How to enter a Regram competition

Earlier this month I posted my guide to entering an Instagram photo competition. As well as creative photo competitions (which can have judged, most popular or random winners) promoters also use Instagram to share Repost or Regram promotions, where the winner is usually selected at random. To enter these, you have to share the promoter’s competition photo on your own Instagram feed. This isn’t as easy as it sounds – Instagram doesn’t offer a sharing function like Facebook, Vine and Twitter do.

I’m going to show you two ways you can repost or regram (both mean the same thing!), using a screenshot and an app – both with a short YouTube video. Personally, I use a screenshot because it’s easy on an iPhone. Dependent on your device, you might find it easier to use an app!

Regram using a screenshot

  • First, follow the promoter on Instagram – this may not be compulsory, but it’s good manners!
  • With the promoter’s competition photo on your screen, take a screenshot. On an iPhone or iPad hold down the Home button and then press the Power button. On an Android it’s usually the Power and Volume Down buttons together – for other devices, you might need to Google to find out what method to use
  • A photo of the screen will now be saved on your camera roll or gallery
  • Now, click the camera icon on Instagram, tap on the left of the screen to access your photo gallery and select your screenshot
  • Move the image with your finger to crop it, removing the surrounding white and text so it looks like the original shot
  • Tap Next twice, skipping the filters
  • Add a caption with the competition hashtag (if there is one) and tag the promoter – the tag might not be compulsory but it lets them know you’ve entered!

Regram using an app

  • Download a regram app to your device – a few suggestions are Photo Repost, Regram or Repostapp (for the video tutorial I chose Regram)
  • In Instagram, tap the heart on the competition photo to add it to your Likes
  • Open your regram app and tap Likes
  • Find the competition photo, and tap the Regram button
  • Choose an option for the overlay bar – this displays the original user’s name
  • Tap Instagram to open the photo in Instagram
  • Tap Next
  • Delete all text except the relevant hashtag and @ tags – you might want to add your own caption!
  • Share

Tips for Regram competitions

  • Like and comment on the original photo to say you’ve entered too, just like people do on Facebook.
  • If you want to make it clear it’s a repost rather than your own photo, use the #regram hashtag, or use ‘RG’ or #repost at the start of your caption.
  • Keep in mind that Regrams are pretty ugly photos, so it’s best not to share lots of them at once – similar to Facebook ‘Like & Share’ comps, regrams make your profile look a bit ‘comper’ and it’s spammy for your followers!

How is the winner selected and informed?

  • Searching on a competition hashtag will show most of the entries – like Twitter though, it can sometimes be unreliable
  • The promoter will click on a photo at random to choose a winner
  • For Regram comps where no hashtag is stated, promoters should be asking for comments on the original too, so they can track entrants. They should choose a comment, then click to see that person’s profile to check they regrammed the competition photo.
  • The promoter will usually comment on the winner’s photo and ask them to email or send a Direct Message to claim the prize – check your notifications regularly! DMs on Instagram MUST be accompanied by a photo – I usually send the prize photo.
  • Sometimes promoters will tweet the winner, which is why it’s best to keep the same username on Twitter and Instagram

Once you’ve got started with regramming, read my post on how to find Instagram competitions for tips!

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8 Responses

  1. allison cartwright says:

    Hi Di Just a couple of questions of about instagram competitions. I get the hang of like and posting and tagging and tag to story, but if im on a computer sometimes it wont let me share to my story it doesnt give me the option. Also ive just had a competition to post a photo of a photobombing picture but there was no plus sign to add a photo again this on the computer. I have a iphone 11 but was doing it on the computer. Can you help please?

  2. Esther James says:

    Thanks Di, I find myself looking at this article everytime I need to regram. I keep forgetting!

  3. Maria Taylor says:

    Awwww thanks, this guide really works, funnily, I have an android phone but the iPhone way worked for me for taking a screenshot !!!

  4. rebecca beesley says:

    Even though i’ve set all notifications to ‘on’ for instagram i’m not getting any notifications emailed through to me and I’ve nearly missed finding out about two comps I won this way because even when I’m tagged on instagram it is not letting me know. Finding it frustrating! Never heard of regram before – will look out for those. x

    • Do you use an iPhone? I have banner alerts set for Instagram so they flash up on my screen like a text message!

      • rebecca beesley says:

        nope – my phone is ancient and can barely only just pick up emails. No apps, no fb, twitter or instagram. About time i tried to win myself a new one! I access instagram from my iPad – so i will just have to check for notifications on there – i don’t enter many comps on instagram so i will just need to remember to check. x

  5. Natalie Crossan says:

    I find it incredibly hard to find regram comps… I think I really trawled the internet one day and found about 5 (which for me, after about 6 hours of looking around… is not good!) they were very obscure and I kind of got the feeling it was a pointless exercise. Any tips? I find naff all for instagram via Google! x

    • Occasionally I do a search on #competition and quickly scroll through the photos looking for WIN! It’s tricky – there are lots of non-UK comps and often no T&Cs. It’s not the most productive way to spend comping time, as the prizes are often quite small too. I’ll let you know if I find a better solution!

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