December prize unboxing

So that’s it, 2023 all done. December was another successful month, despite not having much time to actually enter competitions. I was especially pleased with my TikTok and radio wins!

December goals

As for the monthly goals listed in my BootComp planner, I managed only one of them this month!

  • Enter 300 comps ❌
  • Win 8 prizes ❌
  • Win a comp while in Mexico ✅ 
  • Win a wishlist prize ❌

Check out the unboxing video to see all the prizes I won this month (and scroll down for the spoilers…)

December prize list

  • M&S handwash – Sparks app 12 days comp
  • Wye Valley beers – Instagram prize draw
  • LookFantastic Advent calendar – X prize draw
  • £500 Morrisons vouchers – Magic Radio Phone in Quiz
  • £5 Great British Pub gift card – Whyte & Mackay Purchase necessary prize draw
  • Shiver Point book – Sblended Milkshakes Instagram prize draw
  • £20 Aldi vouchers – Win with Kevin Mince Pies purchase necessary instant win
  • KinKind Shampoo & Conditioner bars – Instagram Advent Comp prize draw
  • 12 cans Sapporo – East London Mornings Instagram prize draw
  • £500 First Choice voucher – TikTok prize draw
  • £250 cash – Tesco & Pepsi Text To WIn

Was December lucky for you? Let me know in the comments!

If you enjoy reading about people’s comping success, then please join us in the Lucky Learners Facebook group where group members share their wonderful weekly and monthly wins – you can also watch a playlist of prize unboxing videos on YouTube!

Wishing you a successful January – don’t forget to check out the review of my 2023 comping year!

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3 Responses

  1. Jeanette says:

    Hello Di,

    nice wins you received congrats. My December wins started with the perfume samples, then I won the Nivea Christmas Sweater some stickers and creme, I also won 30€ voucher Sturmkind online shop with the Drift Hybrid Gaming Newsletter raffle, a book about soccer from Arnd Zeigler, AOP swiss cheese L’Etivaz 1,940 kg, and 2x 25€ Rewe market vouchers.
    I hope you have a fab January

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