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  1. Beth Jackson-D'zacchaeus says:

    You say that you can easily win your subscription back within a year. And you say you can guarantee that. However I had a year to simply prizes for £20 and didn’t win a thing. Is compressed any better.

    • Hi Beth! Compers News is much better than Simply Prizes because the Editor finds lots of low entry comps (particularly purchase/instant win type promotions) PLUS you get access to the private forum, where there’s loads of low entry comps posted by members. When I wrote this post CN also offered £20 for printing a readers photo, but as this post is five years old now they’ve stopped printing the letters page (they didn’t get enough letters!). It’s also more expensive now – £54 – so although I do enjoy it, unless you’re dedicated to checking the forum daily and entering purchase comps, it probably isn’t worth the outlay!

  2. superlucky says:

    Why, thankyou – glad you enjoy it!!

  3. Bubbles17 says:

    You’ve inspired me to resubscribe now! I LOVE your blog! x

  4. juliette morrison says:

    i subscribe to both and think they are great

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