Di’s Prize Unboxing August 2017

Here we go again – it’s time for another prize unboxing! Sadly, more prizes are arriving by email these days which means less boxes and envelopes to open… but there were still a couple of nice surprises for us!

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If you’d like to know more about the prizes featured, here’s the list…

Spoiler alert!

Prizes featured in the August unboxing:

  • Brainbox Game – Yakult crossword?
  • 12 Krispy Kreme donuts – Krispy Kreme social promotion
  • £100 Leisure VoucherTesco & Dairylea promotion
  • Minions Mineez – Kids comic?
  • Brighton v Barnet tickets Carabao Cup instant win promotion
  • Arsenal v Doncaster tickets – Carabao Cup instant win promotion
  • £50 Deliveroo credit – Lucozade instant win promotion
  • Wind in the Willows tickets – Brighton Argus prize draw
  • £100 Go Ape voucher – Pomegreat purchase necessary promotion
  • Leon salad bowl & servers@makemoreofsalad Twitter prize draw
  • Nerfageddon DayThe Outdoors Project Facebook competition

Don’t forget to watch my YouTube playlist of prize unboxing videos by other compers at http://bit.ly/MorePrizeUnboxing!

How did you get on in August – were you too busy having fun over the holidays to do much comping? Let me know in the comments!

2 Responses

  1. Kath Taylor says:

    Lovely wins Di 🙂 I’ve had a really dry few months…but we have just returned from a lovely 4 nights in Rome that I won back in October (which followed the fabulous glamping Camp Bestival win) so I’m happy to enjoy those memories for a few months until the next biggie rolls around 🙂 On one of the excursions included in the Rome prize (a Chariot Ride with the stunt man from the new Ben-Hur movie..!!) we met another winner who had entered and won from Australia 🙂 We had a really good chat as it turned out she’s a comper too and has been doing it for over 10 years….apparently in Oz compers are know as “prize pigs”….really made me laugh…! The comping world is a bit frowned upon down under it seems…!! Lovely to meet someone who understands the trials and tribulations in person 🙂

  2. I love your unboxing videos Di!! I’ve been trying so hard to win the krispy Kreme comp but it’s not meant to be ! Glad I had a pretty decent month though with my wins which are on my blog https://moreformummy.blog/2017/09/03/august-wins/
    Good Luck for September! Can’t wait to watch the next unboxing !

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