Find Rudolph in your Percy Pigs packet to win a £50 M&S voucher!

When it comes to on-pack promotions, Marks and Spencer generally don’t feature on my shopping list – so it’s been a nice surprise this week to see two new comps in store!

If you’re a fan of Percy Pig sweets, keep an eye out for these special Christmas editions with the £50 flash on the packet…

If you find a cheeky Rudolph sweet in your bag – you’ve won a £50 M&S gift card! There are a thousand of them to be won, which might sound like a lot until you realise there are 959 stores in the UK, meaning there’s probably only one lucky bag to be found in most of them.

But despite those odds, it’s still a fun Christmas promotion and there’s better chance of finding a chewy Rudolph than finding one of only two lucky Quality Street tubs at the Co-op! 

There’s nothing in the T&Cs to suggest there’s a ‘winning ticket’ inside the lucky bags – so you’ll need to make sure that any family or friends sharing your sweets take a good luck at what animal they’re popping into their mouths! If you do find a Rudolph you will need to post off the empty packet, along with the date and name of the store you bought them at.  

If you’re excited about this one, I would get out to M&S as soon as you can to grab your promotional bags as my guess is that they will sell out pretty quickly! It could be that it’s the batch code on the bags that identifies the empty packet as a winner when M&S check the prize claims – so if there’s one bag with a different code to the others, buy that one. You have until the 31st January 2020 to claim, so you could buy a few bags as stocking fillers.

If you do happen to find a reindeer in your packet perhaps you could let me know if there’s any clues on the packaging. Good luck with the reindeer hunt!

Pink Lady Australia prize draw

While you’re in M&S make sure to pick up a four pack of Pink Lady Apples too – there’s a little sticker on the front with a unique code. Enter it at for your chance to win a trip to Australia for two and a tour of the Pink Lady orchards. Like Percy Pigs, the promo packs won’t be in store for long so buy them now! The closing date is 30th November 2019.

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