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I’ve known about Social Searcher for a while, but have never been keen on using it as the site itself was clumsy and difficult to navigate with all the ugly advertising. Today on Facebook I noticed a friend sharing a link to a new Google Social Search at Intrigued, I thought I’d better check it out…

Social Searcher will search Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram and Linked In – use the right search terms and it can be invaluable in tracking down winning announcements you know nothing about! I tested this user-friendly version today and discovered a bottle of champagne I’d won on Twitter – the promoter had announced ‘Di Coke’ as the winner instead of tagging me as @superluckydi so I’d missed it.

It’s simple to use – put your search terms in the box at the top at Here are a few suggestions (replace ‘Di Coke’ or superluckydi with your Facebook name or Twitter name of course!) but there are lots of combinations you can try.

  • Congratulations “Di Coke” OR superluckydi OR @superluckydi
  • “Congratulations to Di Coke” / “Congratulations to superluckydi”
  • Winner “Di Coke” OR superluckydi OR @superluckydi


Using Social Searcher to find competition wins

The results will appear in columns for each social network – by default they are sorted by Relevance but you need to change that to Date – then you’ll see your most recent mentions at the top of the results.

Using Social Searcher to find competition wins


Instagram doesn’t seem to give any results, even though I know those terms have been used on my photos – so it’s not perfect, but the Facebook results are useful. Keep in mind that you’ll get all sorts of mentions in here, particularly if you like and comment regularly on Facebook, or if you have a very common name – but hopefully you might spot some wins too!

Using Social Searcher to find competition wins


Best of luck with your social search – let me know if you find anything good. And if you do have a common name – consider adding a middle name or initial to make it unique!

24 Responses

  1. Thank you so much Iv just found a win a from last week that I didn’t get a notification abkut in Facebook

  2. Diane Laverick says:

    I hun i carnt work it hun sorry can somebody help me please x

  3. Katrina Adams says:

    Is there a way of using social searcher to look for just UK wins? I get a lot of American names thrown up when I do this as there seems to be a famous person with the same name as me there.

  4. AMANDA TANNER says:

    I found something using this yesterday on Facebook, I won in a pet photo competition a week ago and didn’t get tagged in

  5. emilyomara says:

    I still use this method, can be useful, but also unreliable – there are many things I have won on facebook that do not show, dont know why, but it shows I cannot put my complete faith in it!

  6. Any tips if you have a really common name, like I do? 🙂

  7. Alex Cuckson says:

    Thanks for this, Di. Found a competition that I won in April this am but hadn’t noticed (as I was up to my ears in dealing with a newborn at the time!). Delighted to say that they’re honouring it and I’m expecting a vintage timer in the post.

  8. Elizabeth Duncan says:

    This doesn’t work for me atall, It worked today but only threw up a post I had tagged other winners in. 🙁

  9. Miss Ehara says:

    i will remember about this tip,,and guess what,,i missed some old wins (T_T)
    btw,,thank you for the tips <3

  10. Mummy Lion says:

    aww did that, thought i had won stuff, but it was old wins!! lol. silly me 🙂

  11. emmasfabulous says:

    This is brilliant, found a win, def bookmarking this thanks 🙂

  12. Dawn Adams says:

    Thanks for that Di, found no unknown wins but found someone who shares my name!

  13. Janet Anne Smith says:

    Thank you Di so much for this – really useful with all the Advent comps – although not a winner yet – but FAB tool

  14. Elaine says:

    Thank you for this – although I didn’t find any missed wins, just a list of my recent Twitter activity it is a really useful search tool to use.

  15. judyparslow says:

    thankyou x

  16. debbie godbolt says:

    mmm if doesnt come up with my name at all not even without congrates or winner

  17. Kelly law says:

    Nothing! I keep looking though ha!

  18. That is brilliant! Thanks Di and well done on your wins! x

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