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Love food? Well you’ll love the latest set of winners stories! From catered BBQs to lunch at the Ivy, read more about the sweet taste of success…

Claire won a money-can’t-buy experience with Davina McCall!

“My best win of last year was with Lakeland on Facebook, promoting the new range of products by Davina McCall, I think it was a New Years Resolution competition about getting healthy. I spent 24 hours in London with my best friend Jill who’s 3 years over breast cancer, and we had a wonderful time together. Train tickets, private car pick up, Strand Palace hotel with breakfast, private car to The Ivy, meet Davina McCall, publicity photos, book signing then the full works for lunch at The Ivy, several gins and two bottles of wine. We absolutely loved it! We are both massive foodies so to eat at the Ivy was lovely and Davina was a genuinely lovely person. I love winning an experience you can’t buy!”

Anne was quick-thinking to win a Twitter comp…

“My favourite win of last year wasn’t my biggest but it was deifnitely fun and kickstarted my creative flow on Twitter and more! In February I won a £10 Pret voucher from @FABflour #ToastBoast with this picture of my favourite morning toast snack! It was the first time I thought about entering a food quick entry competition using items from my kitchen & thinking fast on my feet! Later in the year I won with more pictures and even a video entry (Chicago Town Pizza #FreezeAMove) all inspired by my new found confidence with this initial win! Who knew comping could be fun, creative & delicious as well…”

Rebecca created a rainbow feast for the kids…

“The first win of last year was a Clover recipe video where I won a £500 shopping voucher with Tots100. I love that me and my husband work as a team when it comes to comps as he has the video skills and I come up with the ideas!” – see Rebecca’s entry on her blog.

While Lisette was busy stuffing peppers…

“My fave win for last year was quite small but a first for me! I won my first ever recipe comp with a gluten free recipe on Twitter – stuffed peppers on a bed of kashmiri rice. This was from a relatively new company called Ilumi World who specialise in gluten free food. I won a lovely little collection of their foods, so it enabled me to try out some things I might not have otherwise had the chance to try… I have been gluten free for just over a year now, and it’s expensive! I was particularly pleased with this win as it was a creative comp and they said they would like to feature my recipe on their blog to encourage others, too!”

Claire won a bloggers chutney competition…

“Foodies100 challenged bloggers to come up with a recipe using up abandoned jars of pickle or chutney. I won £100 of Waitrose vouchers for my beef curry incorporating plum chutney” – see the recipe on Claire’s blog. 

Cara‘s getting her 5-a-day…

“My favourite win of last year has to be the year’s supply of Abel & Cole fruit & veg boxes. A scrumptious box of surprises arrives every fortnight so it really is the prize that keeps on giving! I won it on Instagram with Blue Diamond Almonds, where you had to make a smoothie using their Almond milk. A lot of the entries had the packaging in them so I thought they’d pick one of those but my cheeky cocktail umbrella seemed to catch their eye. The prize was worth £370 and we have really enjoyed trying lots of unusual fruit & veg varieties. Nice to get such a healthy prize as well! To top it all we received 4 boxes this week by mistake due to computer glitch but when I phoned them they said we could keep them so we were able to give some to our friends”

Emma did a classic last-minute rush to get her entry in – but was it edible?

“I think my best creative win was with Weber where you had to submit a barbecue recipe to win a £1600 barbecue – I was successful in the South West and was absolutely made up to win this. We had a fantastic barbecue party to celebrate with friends and family and have since taken to cooking outside whatever the weather – I can even do chilli/meatballs/bread/pizza – you name it – on this wonderful piece of kit!

I do have a confession though… I had been very organised and bought all I needed for my recipe but then completely forgot about the competition until I saw it on one of my bookmarks and the closing date was the following day – eeek!!! I wasn’t worried about the actual recipe but the salmon was three days out of date and the feta cheese didn’t look very appetising nor did the peppers, which were bordering on furry. Anyway, it was a photo competition so I figured I could make it, photograph it and bin it….. It did look lovely and it was a tried and tested recipe I made up myself so I submitted my entry and then popped to see my mum and dad for a cuppa. I took a phone call from my other half whilst there saying ‘Is that salmon for me?” I’ll leave you to decide my reply!

When I took the call that I had won I was chuffed to bits but also had to contain my giggles. We went to have some publicity photos which was great fun and the people were lovely – I absolutely love this barbecue!

And finally, Vicky won a nice prize from the Telegraph…

“I won a bottle of Glayva Liqueur and £150 of dining vouchers for The Kitchin, which is owned by celebrity and Michelin star chef Tom Kitchin. We had the 3 course à La Carte menu and really enjoyed the dining experience and presentation of the food – I also enjoyed the Glava Liqueur that was sent to me by post.”

That’s made me feel hungry! Have you ever won a prize to dine at a top restaurant? I was once lucky enough to win dinner at Noma (the world’s best restaurant at the time), which was amazing! 

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  1. rebecca beesley says:

    What great prizes and fab entries – love the years supply of abel and cole!!! And the davina one – amazing!!! x

  2. Thanks for including me in your round-up. Nice to see Rebecca here too, as I always love her recipe posts

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