How to enter Pinterest competitions

Pinterest is one of my favourite ways to enter a competition – it’s creative and inspiring, and promoters are enjoying it too. I’ve won some lovely prizes on Pinterest, including a year’s supply of kids shoes from Cloggs, £500 of blinds from Hillary’s and £1000 of Harveys Furniture. It can be time consuming – but if you enjoy beautiful photography and have an eye for colour and design, it’s a nice change from all the form filling!

Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, entry to some Pinterest prize draws is as simple as re-pinning an image – so you can still have a go at those!

My latest video tutorial is a 18 minute beginners guide to comping on Pinterest. Even if you’re already a fan, you might still pick up some winning tips – it’s a good idea to watch the video a few times with Pinterest open on your computer or mobile device.

Along with the tips I give in the tutorial, here are a few more…


  • If you’re looking for pins for a competition board, don’t re-pin from another board that somebody has created for the same competition – it’s bad manners! If you really want to use that particular photo, trace it back to its original website by clicking on it, or to its original board by clicking underneath the pin – then pin from there.
  • If you’re re-pinning from elsewhere on Pinterest, click the photo first to ensure it doesn’t take you to a spam website. Some naughty spammers will repin a popular photo and then update the linked URL to something completely different!
  • Don’t pin photos that are too small – they look awful when you click them for a closer look! Want to find a bigger version? Right-click or ctrl-click and choose ‘Search Google for this image’ from the drop down menu.
  • Choose tall photos where possible. They appear bigger and have more impact than landscape images.
  • If you find a really great photo, click to view it and scroll down below it to see ‘Also on these boards’ and ‘Related Pins’ – clicking through these can result in some rare and amazing finds – and also keep you engrossed for hours!


  • Pinterest users don’t do much tagging, but if you do want to mention someone in a comment or pin description you need to use the username from their profile URL – eg. in my case it’s dicoke, so you would type @dicoke to tag me in a comment or description. The person you tag will get a notification.

If you’ve watched the video and still have questions, please comment below and I’ll do my best to help out. 

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10 Responses

  1. Andrea Dimmick says:

    How do you search for current comps? I’m seeing loads dated several years ago.

    Thanks Di, for all you do, I’ve just spent the afternoon setting up bookmarks, wouldn’t have thought of that, if it weren’t for you xx

    • Di says:

      There are hardly any about these days unfortunately Andrea! I usually find them through a Google or Twitter search for ‘pinterest competition win’

  2. Katie Donnelly says:

    Thanks for this Di. I’ve only recently started comping and I’m hooked already! Going to give Pinterest comps a go next – although there are not many out there!

  3. natalie zindani says:

    It is such a shame there aren’t more Pinterest comps, it is so much fun to get your creative hat on!

  4. mellwinkle88 says:

    Hi I am new to pinterest comps but have entered a few, I have a question and i hope you will be able to answer this for me, if you enter a pinterest comp and you look at the boards created for the comp should you be able to see your own, I have looked and not able to see the board I created so think I may have done something wrong if mine is not there? I am going to watch your video again in case I have missed something cruical about this, thanks for your time, Mel

  5. Hilary C Williams says:

    Where do I find pinterest comps please

  6. Lady Mondegreen says:

    I’m glad you mentioned it because I find it so rude when someone from the same competition just re-pins all the pins you trawled about looking for.

  7. priscillastubbs says:

    Is it possible to remove a pin from a board. While doing the Boden comp I managed to pin their rules twice to the board. A beginner’s mistake!

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