Facebook & Instagram profile cloning scam

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  1. mista says:

    My instagram has been cloned so many times now, it started back in December, 1 clone, then 4 clones, then 1 or 2 would pop up every other week… then, out of nowhere 57 clones in one day, they all claimed to be my official bot, this is getting put of hand, reporting the accounts don’t seem to do anything, they just choose a new page and clone that one, like a swarm :/

  2. Stacey Caine says:

    I’ve been reporting the fake Facebook profiles under fake account not fake name, should I always report under fake name? Just done one today, I’m getting really annoyed with them.

  3. Frances Heaton says:

    Thanks Di for your advice.
    Have recently had several of these bogus accounts telling me I have won various Facebook competitions.
    Luckily I have realised before responding, but they’re becoming a real nuisance these days.
    I don’t think I would trust a genuine message stating that my entry has won on Facebook now.
    We all need to be vigilant with so many scams about.
    Good luck

  4. yvonne pallett says:

    Thanks again Di for great advice

  5. Kieran Walsh says:

    Di, i am old in the tooth comper, But have been caught, like us all, Facebook provide little scope for “You to factually report these, Two names came up on you win posts. There Facebook page, were fake, both in Bangladesh, one had three Facebook accounts, A blind Man could see they were fakes Reported, reply from Facebook, these do not breach Facebook rules!!. But on positive side, got a you win on Mc Colls site, this afternoon Reported, within Five Minutes Mc Coll had put out urgent warning. And Facebook closed his account. Thanks for all your tips

  6. Really useful advice as always Di. Thank you. Thankfully I’ve not seen any of these personally but I’m just returning to using fb more this year so it’s really good to be aware of. Xxx

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