Current competition scams to watch out for

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  1. john martin says:

    Hello Di, im a new comper, on many online competitions they ask for your home address and some ask for your date of birth (even for non alcoholic related comps), some ask for both. How comfortable are you in giving out such sensitive information?? Do you give out a false date of birth? Im interested in your thoughts,
    kind Regards

    • Di says:

      Hi John
      So sorry – I didn’t spot this comment back in March! I have no issues giving out home address as it’s something that can easily be found on the internet anyway. I only enter on websites and social media of brands I know and trust so if I wasn’t sure about a company, I wouldn’t pass my details on to them. I’ve not given out a false DOB although I know some compers do this! I’ve had to show my ID to claim several prizes (usually involving alcohol or football tickets!)

  2. HAZEL ABBOTT says:

    RVs & Campers sent Today at 3:59 PM
    Hey Hazel,

    ​First off thanks for entering our competition! We would just like to say a massive thanks and a HUGE congratulations! We drew 100 names this morning and your name was pulled out of the hat!

    ​In order for us to confirm your name and email we require everyone to click CONTINUE below and visit our website.
    All 100 entrants have until 9am tomorrow morning (Sunday) to enter. Just wondered if anybody else has received this message and if its a scam. Thank you in advance

    • Di says:

      The deadline given definitely suggests SCAM to me! Could you forward it to me Hazel, at – thanks.

    • Maxine says:

      I received this from 5star competitions
      Good Morning Maxine!

      We are just letting you know that today we pulled 100 names out of a hat and your name was one of the successful ones!

      We require everyone who has entered to signup to our website so we can contact you should you win. Signup is free and will take less than 30 seconds!

      The draw will be made at 8pm tonight live on our Facebook page so anyone who hasn’t signed up by 7pm will be forfeited from the draw.

      Please click CONTINUE below to get your entry in!

      Thanks and Good Luck

  3. Sylvia Robbins says:

    This is full of useful information – thank you, Di.
    I’ve been reporting scams for a long time, and have realised that Facebook are stupid, and will do nothing about those ‘you win’ posts. They don’t recognise the slight difference between the real and fake companies.
    I report them all, and phishing emails to :
    I also report the many scam emails by forwarding it to the company. eg,, and many others.
    Sometimes it’s possible to find the sender by reading the raw email. One has the user name of astra followed by a number, which I cut and pasted to the gov. address
    I hope this is useful in addition to what you’ve shared with us.
    Much love from, Sylvia. xx

  4. Mary says:

    Very helpful information. Thank you.

  5. Polly Powers says:

    Twice today I have reported accounts to Facebook that are fake accounts pretending to be official pages and replies from Facebook is the accounts are not against their. Two competitions within minutes of each other were taken down by companies because of fake accounts being set up. Sadly It’s going to stop companies wanting to do competitions if it doesn’t get sorted out soon.

    • Sylvia Robbins says:

      I agree that Facebook are useless when I first report so I reply and ask’ ‘are you sure? please check every detail?’ Well they might do but they don’t reply again.
      I report the lot to – they at least reply ” thank you for reporting a suspicious email’. ‘we have a lot to check’
      I block the poster on Fb. The list is quite long.

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