How to check Facebook filtered messages and message requests

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  1. Malak says:

    I cant find ignore message any more when i updaded the messenger . I need it back pelase tell how or where . Version 222.0.0.

  2. Bre says:

    This is what worked for me on android April 2019: click on the people icon in the middle on the bottom. Click on the add person icon on the top right corner then click on requests.

  3. Joan collier says:

    You are the winner of our eighth day of Christmas prize – please email to claim your prize. Well done…. found after reading this x

  4. lorraine kirk says:

    Thank you for this info Di, I just found a winning email for a pin badge that had been sent to my filtered messages 🙂

  5. John Russell says:

    thanks for that info on receiving messages. I have just sorted it.

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