How to enter a Regram competition

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  1. Esther James says:

    Thanks Di, I find myself looking at this article everytime I need to regram. I keep forgetting!

  2. Maria Taylor says:

    Awwww thanks, this guide really works, funnily, I have an android phone but the iPhone way worked for me for taking a screenshot !!!

  3. rebecca beesley says:

    Even though i’ve set all notifications to ‘on’ for instagram i’m not getting any notifications emailed through to me and I’ve nearly missed finding out about two comps I won this way because even when I’m tagged on instagram it is not letting me know. Finding it frustrating! Never heard of regram before – will look out for those. x

    • Do you use an iPhone? I have banner alerts set for Instagram so they flash up on my screen like a text message!

      • rebecca beesley says:

        nope – my phone is ancient and can barely only just pick up emails. No apps, no fb, twitter or instagram. About time i tried to win myself a new one! I access instagram from my iPad – so i will just have to check for notifications on there – i don’t enter many comps on instagram so i will just need to remember to check. x

  4. Natalie Crossan says:

    I find it incredibly hard to find regram comps… I think I really trawled the internet one day and found about 5 (which for me, after about 6 hours of looking around… is not good!) they were very obscure and I kind of got the feeling it was a pointless exercise. Any tips? I find naff all for instagram via Google! x

    • Occasionally I do a search on #competition and quickly scroll through the photos looking for WIN! It’s tricky – there are lots of non-UK comps and often no T&Cs. It’s not the most productive way to spend comping time, as the prizes are often quite small too. I’ll let you know if I find a better solution!

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