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‘Magazine dailies’ are one of the easiest types of competition to enter online in the UK. A few years ago these giveaways used to be known as ‘click to win competitions’ or C2Ws, but many of the click-to-win websites (for example iWon iWon) have closed down now.  

Giveaway Treasures run daily entry competitions for Hearst magazine sites like Prima, Woman, Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan. Their websites URLs all start with comps, for example Some comps will appear on more than one related magazine site, if the prize is relevant to multiple audiences. 

The magazines want as many page views as possible because they get revenue from the ads that appear – this is why they encourage you to enter every day. 

How to enter magazine dailies

You will need to be registered on each magazine website separately and must log in to enter the comps. When registrering you’ll have to give your postal address – this means that any prizes you win can be sent out efficiently without the magazine having to get details from you. I recommend you do not opt in to receive email updates from the magazine, as your inbox will be swamped! Just check the magazine sites regularly for new comps.  

Once you’re logged in, under the COMPETITIONS heading there are PRIZE DRAWS and INSTANT WINS. You can also use this menu to view comps that are ending soon, and newly listed comps. 

Magazine instant wins

The magazine instant win competitions run until the prize is won – in many cases, the prize is never won. To enter, choose 3 numbers from the drop-down menus and submit – after a few seconds, 3 random numbers will be generated. If your 3 numbers match the winning numbers, you win the prize. 

The options for each of the three numbers are between 1 & 74, so your odds of getting a match are a ridiculous 405,224-to-1. In my opinion, It’s a complete waste of time entering the instant wins on magazine websites and I’ve never heard of a winner.

Magazine prize draws

For the prize draws, you can earn multiple entries with daily visits and the winner will be chosen at random from all entries after the closing date. Prize draws usually run for around a month and prizes are guaranteed to be won. 

For each draw there will be information about the prize sponsor, and you’ll need to answer a question – the answer is usually featured in that information, but you may need to check Google if not.

Scroll down and there may be a couple of Yes/No boxes from sponsored advertisers (I recommend you select No – try to keep your email inbox tidy and clear of clutter)

Then click to Enter Competition! and once more to Confirm Entry (adding this extra step refreshes the ads on the page, increasing the revenue for the magazine).

After entering, you can Share and Gain –  share the link on your socials, or privately with a friend – you’ll get a bonus entry for every friend that takes part, up to a maximum of 15 friends/entries each day.

You can enter once a day – and if same draw appears on a different magazine website, you can also enter there for more chances to win. 

Are the magazine dailies worth doing?

Mag Dailies are quick and easy to do, but if your comping time is limited, I don’t consider them to be the best use of your time! You’ll have more success finding and entering creative, purchase-necessary and local comps (see my post How to find low entry competitions for tips).

If you’re on a laptop or desktop computer, using bookmarks can help you enter mag dailies speedily. Be selective – focus on just the prizes you want, and save the giveaway links to a bookmarks folder. Right click or ctrl-click to open all links at once in your browser and work through them daily to get more entries in the draw. Some draws have multiple winners or local prizes – if you enter these daily, you will have a better chance of winning. 

Two members of my Lucky Learners Facebook group have recently won holidays by entering Mag Dailies – although other group members say that entering them is low on their list of comping priorities, and they haven’t won many prizes at all considering the effort they put in! Join the conversation on Facebook.

How many people enter Mag Dailies?

There’s lots of statistics on The Competition Platform website – these are published for brands and prize sponsors, but also interesting for compers! Click on the individual title to see details of how many entries that magazine gets per month (keep in mind this is across all current giveaways, and a lot of people do enter daily). For example Runners World got 40,000 entries in a month, an average of around 1,300 entries a day. It’s not specified what % of these entries are for the prize draws compared to the lucky number instant wins though! For popular publications with less specialised prizes, there will be a lot more entries. 

How are Mag Dailies winners contacted?

  • For the magazines listed below, you’ll get an email within 28 days if you win a prize draw. The sender’s email may be or – and the prize will be sent automatically. If you move house, be sure to update your address details on every website!
  • If you instantly win a ‘guess the number’ type competition, you will be shown a prize claim telephone number on screen to call. 

Are the winners names published?

Giveaway Treasures list winners on each individual magazine site – click on the Winners tab at the top of the page. You’ll also see winners’ photos on the Giveaway Treasures Instagram and Facebook pages.

List of magazine websites

Giveaway Treasures also host daily entry comps on non-magazine websites Trusted Reviews, Digital Spy and Recombu

If you enjoy daily entry comps you might also like my Blog Giveaways lists and my list of Instant Wins and Daily Draws!

Have you had any luck with the Magazine Dailies? Got any good tips to share? Are there sites missing from my list? Comment below to let me know!

10 Responses

  1. No wins yet. Here’s to living in hope and to keep on trying.

  2. Mark R says:

    think its another non-magazine website –

  3. Jackie Dawson says:

    I have worn quite a few times with the magazine dailies, but they do take up a lot of your time, luckily with being at home a lot it’s not too bad for me, so it’s down to each individual and how much time they have each day to comp, but I definitely think they can be worth it.

  4. Jacky Westoby says:

    I’ve won on a few of the sites, not massive prizes, but nice ..tkts to a London show: £200 garden furniture voucher, £50 dry flower voucher: dvd’s etc…they are pretty quick to do, and there are some good prizes on offer…I’ve never won with the lucky number ones though, I avoid them ..I’m registered with 4 of the mags, that’s enough really!

  5. I have never won anything in these competitions.

  6. Michelle Ferguson says:

    I like the magazine dailies, had 7 wins from them last year, best being product of year goody bag. I used to enter the instant ones and did win a juicer but gave up on these as knew chances of winning are tiny

  7. Carol I J Thomas says:

    I used to enter them. I stopped many years ago. I had an occasional small win. Too many entries to them. I decided it wasn’t worth my time and effort

  8. Sarah R says:

    I do a couple of comping dailies everyday & in the past I have won here & there but since past year & half or so haven’t won anything..maybe more competition now?

    • Di says:

      Probably because there are fewer sites to spread the competitions around, there are more people entering on these sites!

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