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  1. janet bagnall says:

    hi di, ive created a cheshire group https://www.facebook.com/groups/223594465055358/

  2. helena says:

    hi DI trying to the code in for Barnyrangers safari win wont let me any tips anyone had trouble withthis site

    • Di says:

      This one closed last year Helena , so the website link (www.barnyrangers.co.uk) isn’t active any more – sorry!

      • helena says:

        thanks Di a big tip look at he date haha just because its on the shelves doesn.t mean I can enter enjoy your tips xx

  3. Sue Dyke says:

    I have a Worthy Winners Meeting in Worthing on the middle Thursday of the Month at 8pm at my house inWorthing

  4. Emily Clark says:

    Hi Di, Could you please add the Cambridgeshire Compers group to the list? https://www.facebook.com/groups/227359067600522/328636520806109/?notif_t=like&notif_id=1473099219791184


  5. Mark Johnstone says:

    One question Superlucky Di if numerous members are constantly posting giveaways to your group how do you manage to remove old posts? When ever I share anything to any group I ALWAYS put in a description at least the end date. Makes cleaning up a bit easier. I find a lot of groups, members either unaware how to remove their shared posts, forget or are lazy when it comes to the housecleaning.

    • Thanks for the comment Mark! I have to admit, I’ve never once deleted an old post in a group – I think if people want to use a more organised format, they use a competition forum such as Compers News, MSE, or Loquax. I just don’t think Facebook is designed to be organised in a way that forums are, and you’re right – it simply takes too much time to do the ‘housekeeping’! I think the local groups work well as the number of posts is limited, but I just don’t think sharing comps in a group works once you get over 500 or so active members!

  6. Mark Johnstone says:

    Great tips as always Superlucky Di.
    I’ve created a group focused on international giveaways. I find sorting through giveaways listed in most sites/groups spend too much time wading through T&C’s etc to find out if they are worldwide. For now will have to message me if anyone is keen and willing to contribute.
    The group I would describe as unique. I’ve decided put my handy organisation techniques into a Facebook group with a few useful resources.

  7. steveyh says:

    I’ve just set up a London area group for ALL of London (inside M25!) – https://www.facebook.com/groups/LondonCompers/

    • Thanks Steve – I’ll edit into the list and have also sent a join request as I often look out for London comps too!

      • steveyh says:

        Thanks for adding the group to your list, Di! I’ve received and approved your join request. It’s great to have comping royalty amongst our members! 😉 Hope you find some new & interesting comps from the group.

  8. cara b81 says:

    I’ve set up a Coventry Compers group for anyone who is interested

  9. Emily Knight says:

    Hi Di – I’ve got a group for South West compers and competitions – link here! https://www.facebook.com/groups/527684287347167/

  10. Hilary Brady says:

    Nothing oin Gloucester area!

  11. Kirstie Kenton says:

    none of the eastmidlands groups are live

  12. Julie Feathers says:

    just requested to join the south wales group 🙂

  13. Debbie Santowski Mac says:

    I tried the link for Glasgow and it didnt work 🙁 and cant find it on FB either… any suggestions?

  14. Rosalind Blight says:

    if there is any compers from cornwall please feel free to join cornwall compers

  15. Rosalind Blight says:

    if there is any compers from cornwall please feel free to join cornwall compers

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