Doritos Grab a Taste of the Action – win UCL tickets and cash prizes!

Here we go again with a brand new Doritos on-pack promotion, Grab a Taste of the Action! The prizes are tickets to the Champions league Final in London on 1 June 2024 – but there are also 3,000 prizes of £10 cash (or Euro equivalent).

Look out for promotional packets of Doritos and Walkers Max in the shops now – to enter the main promotion you’ll need to enter the code from the reverse of the packet between 31 January 2024 and 31 March 2024.

What are the prizes?

The grand prizes are ten pairs of tickets to the Champions League Final in London on 1 June 2024. The ten winners for these tickets will be drawn from all entries after the closing date of 31 March and the prize includes:

  • 2 x UCL Final tickets
  • 2 nights’ stay at a 4* hotel
  • £500 for travel expenses

There are also 3,000 instant win prizes of £10 (or Euro equivalent) – that’s a prize approximately every 30 minutes!

If you miss out the main promotion, all late entries between 1 April 2024 and 1 August 2024 go into a wrap up draw with a hundred £10 prizes.

How to enter

  • Buy a flashed UCL pack of Doritos, Doritos Dippers or Walkers Max – make sure you keep the packaging as it may be needed to verify a win (I recommend taking a photo of the code too)
  • Enter your details plus the code from the Best Before box at 
  • You’ll be entered into the grand prize draw and also the instant win!

The participating products are listed below – it’s not on multipacks this time.

Walkers Max 

  • Paprika: 140g, 70g, 50g
  • Pepperoni Feast: 140g, 70g, 50g
  • Texan BBQ: 140g, 70g, 50g
  • Jalapeno & Cheese: 140g
  • Hot Chicken Wings: 140g 


  • Chilli Heatwave: 180g, 150g, 70g
  • Tangy Cheese: 180g, 150g, 70g
  • Cool Original: 180g, 150g, 70g
  • Loaded Pepperoni Pizza: 180g
  • Triple Cheese Pizza: 180g
  • Dippers A Hint of Salt: 230g
  • Dippers A Hint of Sour Cream & Onion: 230g
  • Dippers A Hint of Paprika: 230g

The code starts with PC and can only be used once. You can enter twice a day, but only win one £10 cash prize and 1 grand prize per household. Each entry must be accompanied by a new code and packaging and terms state that ‘each winner may be required at any time to present the packaging from their promotional pack linked to their winning entry into the promotion’ – so keep those bags safely for a few months!

Got a problem with your code? If you upload a photo to the Walkers Contact page then they should send you a replacement to use.

If you win £10, you will receive a confirmation email within 3 working days of on-screen notification – click the link in the email within 3 months of receipt, and then add your bank details on the form (see below). It’s perfectly safe to do this! You will be paid the £10 within 28 days.

Grand prize draw winners will be contacted by phone. Wrap up draw winners will be emailed.

About the winning moments format

This instant win promotion is a winning moments format, which means that the first person to enter a code after each of the 3000 random winning moments will win £10. Doritos promotions usually award all prizes – so if there’s no entry between one winning moment and the next, the unclaimed prize rolls over and will be won by the first person to enter (I will confirm this when full T&Cs are on the website). Your best chance of a win is entering your code overnight, between 1am and 6am – find out more in my blog post What is a winning moment promotion?

The promotion is open to UK & ROI residents aged 18+ ​​ and you can check full T&Cs at

Don’t forget to check the full Compers Shopping List for more current instant win and daily entry promotions you can try! You can also find advice on entering this type of competition in my post Top tips for winning on pack promotions.

6 Responses

  1. Nicolas says:

    I entered my pack code but it doesn’t work….

  2. John Burchell says:

    Great but where on the site do I actually enter the details you require. I can’t find the link.

    • Di says:

      It’s under the HOW TO ENTER heading John –
      Enter your details plus the code from the Best Before box at 

  3. Rhona brown says:

    I will certainly be entering this one.

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