I was actually that good at it. I got to the Mastermind Grand Final – ’nuff said!’

If you were brave enough to go on Mastermind, what would you choose as your specialist subjects? I might go for the Beastie Boys, Japanese food – oh, and maybe the CAP Code!

Apply online at

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