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Welcome to another set of winners’ stories! I’ve got football on the brain this week with Brighton & Hove Albion getting promoted to the Premier League – and my team Birmingham City getting a new boss! –  so here’s a set of sporty stories for you…

Victoria‘s son got the chance of a lifetime thanks to MasterCard…

“I saw a link to Mastercard competitions on SuperLucky and decided to enter the Priceless Mascots prize draw. I couldn’t believe it when I got the call, my seven year old son was over the moon! He got to meet Barcelona football club (a dream come true). It was an amazing experience that we will remember forever!”

Hayley‘s daughter won the chance to be a ballgirl at Wembley!

“Probably my best win last year was for my daughter to be a ballgirl at Wembley for Tottenham Hotspur which went down very well with my hubby as he is a massive Spurs fan and got to go to the match!”

Kath won the chance to meet Gareth Bale:

“In August I won a pair of tickets to watch the Welsh football team in training with an opportunity for a meet and greet. This was in Cardiff – my husband and I bit the bullet and took the nine hour round trip. It was SOOOO worth it! We got to meet all the team afterwards (including Gareth Bale!) I got a t-shirt and a cap signed by everyone and then donated the cap to my kids’ school to raise funds for the PTA!”

Rachel was one of the many prize-winners in the Walkers Champions League ‘winning moments’ promotion at the start of 2016…

“I won 2 tickets to the Champions League quarter finals in Wolfsburg, Germany including £600 for travel and accommodation. We also managed to organise it so we got to spend quite a lot of time in Berlin!”

Anne won a super prize with a goal celebration video…

“The win I am most pleased with this year came from a CostCutter Competition, held during the Euros. You had to post a video of a “goal celebration”. My 14 year old son is mad about Arsenal and also plays in a local team, so I thought he would be more than happy to help. Not at all! In the end, all I could get him to do was take the video, while I made a complete fool of myself running down the garden and kicking the ball into the goal!”

“Needless to say, he was delighted when I actually won the competition, especially as the prize was a full squad kit! CostCutter were very accommodating, because the prize was for a total of 15 kits, value £500, but we actually have 17 players. They added 2 extra kits which was very kind of them and meant nobody was left out. This was definitely my most useful prize of the year and probably the most satisfying to win.”

I loved reading these stories, as some of my own best prizes have been football related and I know what brilliant memories they can give you! I’ve won tickets to see my team Birmingham City beat Arsenal in the League Cup, a trip to see my husband play footy with Robert Pires and Tony Adams at the San Siro in Milan, and a VIP day at the Emirates with Ryland. Next on my wishlist is definitely one of the MasterCard Mascot prizes, now Ryland is finally old enough to enter!

Have you won any amazing football prizes? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Anne Boyes says:

    I enter lots of sports comps for my son and hubby. Winning the squad kit was fantastic and the team really appreciated it. I’ve recently won a hospitality golf day for 8 people which was a local, low-entry comp. I won a fab night out at Essex Cricket last year, with a presentation on the pitch of a signed bat and shirt! I’m already looking forward to lots of footie comps next year!

  2. Guy Nash says:

    Although I’m not a very prolific competition winner, over the years some of the best prizes I’ve won have been football-related and as a Chelsea supporter some have been absolutely priceless. The best was a trip to Monaco with the Chelsea team to the European Super Cup final, it involved flying on the team plane and staying at the same hotel as the team, watching them train and then vip tickets to the final (the less said about the result the better). As it involved Monte Carlo it was one of the few football trips my wife insisted on coming to. I also won a slightly bizarre 7-day round trip on a coach to Moscow to see Chelsea again in the Champions League final back in 2008. Both of these were the old-school text comps (no postal) so probably put a lot of people off even so both were great prizes.

    I’ve also been lucky enough to see Chelsea train at Cobham (twitter) comp – and got loads of stuff signed. Then going back to the Mastercard prize I’ve been lucky enough to win this twice for my youngest daughter and she was lucky enough to walk out with a Chelsea player both times (note you’re not guaranteed to walk out with the home team if you win this comp). In a bizarre fluke on the second occasion I won an Adidas twitter comp and my eldest was the ball carrier at the same match as my youngest was a mascot – so got both my daughters at the same match through different comps.

    Finally, my youngest daughter was a match mascot at a Premier League match where she was the only home team mascot. You go into the changing room beforehand and meet all the players and got a match shirt signed. Her picture was in the programme and as it was a televised match we got a recording of her from the TV coverage.

    Oh, I forgot my eldest was once an England mascot at Cardiff against Wales a few years back from a McDonalds comp.

    So although I don’t win many other comps I’ve done well with Chelsea related comps over the years (but I do enter all of those I can find).

  3. Neill Johnstone says:

    I can’t compete with these, but I did have my best ever football experience last weekend – VIP tickets to watch Norwich City! I got some great photos (if you’re interested, they’re here: ) . One thing I was unable to capture, however, was the *smell* of the dressing room – it certainly lingers! Everything was brilliant, except for the scoreline – especially disappointing as they’d won 7-1 the week before!

    Assuming everyone who entered via the Gleam widget had a similar number of entries to me, there can’t have been more than 20 entrants! So – as you’ve said before – always follow ALL your team’s sponsors!

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