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  1. Cally Martin says:

    Hi there, so I recently set up a competition group and wondered how I can get the traffic through without using my friends list as most don’t like comping. I’ve tried to share the link but it gets taken down every time, is there a way to promote myself ?

  2. Alice Gilkes says:

    Hello Di.
    First of all, let me just say that I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog posts as they have helped me in my journey on becoming a somewhat successful comper. I have found that I seem to have the most luck at winning Gleam and Rafflecopter comps.

    However, there are particular types of competitions I have struggle at winning though, and those are Facebook competitions. I avoid the ones which ask me to share as this is going against Facebook rules and I also go for reasonably low entry ones, but despite doing this and the fact I have been entering many Facebook comps for a couple of years, I have not won a thing off Facebook. So I was just wondering as to whether or not there could be something wrong with my Facebook profile? Seeing as you are an experienced comper, could you please check my profile to see if there is anything holding me back from winning? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

    • Di says:

      Your profile looks fine to me Alice – although I might share a non-competition post on your profile at the end of your comping session, as your profile does seem to only be comps. You might also want to try using a photo for your profile photo rather than a cartoon, some people think that makes a difference as you look human!! Do you manage to find many local, low entry comps on Facebook?

  3. mel says:

    Hi can you add my group please for Yorkshire compers https://www.facebook.com/groups/356017274996433/

  4. Laura says:

    Good Morning!

    Unsure if this is ok to be shared here, so apologies if not. Just wanted to invite locals to my group for Nottingham Competitions where you can share and enter local comps. Hope to meet some more comping locals soon!


  5. I’ve set up a group for those of us living in the New Forest/Bournemouth areas

  6. janet bagnall says:

    hi di, ive created a cheshire group https://www.facebook.com/groups/223594465055358/

  7. helena says:

    hi DI trying to the code in for Barnyrangers safari win wont let me any tips anyone had trouble withthis site

    • Di says:

      This one closed last year Helena , so the website link (www.barnyrangers.co.uk) isn’t active any more – sorry!

      • helena says:

        thanks Di a big tip look at he date haha just because its on the shelves doesn.t mean I can enter enjoy your tips xx

  8. Sue Dyke says:

    I have a Worthy Winners Meeting in Worthing on the middle Thursday of the Month at 8pm at my house inWorthing

  9. Emily Clark says:

    Hi Di, Could you please add the Cambridgeshire Compers group to the list? https://www.facebook.com/groups/227359067600522/328636520806109/?notif_t=like&notif_id=1473099219791184


  10. Mark Johnstone says:

    One question Superlucky Di if numerous members are constantly posting giveaways to your group how do you manage to remove old posts? When ever I share anything to any group I ALWAYS put in a description at least the end date. Makes cleaning up a bit easier. I find a lot of groups, members either unaware how to remove their shared posts, forget or are lazy when it comes to the housecleaning.

    • Thanks for the comment Mark! I have to admit, I’ve never once deleted an old post in a group – I think if people want to use a more organised format, they use a competition forum such as Compers News, MSE, or Loquax. I just don’t think Facebook is designed to be organised in a way that forums are, and you’re right – it simply takes too much time to do the ‘housekeeping’! I think the local groups work well as the number of posts is limited, but I just don’t think sharing comps in a group works once you get over 500 or so active members!

  11. Mark Johnstone says:

    Great tips as always Superlucky Di.
    I’ve created a group focused on international giveaways. I find sorting through giveaways listed in most sites/groups spend too much time wading through T&C’s etc to find out if they are worldwide. For now will have to message me if anyone is keen and willing to contribute.
    The group I would describe as unique. I’ve decided put my handy organisation techniques into a Facebook group with a few useful resources.

  12. steveyh says:

    I’ve just set up a London area group for ALL of London (inside M25!) – https://www.facebook.com/groups/LondonCompers/

    • Thanks Steve – I’ll edit into the list and have also sent a join request as I often look out for London comps too!

      • steveyh says:

        Thanks for adding the group to your list, Di! I’ve received and approved your join request. It’s great to have comping royalty amongst our members! 😉 Hope you find some new & interesting comps from the group.

  13. cara b81 says:

    I’ve set up a Coventry Compers group for anyone who is interested

  14. Emily Knight says:

    Hi Di – I’ve got a group for South West compers and competitions – link here! https://www.facebook.com/groups/527684287347167/

  15. Hilary Brady says:

    Nothing oin Gloucester area!

  16. Kirstie Kenton says:

    none of the eastmidlands groups are live

  17. Julie Feathers says:

    just requested to join the south wales group 🙂

  18. Debbie Santowski Mac says:

    I tried the link for Glasgow and it didnt work 🙁 and cant find it on FB either… any suggestions?

  19. Rosalind Blight says:

    if there is any compers from cornwall please feel free to join cornwall compers

  20. Rosalind Blight says:

    if there is any compers from cornwall please feel free to join cornwall compers

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