Dream holiday wins

Welcome to another set of winners stories from SuperLucky readers! This week I’ve got a trio of dream holidays to share with you… 

Klara won the Booking.com #oneinamillion competition….

“Last autumn Booking.com had a big promotion on all social channels to win #OneInAMillion holiday to any destination on their website, with flights. I spent more than an hour choosing the holidays, a different one for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I thought that even if I have a slim chance of winning, at least it’s going to be a trip I really wanted and would be personalised for our dream trip. My husband thought it was a waste of time, but a few weeks later I received a comment on my Instagram photo – I had won the holiday to Thailand, to an amazing villa with two private pools in Phuket! They even upgraded our flights to 1st class and sent a taxi to pick us up from Bournemouth, taking us to Heathrow. Thailand has always been on our wish list, so it was a fantastic prize and we really celebrated hubby’s birthday in style. What a treat!”

Cath sneaked a cheeky Facebook comp in while waiting to go out…

“Last October my husband and I were going out for a meal after work and as I was waiting for him to get ready I hopped on Facebook and noticed a company called Clean Cruising was running a competition for a Carnival Spirit Cruise from Sydney. At the time I never entered competitions, but being a cruise lover I thought I’d give it a try. They wanted four original horse names, so I quickly made up four names incorporating Carnival’s ship names, for example Legend Lassy and Vista Vixen. Two weeks later I received the call telling me I’d won a 6 night Melbourne Cup Cruise (value of $2,900). I was so excited and my husband couldn’t believe it! We had a brilliant time and now I’m a dedicated comper!”


Angie had one very special destination on her wishlist for 2016…

“I started the year as Di suggested with a wishlist, I only managed to win one thing off the list but my oh my was it a goodie! 

I went into our local jewellery store to buy a new charm (would you believe me if I said it was a 4 leaf clover?) and found a leaflet for a trip to Las Vegas to see J-Lo. Entry was via Facebook and you had to tell them why Endless Jewellery coloured your life. Before I enter any holiday competition I always check the dates with my Mum – it turned out the set dates were perfect for me, as my dad finished his treatment 10 days before and they were going away the week after (plus it was half term!).

In the past I have sometimes felt it was my turn to be lucky (…then the disappointment came) but this time I felt the prize really did have my name on it. I popped over to Facebook and added my comment as well as an image to hopefully complement it and sat back and waited.

It felt like a lifetime, watching the page closely and seeing not many entries I kept my hopes up and then the deadline passed and my heart was sinking as there was no announcement.

Then one Friday Morning at work my iPad lit up and it was a PM on Facebook, I had only gone and won. I may have screamed a little!

  • Direct Flights with Virgin
  • 3 nights at the Luxor (resort fees also paid for)
  • Spending Money
  • VIP entry to a party at the Paris hotel
  • Tickets for J-Lo at Planet Hollywood

It honestly felt like I had won the lottery, riding in a limousine from the Hotel to the Paris, I’m not sure I will ever get to do that sort of thing again!”

What fabulous stories! Have you ever won a dream holiday in a competition?

3 Responses

  1. cakesphotoslife (Angie) says:

    Than you so much for featuring my win, need to win that family trip now, promised Son Vegas and its a great excuse to see our friends again who live over there xxx

  2. Elysia Benn says:

    These are fabulous! I’d love to win a holiday comp!

  3. rebecca beesley says:

    these are such amazing stories! I love reading about dreams coming true xxx

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