Essential stationery for compers

If you love comping, you must love stationery! It’s easy to be an organised online comper with efficient bookmarks and clever apps, but you still need to have somewhere to keep those receipts and entry forms safe!

Here are my eight essential items of comping kit…

1. Expanding file

An expanding file is the best way to keep track of competitions entered! Mark up twelve of the tabs with the months of the year – and when you enter a competition, staple the details to the receipt and/or packaging and pop into the month it closes. At the end of the year, clear out and recycle your Jan-June sections ready for the next year – then do the same at the end of June. Keep receipts for a full six months – sometimes promoters pick winners who can’t provide receipts, and it may take a while for them to contact replacement winners.


2. Plastic wallets

Plastic wallets are super handy. Use A5 wallets to keep entry forms, receipts and vouchers together. The A4 size are great for larger entry forms – or colouring sheets you don’t want to fold. I love the Scribblicious A4 folder with smaller pockets on the front for receipts and stamps!


3. Notebook

I tend to make notes and lists on my iPhone –  but I don’t dare to leave the house without a paper notebook too. After all, you never know when that dodgy iPhone battery will run out! A notebook with a rear pocket and elastic is perfect if you need to tuck a receipt or a few stamps inside. Use it for your prize wish list, to note down unique codes from packaging or to jot down prizewinning poetry!

4. Envelopes

Compers need envelopes to post off entry forms and receipts – although there aren’t as many forms around these days, you’ll still find them in kids comics, and local newspapers and magazines. It’s useful to have lots of white C6 envelopes handy, but I prefer brightly coloured A5 envelopes – and we use the free stickers from my son’s comics to decorate!


5. Permanent pens

Writing on a shiny postcard, envelope or entry form? Use a black biro or a colourful permanent marker. It’s awful to think how many winning entries have been thrown out because a winner’s address is just a big black smudge!


6. Colourful card

I’m a big advocate of making your own postcards and using coloured card is a great way to make your entry stand out. Cut it down to A6, A5 or any shape you like, then customise with stickers and drawings.



7. Postcards

You can get freebies in bars and cinemas but I still treat myself to a themed box of postcards once in a while (it’s also a great present for a comper!). New to postcard competitions? Read my post on how to send a postcard entry.


8. Stamps

I buy larger, picture stamps in sheets rather than the regular everyday blue and orange stamps – I bought hundreds of Star Wars first class stamps when they came out last year! It’s rare for Royal Mail to bring out nice designs on a sheet of second class stamps though, so snap them up when you see them! There are also lots of themed stamps in their online shop.


What’s your stationery essential? Let me know in the comments!

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386 Responses

  1. Maya says:

    Please remove this old comment. Thanks

  2. Catriona Hutchinson says:

    Stamps, stamps, stamps! We have an agreement that stamps can be part of our weekly shop.

    I also cut the fronts off birthday and Christmas cards for free postcards!

  3. Kate M Jones says:

    Ah that has to be trusty ‘Little Book of Wins’ 🙂 I write down every win big or small, i make notes in it for Slogans & catch phrases, it contains my wish list and lots of other comp related stuff when im out on the move or just at home! I browse through it whenever im having a dry spell and also to remind me of every win I’ve had and its a real morale booster 🙂 that and a pen of course!!

  4. Donna Tully says:

    OMG I am a stationary fanatic, my OH goes mad when I come home with a new notepad…….you can go wrong with a notepad, this has to be the essential item for me, I guess a pen would be handy too?!

  5. Daphne Ormerod says:

    I use a zip up folder to keep all my comping stuff to hand including pen, notebook, book of passwords & postcards etc.

  6. D Fairman says:

    My essential item is a black Sharpie. Great for writing clearly and can be used for addresses on parcels.

  7. helenyendall says:

    My essential stationery item is a notebook for taking to the shops with my qualifiers listed and for jotting down slogan ideas (for those few and far between slogan comps!)

  8. My pocket notebook with my shopping list of products for Purchase comps and the specific shops where I ned to buy them.

  9. Amanda Gibson says:

    My red pen

  10. Amy McLellan says:

    I love a good notebook to keep everything jotted down (as well as keep a wishlist in)! 🙂

  11. Lorraine Bryan says:

    I use Post It Notes daily to leave reminders of comps I want to enter at a later date just before it ends

  12. Natalie Crossan says:

    Gotta be my thumbs up post it notes!

  13. Galina V says:

    Good quality pens are my essential item

  14. Rachel Griffiths says:

    My essential stationery item is stamps. I enter a lot of postcard and envelope comps so I always have a large supply.

  15. Catherine Pawsey says:

    You can never have too many highlighter pens!

  16. Emily Tealady says:

    I love sharpies! I have loads of colours so it makes my entries stand out and great for use for props in creative comps

  17. Mateja says:

    Highlighter Pens

  18. Melanie Sarah Slater says:

    Stamps are my essential item, and a pen to fill in those uu expected comps you find locally

  19. Amy Davis says:

    I have a tin for all my purchase necessary comp receipts. So handy!

  20. Mairi Mackenzie says:

    I love post it notes use so many!

  21. Sian Jameson says:

    I love love love highlighters. I highlight everything important.

  22. kaydeed says:

    A decent pen that doesn’t clog

  23. Laura Pyper says:

    pen and diary to keep track of the comps I enter

  24. Lydia Frew says:

    A folder with plastic wallets for receipts.

  25. Maria Vezenkova says:

    Permanent pens

  26. Lance Bellers says:

    Life is meaningless without a highlighter pen

  27. anii y says:

    My pen…I go wild if I can’t find a pen that works!

  28. Denise Jones says:

    My Post it notes are everywhere… to ever run out, I do not dare!!

  29. debbie creasey says:

    Labels i use them for everything indoors!

  30. Dionne Froude says:

    Personally pens are my weakness.

  31. Kathy Waterson says:

    Post it notes, I would be lost without being able to stick them everywhere!

  32. Hayley Lynch says:

    I am a total label freak.. they tease me at work saying don’t stand there for long or Hayley will stick a label on you!

  33. Paula Gwynne says:

    My a5 writing pad as take minutes in meetings

  34. Francesca Jones says:

    My essential item is printed name and address labels – saves me writing it out a lot and ensures it is legible!

  35. Anna C says:

    A good notebook is my essential – I write everything in there so it is all in one place.

  36. Laura Birchnall says:

    Post it note to remind me of comps

  37. Lindsay Davies says:

    Note pad to write down various Instagram usernames as sometimes doesn’t come up when starting to type! It’s a job to remember their names..

  38. Sarah Hill says:

    Highlighter Pens!

  39. Evette Williams says:

    Definitely a notepad where I keep track of my wins

  40. Julie Brooks says:

    My must have item is tipex.

  41. Rachel Dann says:

    Notepads for all my reminders!

  42. judy2357 says:

    My black permanent marker, its so useful for labelling everything, files, photos, invoices even for marking items of food in the freezer.

  43. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    Post it notes to remind me

  44. NikolaNiki says:

    The Highlighter Pen 😉

  45. Christopher Read says:

    Uni ball black ink pens

  46. Adrian Bold says:

    The Yellow Highlighter Pen!

  47. Monika says:

    my post it notes

  48. Di Dilly says:

    Brightly coloured envelopes

  49. Jo Hutchinson says:

    coloured pens

  50. Janette Pryor says:

    A Magnifying sheet so I can read all the tiny small print

  51. Janet Rumley says:

    Post-it Notes are my essential item xxx

  52. Lynn Brown says:

    very useful prize thanks for the chance to win – I love all stationery especially a purple notebook

  53. weny62 says:

    postcards and coloured pens

  54. Jason Doherty says:

    A diary for me to stop duplicate entries

  55. Val Seal says:

    mine’s a magnifying glass!

  56. Caroline Blaza says:

    Bright coloured pens

  57. Siobhan Lucy says:


  58. Dawn Adams says:

    The Highlighter Pen

  59. Christine Nicholson says:

    A pen

  60. e4b4 says:

    Tipex roller

  61. Meena Hindmarch says:

    Definitely envelopes and stamps!

  62. Catherine White says:

    Felt tip pens

  63. Samantha R says:

    I love staplers and hole punches to stay organised!

  64. Heather Brannan says:

    Postcards, the wackier the better!

  65. Michelle Tearall Was Shepherd says:

    Highlighters are a must to highlight important dates!

  66. Aoao says:

    Notebook & diary…..old school but keeps me on track!!

  67. Anne Woodthorpe says:

    Envelopes for sure!

  68. janet haste says:

    It has to be postcards and pens as I still enter postcard competitions

  69. christineshelley says:

    Post it notes !

  70. Lisa Robinson says:

    A notebook and pens!

  71. Gaynorfay Spanswick says:

    A planner and pencil ,I’m lost without them .

  72. Michelle C says:

    My plastic folders to keep my receipts and comp packaging safe.

  73. Francesca Plowman says:

    My bando planner, it helps me organise my life and remind me of comps etc

  74. Sharon Arnott says:

    A decent black pen that doesn’t keep conking out on me when I’m in the middle of writing out a postcard

  75. Natalie Ellis says:

    My self-inking name and address stamper for entering postcard prize draws 🙂

  76. cara b81 says:

    Postit notes- my memory’s so rubbish I’d be lost without them!

  77. Justine Edwards says:

    My essential stationery item is a Berol,Papermate Italic Medium Nib Black Pen.

  78. Carolynn Woodland says:

    Postage stamps

  79. Kate Rushton says:

    My lipgloss pen

  80. israrbaig says:

    my Parker roll ball pen

  81. aaron says:

    Thanks Di

  82. Bex Allum says:

    I love brightly coloured Gel pens, ones which smell or are glittery are the best 🙂 @bexallum on twitter! x

  83. Audra Bland says:

    A a5 hard backed notebook with a quirky picture/saying on, to keep a track of my wins

  84. susiebaby1 says:

    My essential stationery item is nice postcards for entering postal comps

  85. haxell says:

    My essential stationery item is a ball pen which writes clearly and doesn’t smudge.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  86. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Fun postcards, it makes writing them more enjoyable!

  87. hannonle says:

    I like to use a coloured envelope or postcard. It probably makes no difference but it might help to stand out. It certainly makes me cheerful if nothing else!

  88. Georgia McAllister says:

    I hoard colourful postcards with eye-catching designs.

  89. Jane Sanderson says:

    The wallet I keep my receipts in

  90. lynn heath says:

    I have to have my notepad – it’s got my lists in that keep me o. Track!

  91. helena h says:

    I’m all about the quality black pen. Never blue…. that is unlucky for me.

  92. Lucy rigley says:

    A black biro – so useful and I’m not sure I’ve ever had one run out yet!

  93. Jane Irene Berrow says:

    I need lots of stamps

  94. Julie Lorraine thomas says:

    A good writing biro, one that doesn’t scratch or leave blobs of ink everywhere!

  95. Marsha Richardson says:

    Colourful, bright, vibrant postcards. Or if its a kids competition, homemade postcards with wacky drawings or stickers on!

  96. Victoria B says:

    Record cards – handy for notes or quickly putting in an envelope to enter a competition

  97. DeeEmBee says:

    Prrinted name and address labels. So handy for entering competitions at exhibitions and shops.

  98. Kirsty Hosty says:

    Post it notes I would be lost without them

  99. Helen jones says:

    Stamps always run out just when I need them

  100. Pat Stubbs says:

    Nice pens that write finely

  101. Tracey Woods says:

    I always seem to be hunting for the stapler so would have to be that.

  102. Marie says:

    My essential stationery item is most definitely a pen.

  103. Jessica Sawyer says:

    Pre printed address labels

  104. Jo McPherson says:

    A ‘thin’ pen for writing that’s easy to hold

  105. Cara says:

    A pen that feels ‘right’

  106. Christine Dodd says:

    My bullet journal – I couldn’t comp without it

  107. Kim Styles says:

    post it notes! they are everywhere

  108. Romana Richards says:

    I like pre printed name, address and telephone number labels.

  109. oh, note books, those tiny post it notes and pens!

  110. judyparslow says:

    sticky notes

  111. Tania Atfield says:

    Pens, so useful for every task

  112. Anthea Holloway says:

    Some lovely writing paper with matching envelopes.

  113. Lauren Porter says:

    has to be coloured pens!

  114. suzy156 says:

    Has to be a pen

  115. shirlz51 says:

    love decent notepaper and matching envelopes

  116. Nicole Farao says:

    Pens and a notepad.

  117. Kimberley Ryan says:

    postcards/coloured enveloped 🙂

  118. Lindsey Loughtman says:

    A good pen and post it notes

  119. Michelle Shelley Bruce says:

    My essential stationery item is a Sharpie ultra fine pen. I spend loads on buying them as I love the way they write and well, I guess they make me feel lucky.

  120. Joanne Welsh says:

    Pens, definitely

  121. Sara B says:

    stamps – always running out!

  122. Jess Maryy says:

    Pens and pencils – a MUST !

  123. Mary Chez says:

    I would be lost without my notebook.

  124. Clare Walmsley says:

    Postcards…love sending them whether for comps or little messages to friends.

  125. Beverley Cousins says:

    Loads of pens, they seem to run out to fast! plus a lot of jotting paper.

  126. Claire GriffithssoontobeAldrid says:

    pens and lots of them

  127. Jo Glasspool says:

    Pens! Of various colours, I like to colour code things!

  128. Robyn Clarke says:

    Post it notes, I like to make post it notes of creative comps and stick them where I’m sure to see them so I don’t miss the closing date.

  129. sharon mead says:

    note books! I feel lost without one 🙂

  130. Keri Jones says:

    A multi colour pen is my essential item. I have 3, well two- one is my son’s, lol x

  131. marie powell says:

    Has to be a smudge free pen, I’m a left handed, so ink pens tend to smudge as I write

  132. Emma Gardner says:


  133. Sarah Robinson says:

    stamps, postcards, compers news and highlighters.

  134. Maxine Feehely says:

    An expanding folder. I keep the receipts in a zipped area on the front, and my Compers news and any purchase labels I need to keep inside.

  135. LeeLee Newsome says:

    A notebook and tabs for pages

  136. Anna Lord says:

    second class stamps and postcards are my essentials. I have embraced using internet, etc for comps but I won’t give up on entering by post.

  137. Emma Robinson says:

    I am a newbie to comping so this would be awesome as my first win!

  138. CAROL PATRICK says:

    My Sellotape Dispenser, otherwise I can never find the end of the tape! Essential for envelopes – mine never seem to stick well & I don’t want any precious crossword coupon entries falling out. I also use it for securing labels & mending the hastily removed label with an on pack comp code on the reverse

  139. carole n says:

    a notebook to keep track of everything

  140. Ryan Carter says:

    Expanding File is a great idea! Separating them into months is a handy tip for someone who loses his receipts all the time!

  141. Maria Molly Taylor says:

    I love a good notebook for keeping a list of prizes won each month and I tick them off when I receive the prize, good for chasing up prizes not received

  142. Ron Goodwin says:

    Brightly coloured envelopes for me 🙂

  143. Amy warwick says:

    Defo my notepad/diary as I’m useless at remembering things! I really like the idea of the folder for competition recipts 🙂

  144. Daniel Harrison says:

    Sticky Notes OR A Folder! Great Blog/YT Channel BTW

  145. Sali Gray says:

    My essential stationery item is a set of highlighting pens! I colour code everything! And then put a ‘key’ to my codes at the bottom, to remember what they mean! This is particularly helpful for my spreadsheets, when I analyse the amount I have raised through fundraising. I think, in all honesty, it’s just because I like looking at bright, colourful things all day!

  146. Char Burford says:

    Post it Notes!

  147. says:


  148. Emma says:

    Nice paper

  149. maria blythin says:

    definetly a good pen x

  150. Sophie Ade says:

    Mine would have to be an A5 notebook

  151. Cara Reay says:

    Has to be a decent pen!

  152. mark bradbury says:

    A good pen

  153. Lorraine Polley says:

    mine would be pens, can never find one when i need one!!

  154. Ali Johnson says:

    A notebook & a lucky pen!

  155. Alica says:

    A good pen! I like a nice writing pen 🙂

  156. charlotte says:

    i love a notepad as i make so many notes and reminders for myself!

  157. Christina Turner says:

    Post it pads- great for reminders,shopping lists etc

  158. Debby Brown says:

    Mine would have to be my notepads – I write everything down as I have a terrible memory, and it’s the best way for me to keep track of comps I’ve entered and, rarely, prizes won. A few different colour pens and highlighters, plus a pencil and ruler, all kept in an organiser box. Fingers crossed as this would be a lovely prize to top up my dwindling supplies and give me the opportunity to enter more postal comps.

  159. toadfinder says:

    notepad for scribbling down ideas, closing dates, purchases necessary etc

  160. Hazydayz72 says:

    Home made postcards are my must have comping stationery. Here they are showing my home grown cornflower. Hopefully they are eye catching

  161. pippasmum says:

    A hole punch is an essential part of my filing system. Once punched, into my folders go Congratulation letters and comping articles for me to refer back to.

  162. Dane Howard says:

    I would be nowhere without my sticky notes! I do love a bit of stationery though.

  163. Sammy says:

    I do have a thing for stationary, but I do love a black sharpie!!

  164. Audrey Spratt says:

    Definitely black pens- I carry them everywhere as you never know when there’s going to be an instore entry comp 🙂

  165. Becci Lewis says:

    Pick up a load of cinema postcards, loads of pound shop stickers and a big box to keep everything tidy

  166. EMMA FURNISS says:

    My diary 🙂

  167. Colin Bancroft says:

    A notebook and pen

  168. My planner! I’d be lost without it. No matter how many apps I have to organise my life, I find paper to be the best ^_^

  169. Lynda North says:

    For years I used an A5 diary to fill in what comps I had done listed by closing date so I didn’t duplicate entries! Now I don’t do very many each month and tend to use an A5 notebook to list Comps to look out for or jot down ideas for a tie-breaker (not many of those these days!) and other useful related info.

  170. juliebooth says:

    I have an A5 notebook that I find really useful for trying out tiebreaker ideas or noting multiple IG hashtags!

  171. Gaynorfay Spanswick says:

    Love stationary,can never have enough ,and all this will come in very handle ,thank you.

  172. Margaret Riordan says:

    A notepad and pen because The strongest memory is weaker than the palest ink.

  173. Jayne Debra says:

    Wow great prize… happy comping!! 🙂

  174. Kylie Kylie says:

    Postcards. I love postal comps!

  175. Sarah Burton says:

    My notebook, I use it to jot down comps I might see on TV and slogans I make up

  176. Beky Austerberry says:

    Pen and notepad – making notes is essential

  177. Thomas D says:

    I want to win these

  178. Nicola Dow says:

    Postcards are mine 🙂 always carry them in my bag just incase I come across a postal comp

  179. champaklal lad says:


  180. Angela Kelly says:

    I love cute kawaii pens

  181. Marianne Daniels says:

    gel pens and stickers for marking

  182. Margaret Gallagher says:

    A good pen for perfect writing

  183. Ray Dodds says:

    Paper clips to fiddle with instead of doodling

  184. Leila Benhamida says:

    My notebook has I keep track of everything I do during the day or ideas which just pop out

  185. Mary says:

    I love stationary. A notebook to keep track of dates and to write down any inspiration when it pops into my head. I’m also a sucker for bright coloured pens. Sometimes I have to remind myself I’m 35, not 5.

  186. Megan Kinsey says:

    Mine are post it notes! I love bright pink ones and stick them everywhere! If I have an effort competition I’m really keen on entering but don’t have time right then to enter, I write the closing date and a reminder of what it is on a post it note, and stick it on the side of my laptop screen. I also write the closing date of competitions that needs receipts to claim prizes on post it notes and stick the notes on the receipts.

  187. Bernie Pilling says:

    Diary, to log competition end dates. I’m new to comping, so would love a vlog from you Di, of any top tips of how you organise yourself.

  188. Kaye Willan says:

    Post it Notes – Bright Pink and Lime Green. Love to stick them everywhere to remind me about creative competitions and taking funny photos!

  189. It has to be a notebook, to keep track of everything going on.

  190. Linda Watson says:

    A note book with my Comping shopping list. It has a wee elastic bit to attach my pen…

  191. Caroline Louise Wood says:

    A notebook

  192. denjay says:

    Pritt stick

  193. Alix Smith says:

    Brightly coloured postcards & one of those pens with different colours!

  194. Ruth Harwood says:

    A nice a5 notepad 🙂

  195. Anila hussain says:

    Sticky note pads and a good quality pen are my essentials

  196. Warren Jacobs says:

    A Notebook and pen are my essentials – I’m a wannaba writer and i’m foverever making notes / journaling.

  197. Patrycja Omanska says:

    Colourful permanent markers, sometimes I use my drawings as my competition entries 🙂

  198. CrazyJoggingGymLady says:

    I have coloured biros for writing down my entries and for writing my wishlist and list of prizes I have won x

  199. Llinos Bowen says:

    My lucky pen, for filling in those forms, writing ideas and a comping shopping list.

  200. Tee simpson says:

    A rubber. I always right in pencil so always handy to rub mistakes out

  201. Tracey Ryder says:


  202. Kay Rogan says:

    It’s my receipt file – I’d be lost without it!

  203. Adele J Knight says:

    Highlighter pens

  204. Claire Mse Fawkner says:

    A note pad and my highlighters

  205. sugajade says:

    I usually take a report’s notepad with me everywhere. I always find myself wanting to make notes.

  206. Paula Lamb says:

    I really love and need my pen and notebook or any paper available.

  207. Natasha says:

    Highlighter pens & post-it notes I use them for everything.

  208. Helen Hodgson says:

    I love my note book – I keep a record of all the postcard competitios that I enter . Thanks x

  209. anthony harrington says:

    post it notes, my Wife has always had a colour code with them, since I have been comping I use them all the time.

  210. winnie says:

    i love paper clips

  211. A, Edin says:

    I love folders! I’d really struggle without them, and the more the better, really. But I love stationery in general.

  212. Sarah Taylor-Fergusson says:

    Although I love the really extravagant things, my staple items are two: black and yellow Staedtler Noris school pencils, in HB, bought on offer at the supermarket when a promotion is on, and my hardback black Moleskine notebook. As a copyeditor and a poet, I use the pencils for work mark-ups and the Moleskine for my own writing.

  213. Lindsey Faulkner says:

    Marker Pens!

  214. Patricia Whittaker says:

    Mine is labels. I type pages of commonly used addresses. It saves me so much time when entering postcard competitions.

  215. Michelle O'neill says:


  216. Laura Pritchard says:

    Highlighter pens – I use them for everything!

  217. chunter1 says:

    A decent pen that doesn’t go blobby!

  218. chris2468 says:

    What’s your essential stationery item? . . . .stamps, l use so many of them

  219. lynn savage says:

    My essential is post-it notes, so useful for all sorts of things

  220. Jean Cass says:

    I just love stationery and my fav item is my highlighters/ just love making my mark !

  221. Christine Caple says:

    Notebooks, I keep one by my computer for jotting things down, and one in my handbag for when I’m out and about

  222. Cat Whittall says:

    My Filofax, I’d be lost without that

  223. Tamsin Jane Dean says:

    a note book /dairy so forgetful otherwise

  224. Katie Simmonds says:

    Blank postcards and black pens for me

  225. Lisa Parker says:

    For me it is a small pocket notebook and pen that go everywhere with me. I use it to make notes, ideas and note down phrases that I have heard on my travels..

  226. tracy newton says:

    Blue bid pens. I love the way they write

  227. MunchKim says:

    Mine is sticky notes. I used to have a plain white wall next to my desk at home, now it’s covered with sticky notes reminding me to check on websites on certain days, to purchase certain things when I do my shopping lists or places we need to go to pick up things or take photographs just in case they come in handy one day 😉

  228. Fiona Rennie says:

    I love brightly coloured postcards and envelopes 🙂

  229. Pauline Dring says:

    My essential stationery item is my pink sparkly pen which my lovely daughter gave to me. I think of it as my lucky pen.

  230. Emily Knight says:

    Postcards for me – the brighter and bolder the better to make entries stand out!

  231. Annette Slater says:

    I love this comp as I try and find as many postcard comps as I can, and love making them stand out 🙂

  232. Laura Anne Farnworth says:

    I get through a lot of poly pockets as I put competitions in them for my comping friends. I also have one of those padded pin board with elastic stretched over – i use this for receipts, empty packets with codes on, and pretty postcards. I aslo have a really fiunky pen pot on my desk where I stash any pens I find round the house so I ve always got one to hand.

  233. Anna says:

    I love colourful gel pens for writing my competition entries!

  234. Cathy Thorp says:

    I find a decent pen that does not blob or smudge absolutely invaluable

  235. Dawn Facey says:

    I’m new to comping and I’ve found it very ueseful having brightly coloured
    envelopes and bright postcards for postcard entry comps. Ive been quite lucky so far and I’m up to 9 wins now in 6 weeks. So my essentials are envelopes and postcards.

  236. Faridah Brooker says:

    I love a selection of coloured biros – Zebra ones are the best as they are really smooth.

  237. Simon 101 says:

    Most important thing for me is a clicky pencil. Everonye else might like a pen, but us lefties have a habit of smudging so a pencil is better. Plus you can correct your mistakes. Of course I use a pen if I need to, but for making notes, a decent pencil is way more practical.

  238. Angela Treadway says:

    A decent pen! X

  239. Karen Watt says:

    a great writing pen

  240. My essential stationery item is a really good pen, I always invest in pens that write smoothly and don’t smudge.

  241. Nikki Hayes says:

    Notebooks – the small ones with the spiral wire binders. I go through several a year as its what I use to jot down notes whilst I’m on my PC. I also love chunky pens – need to buy some more soon as I’m on my last one :o)

  242. Martina Pichova says:

    A good pen – they always go missing in our house.

  243. Susiegee says:

    Most vital is pens most useful expanding folders as I have to carry a lot of paperwork

  244. Christine Smith says:

    I love stationery but most vital item has to be pens

  245. I love those pens, they’re great! We used the exact ones for our Disney autograph book. I think my must have item is a notepad though! Always in need of those.

  246. h_igoe says:

    I use post it notes a lot to scribble info on and you can stick them to the wall and move them about. Great for remembering quick hashtags or visually reminding you about something!

  247. Joanne Casey says:

    It’s got to be notebook and pens, I’ve tried jotting things into the notes section of my phone but you can’t beat good old fashioned pen & paper!

  248. Paula Readings says:

    Felt tip pens.

  249. Patricia Avery says:

    Pens. I just can’t have too many. As a teacher I was always losing them and pupils often bought me them as presents. However my most precious and used pen is a small Parker fountain pen I was bought for passing the 11+ nearly 60 years ago. Parents wouldn’t buy me a bike which was the usual reward as I was still growing !!!!!

  250. Sue Pigg says:

    Definately my brightly coloured envelopes and picture postcards

  251. Janet Humphrey says:

    free postcards from local cinema’s they are bright and very distinctive

  252. Tracy G says:

    As a 6th form teacher, my essential stationery items are a red pen (boo!) and post it notes!

  253. Deborah Mackenzie says:

    I have to have a decent black ballpoint pen and small note book with me as I can guarantee that I will find a comp I want to copy to enter, or other important info on my travels.

  254. Lynn Evans says:

    Notebooks and pens! I never go out without them in my bag and even have them in my bedside drawer!! Great for noting comps found, ideas for effort comps or adding to that wish list.

  255. Hazel Newlands says:

    I have my notepad for recording my wins, my folder for recording what I entered, polypockets for storing receipts and wrappers, my bag full of postcards, envelopes, stamps and pens, but the most important item are address labels to save me getting bored writing my address again and again on postcards – as long as Royal Mail don’t send them back to me x

  256. rosierowe says:

    I always have a Sharpie handy – blue or black for writing and red for stand=-out notes to self (and the calendar appointments/pay days!). They’re so reliable and you can write on any surface too!

  257. volcanopete says:

    There’s a lot less postcard comps these days but stamps are still an essential part of the repertoire.

  258. Linda says:

    Post it pads for reminders of competitions that can not do on ipad on ones that I need to remember to come back to

  259. Judith Mitchell says:

    A good stock of pens – the darn things not only do they have a habit of ‘relocating’ themselves in my house (so I can never find one!) but they can run out mid-way when completing an entry form…

  260. Tony Metcalf says:

    For me it’s a notebook, essential for keeping a record of any wins, so that I can make sure it’s actually received. Found one last year that also includes a pen attached to the spine of the notebook, very useful.

  261. Sarah Cooper says:

    Definitely a good notebook to stay organised!

  262. Jinger Kat says:

    Colourful notebooks A5 or smaller to fit in my handbag and Ppns with green ink and fine nibs/points.

  263. Victoria Prince says:

    A nice black pen that’s comfortable to hold 🙂

  264. Ann Goody says:

    My essential is a notepad, followed by postcards and stamps. I do 3 postcards a week approx. I love comping!

  265. Damien Broom says:

    Pens are always good

  266. maci234 says:


  267. Carol Burgess says:

    I love bright coloured envelopes xx

  268. Sarah prescott says:

    A notebook is essential for me. I jot down competitions that I want to enter with the closing date then enter when I have time to spend on them.

  269. mary heald says:

    Postcards which my husband picks up from libraries as he travels round!

  270. Ali Thorpe says:

    My essential item is an A4 hardback notebook, where I keep a note of my wins (what, where from, whether it’s arrived). I used to do this on the laptop but I find it easier to have a physical notebook.

  271. Natalie Harrison says:

    It has to be a paper diary! I love my phone but there is nothing better than getting things in order with a paper diary.

  272. Angela Walton says:

    Pens, I have a large variety of pens in a homemade holder I made using a shoebox and cardboard rolls. I still buy more pens even when I don’t need them or if Bic are running another competition haha

  273. sallycollingwood says:

    I have a certain pen that I always use, I can’t use another one!

  274. Claire Woods says:

    I love pens.

  275. chrisbishop55 says:

    My postcards – love entering comps with them and putting a little note on one and sending to my daughter now and then

  276. Louise Crocker says:

    I love a file to keep my receipts in order

  277. Ailsa Sheldon says:

    sellotape dispenser! akways missing from my desk

  278. jennhaden3 says:

    Postcards, as they are so handy for comps and also just sending to friends 🙂

  279. Tracy K Nixon says:

    My notebook

  280. Cath Lord says:

    Multi coloured envelopes for storing receipts

  281. Christine Lockley says:

    my diary so I can write down the comps I’ve entered and their closing date

  282. laura banks says:

    my notebook

  283. Adeline M says:

    I love my diary because I write everything down in there!

  284. claire croft says:

    Love postcards – i can’t be without them. I have also brought themed postcards and made my own with the help from the children (4 years and 18 months)

    Fingers crossed for this fab prize

  285. Elizabeth Gurney says:

    For me it’s having lots of pretty postcards ready, I try and match up the pictures with the prize e.g. if it’s to win a Caribbean holiday, I’ll use a beach picture postcard. I sometimes pin them up on my noticeboard too to remind me and for inspiration!

  286. Kelly Cleeton says:

    Love all your tips! I go out of my way to buy picture stamps. I would add a notebook for scribbling down things you see and want to go back to or for making lists of purchases you need! I also love highlighter pens for marking items on receipts and marking the comps in coppers news I have entered!

  287. Ashleigh says:

    My diary! I write everything down in there from uni deadlines to meals out and of course, big comp closing dates!

  288. Alison Crabb says:

    My essential is sticky labels with my address, email and phone number on. Saves a lot of aches and pains handwriting it all every time. I only use them when a comp asks for all details though. If they just ask name and phone number I write the details.

  289. Derek Wilson says:

    Another thumbs-up for postcards – absolutely vital for comping. Much cheaper to send than doing the phone entries which usually cost around £1.50. I buy packs of picture postcards from Amazon as they’re inexpensive. I also use them to keep in touch with friends and family in other parts of the country 🙂 Good luck everyone.

  290. Jojo says:

    Bright colourful postcards

  291. Sophie Roberts says:

    Definitely a folder to help me stay organised!

  292. A diary to keep track of fb comp closing dates so I remember to check if I’ve won

  293. Hellie's Corner says:

    A note book…. I’m forever writing little notes!!

  294. Michelle Stokes says:

    My diary, I use it for jotting all sorts down and keeping a track of important dates.

  295. Lindsay Robson says:

    A nice writing pen that makes it a pleasure to write all those postcards

  296. Denielle Nicol says:

    A nice note book and pen for notes etc

  297. Michaela Smith says:

    A note book and post it notes so I can keep track of my competitions 🙂

  298. Vicky Turbin says:

    My essential item is a highlighter pen so that I can mark comps to enter or highlight ones near to closing! like a colour coded flag up system. Thanks for the comp!

  299. Jennifer Bruce says:

    My comping diary, which is a notebook divided into sections. Each month has a list of what I’ve won. I have my wish list page, my a-z of prizes (I try to win something beginning with each letter, love a challenge!) And a page with all my favourite sites (just incase the laptop gives up the ghost!)

  300. Stevie says:

    I can’t do without my mechanical pencils. I use them all the time.

  301. Anne Johnston says:

    I can’t get by without highlighters. I have a colour coded system that I use to note all the different kinds of comps I want to enter in Compers News as soon as it comes through the letterbox!

  302. Christine Constable says:

    My essential stationery item is my large desk diary where I can note down comps to enter, websites, items to purchase etc. I wouldn’t be without it.

  303. Jillian Cameron says:

    MIne would need to be my trusty notebook

  304. Jenna Kate Parrington says:

    A really good pen!

  305. Aaron Broad says:

    Permanent markers

  306. Kim holgate says:

    Diary to jot down opening comps, closing comps and shopping list for comps 🙂

  307. Amy Withnall says:

    It has to be a notebook and pen 🙂

  308. yvonnewilk says:

    I am obsessed with stationery but my absolute essential piece if comping stationery is my notebook. Instrad of ruled lines it has squares so is ideal for using to tick things off as they get completed (who doesn’t love a list!). It is ideal for keeping track of daily entries.

  309. Kim Dillon says:

    A nice pen – encourages me to write tidily on my postcard entries. My writing is awful!

  310. Sandra Clarke says:

    Post-it notes for me, otherwise I forget things. I stick them by my shopping list, on packs to remind me to save the wrappers, use them as book marks and my my computer screen.

  311. Chris says:

    I cannot live without Post It notes. I use them to mark pages and as reminders for just about everything. I also love washi tape which I use to decorate my stationery. I also use it to make my own markers.

  312. Lauren Mapp says:

    My essential item has to be notebooks! I have loads of them, I have everything from housework schedule to comping all organised perfectly in my notebooks. – It’s a slight obsession I have!

  313. louise clarke says:

    My essential is a graph style note book that i list my wins in. I find it easier to keep my categories in rows and my prize values so they are easier to tally up at the end of the month.

  314. Alison Roome says:

    It has to be my 6 different colour ink pen!!! I’m obsessed. But then I love stationery so thank you for giving me more excuses (ha) to buy some. Now off to do a Miss Marple and work out where you got those Agatha Christie stamps. My fav author, hoping it wasn’t a prize you won.

  315. Monica Gilbert says:

    A notebook and nice pen. Great to jot down notes and ideas for comps, and just nice to have around in general.

  316. JaynesDen says:

    A couple of plastic wallets from Poundland which I use to store my receipts and packaging.

  317. Vanessa F says:

    My essential item is an A5 notebook (which actually was a comp prize!) as it doubles as my comping notebook and a mouse mate for my dodgy laptop mouse.

  318. Post-it notes! I use them to mark pages with a competition on in a newspaper or magazine (the family don’t like me cutting up papers and mags before they have read them, for some reason?!

  319. Vicky R says:

    Lots of pens (make sure there’s plenty in every room) and a handy notebook. I like to scribble down reminders of comps I need to enter and ideas of places to look or key words.

  320. jo yule says:

    My essential item is my a5 pocket for my bag that I keep a couple of stamps in , postcards and any receipts or leaflets I see out and about safe in my bag ! It’s great when at work and see a quick Comp

  321. Janice Mackin says:

    A notebook to keep track of the competitions I have won.

  322. Jenny Klin says:

    Sharpies which are great for making posters for comps!

  323. Sirley Young says:

    I keep my comping wishlist and notes in my bullet journal. I use a dotted Leuchtturm and I love it 😀

    I recommend bullet journaling to anyone, comper or non comper 🙂

  324. emma walters says:

    a diary to keep track of any wins 🙂

  325. Emily Clark says:

    I have a folder from Paperchase with clear pockets inside. I keep my receipts in there!

  326. kim neville says:

    Black biro, notebook and scraps of paper

  327. zina tye says:

    I only have a notebook and pen, although its a very cool notebook with a cute kitty on it. i will definitely be investing in the folder with 12 months!

  328. Linda King says:

    Notebook, sharpened pencils, pens and a calendar to note down memorable events during the year.

  329. Jamie Edwards says:

    Sharpies! I love them! Brightly coloured and they go on everything 🙂

  330. Debbie Burfoot says:

    Postcards …brightly coloured and unusu

  331. Liz Marshall says:

    I find a decent ring bound notebook is a must for me, small enough to put in my handbag for on the go comping notes.

  332. Naomi says:

    Postcards! I love them! I use them for comping an to send to family

  333. cara b81 says:

    I have a ziplock bag in my bathroom for packaging with codes that need to be entered in the early hours for winning moments, so when I get up in the night I can do a quick entry!

  334. Sheila Reeves says:

    a decent ball point pen, not an expemsive one, just pne that writes smoothly and is comfprtable to hold

  335. Heather Haigh says:

    Post-its – for reminders re effort comps and on-going comps, for sticking on the corner of my pc screen to remind me of things I need to do at a specific time such as times hourly comps or twitter parties, and for labelling in photos. Plus a notebook and pens – useful for so many things. Art supplies for creative comps. Ok, I’ll stop there – but ALL my stationery is essential!

  336. sharon martin says:

    i think it would have to be notebooks, i’ve a terrible memory so use them alot to jot stuff down

  337. Tess Max-Dav says:

    My essential stationery item has to be postcards – always got a few handy

  338. Clare Hubbard says:

    A pen, for scribbling down comps to go back to and creative ideas

  339. Laura Harrison says:

    Definitely my note book. Thank you for the chance xxx

  340. emma j lowe says:

    a nice pen which will let me write nicely and without the need to hold it too tightly, used to like gel pens.

  341. Jim Radford says:

    I keep scrap paper and a pencil on me all the time-you never know when inspiration is going to strike!

  342. Karen Scammell says:

    My page marker sticky tabs

  343. Naina Clayton says:

    notebooks and plenty of them! I really like my moleskin ones.

  344. Christina Faerber says:

    I love my Sharpies. Quite expensive but beautiful colours

  345. Julie Davies says:

    I can’t live without my dinky little clip attacher which I had never heard of until I worked in a solicitors office – much better than paperclips because they don’t get tangled. If you don’t know what one is they are here

  346. Lorna Beattie says:

    Colourful pens – great for organising, ticking off and writing lists and motivational posters!

  347. Natasha Mairs says:

    I can’t live without my notebook! but I also love my sticky notes too

  348. Gill Barwood says:

    A notebook similar to the one you describe, with ruled pages and a pocket at the back and even an elastic loop for a pen. So useful for recording notes in, and I keep a few postcards and stamps in the back pocket

  349. Hanna Marshall says:

    A pencil and a GOOD eraser. Nothing worse than old pencil marks still being on the paper

  350. Melissa Lee says:

    A plastic wallet to keep my notes in, ideas for entries and my postcards

  351. Lynn Hughes says:

    Coloured card and a pen.

  352. Jane H Shaw says:

    My note pad is my best friend everything goes into it. I’m also a fan of good quality colourful envelopes.

  353. leeanne says:

    A nice pen and a pretty pad. I use mine as a wish book and to record winnings

  354. Charlie Brunton says:

    I love a good fountain pen! They’re so smooth to write with and I find myself taking the time to be neat when writing with one! 🙂

  355. Laura Todd says:

    A notepad & pen is a must when out & about 🙂

  356. Katrina Adams says:

    I actually had a conversation at work the other day about this. You cannot beat a lovely writing pen. I love flowing ink that dries quick and in fact I just bought a selection of coloured fine tip scribbilicious pens from The Works so I can decorate my bullet journal which contains my comping wish list!

  357. suzy156 says:

    I always buy a small note book to record my wins

  358. Gill Hyatt says:

    My lucky pen 🙂

  359. Alison Walker-Hyde says:

    I always buy stashes of brightly-coloured envelopes. I use the lighter pinks, yellows and blues for comping so that the addresses can be read easily, and the darker reds, blues and greens for my comping shopping lists!

  360. Michelle Hollingsbee says:

    Notebooks are my must, I can’t resist a new notebook for lists and making notes! Also a nice fine line pen for filling in forms and postcards neatly.

  361. Lisa Pope says:

    A decent pen, I cannot stand smudgy pens.

  362. Sue Ocock says:

    Fine tip pen for filling out small entry forms

  363. Catherine McAlinden says:

    A nice pen for writing postcards (that my children don’t pinch)

  364. jade rice says:

    notepads love jotting tbings down helps me not forget everything i have a goldfish brain hehe x

  365. Beth Jackson-D'zacchaeus says:

    Tippex, being dyslexic means I make mistakes all the time, so I have a big supply of tippex pens/mice etc.

  366. Rebecca Pawsey says:

    Postcards as used to collect them when young and good for comps.

  367. Kate says:

    An organiser, so I can keep track of my competitions, hubbys shifts and little legs after school clubs all in one go.

  368. Val Pownall says:

    A nice big pot of various colours of pens, markers and pencils. And notesbooks of course … and post-it notes. I had a really lovely ruler too (I like to underline my list headings) until recently, but it fell down the back of my cooker on Friday – never to be seen again. Hubby said he’ll get it out …. so it’ll never be seen again! 😀

  369. Georgina Jacobs says:

    Notebook definitely for making notes/ideas and for some strange reason envelopes – I’m always loosing them! thanks

  370. ⭐️Jess⭐️ says:

    Postcards, I absolutely love post cards!

  371. Kelly Webb says:

    Notebooks…I have a notebook obsession! 🙂

  372. Rachel Bustin says:

    I have to have my pencils and note book

  373. Linda Ford says:

    A notebook and pen, there is one in my bag and lots dotted around the house!

  374. Jen Stevenson says:

    expanding folders are fantastic. thats a great tip for the months.

  375. Lynn Brown says:

    A nice notebook and if it has some project markers so much the better.

  376. Giuliana Britti says:

    I absolutely adore a good pen and my trusty moleskin for my never ending lists of things to do and things to pack 🙂

  377. Ruth Pickford says:

    It has to be notebook and pen….keeps me organised and on track….I always jot down tips I pick up and prizes won too

  378. priscillastubbs says:

    I love stationery in general but I do have a bit of a thing for pens, the more the merrier. In fact I think I am a squirrel for pens. I always have several in my bag and they are all over the house. There isn’t a room without a pen in it. The basic Bic black biro is probably my favourite but I do like the ones you get in hotels etc.

  379. Lisa Cotton says:

    A notebook and pen. I have a set that live in my handbag and goes everywhere with me.

  380. Laura Nice says:

    Note books and post it notes! I am a list person! 🙂

  381. Martan says:

    I love black permanent marker and post it notes. I use it as a quick reminder on the spot. 🙂

  382. Donna Niman says:

    I go through tonnes of paper clips! I clip receipts together, magazine comp forms , anything comp related!

  383. Louise Asekokhai says:

    I have comped for years and don’t have any of this! I am always looking for receipts and packets so this would all be fantastic, I need to get more organised.

  384. Karen Weedon says:

    I love all stationery but especially notebooks! – I always have one with me, just ‘in case’ .

  385. Julie Cook says:

    a notebook, i like to make a note of what i have entered each day x

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