How to enter Twitter competitions

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  1. Nicola france says:

    Evening all, just wondering if a twitter competition says to RT, have you got to just click on retweet or can you click on quote tweet as well to enter, thanks in advance x

  2. Melody Morris says:

    Hi Di, love your website and book! Thanks for all the brilliant advice! I’m new to comping this year but have won quite a few things including tickets for X Factor and Elbow, a PS4, lego bundle and a case of wine! Think I’m going to like this new hobby of mine!

  3. Gaynorfay Spanswick says:

    Hi ,lately I’ve a lot of people retweeting my tweets is it usual to have over 30 people retweeting my tweets at a time ?Thank you .:)

  4. Mr John Reynolds says:

    Help! Hi Di, I have been going over your very good YouTube for Twitter.When
    I select a comp I just cannot get the # hashtag part to copy on the the reply,
    it does sometimes but I don’t feel confident,where am I going wrong please.

    • On the website you should be able to reply, and then click and drag across the hashtag to copy it from the original tweet, then paste below into your reply box. On mobile, what I usually do is tap the hashtag to open it in the search box, then tap twice to SELECT ALL, and COPY ready to paste into my reply. Then tap Cancel to go back to the tweet. Takes a little while but worth it for those longer hashtags!

  5. Sarah Louise Gray says:

    Hi Di, I entered a rafflecopter comp today and retweeted but then when I refreshed my page on twitter the tweet wasnt there. When i searched for the company, my tweet was there, but not showing on my timeline. any ideas whats up with it?

    • No idea about this one I’m afraid Sarah – unless the company name was at the start of the tweet and it was hiding on your ‘Tweets & Replies’ tab?

  6. Dawn Wilkinson says:

    It’s probably been asked already but I’ve not found the answer. When someone retweets your retweet of the competition how can you stop getting an email that they have retweeted. Someone has gone down my page and just retweeted all mine so I got lots of unwanted emails. Thank you. Dawn

  7. Draw_Winners says:

    In case you are hosting your own Competitions on Twitter, try Its quick, easy, free and has a certified random winner selection and more!

  8. Guy Nash says:

    Interestingly I’ve seen a huge increase in people using Manual Retweet as a possible way of “bending the rules” – so they can Retweet the comp post and then do a Manual Retweet too. Not saying everyone is doing that to enter twice but when you search for comps on twitter you see a huge amount of people using this method.

  9. ANN NESBITT says:

    Trying to find my way around Twitter and this has been a big help, thank you 🙂

  10. Leanne Dawson says:

    brilliant tutorial really helped thanks

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