Free Millions – a fun & free way to be a lottery winner!

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Free Millions is a brand new site which offers you the chance to play the lottery for FREE! Just imagine, winning a share of a huge Euro Millions jackpot without spending a penny… a dream prize, right?

It might sound too good to be true, but Free Millions gives 30 of its members the chance to share their lottery syndicate winnings every week – and all you need to do is check the site daily to see if YOU are one of the lucky members. There’s even a chance you could become a millionaire!

How does Free Millions work?

Free Millions plays at least 500 lottery lines every week, split between the UK Lotto, US Powerball and Euro Millions. Each week, 70% of the prize money will be won by up to thirty lucky syndicate members – which could work out at a LOT of prize money!

Like most free daily lottery sites, Free Millions is mainly funded by advertising revenue and so encourages members to visit the website every day – but unlike those sites, it offers a much bigger possible jackpot. They also guarantee members a weekly £10 bonus account credit just for checking the numbers every day, which is a great incentive!

How can I join Free Millions?

  • Sign up with your name and email address at (this is my referral link!)
  • When joining, you must opt in to receive a daily reminder email from FreeMillions (after signing up, you can click in the email to unsubscribe at any time – although to be honest, I love a handy reminder)
  • Check your inbox and verify your email address – if you don’t get a verification email, request a second one just in case!

How do I play Free Millions?

At the start of each week, 30 Free Millions members are chosen at random as the winning syndicate – but you must check the Daily Draws page every day for your number and click on it to claim your lottery winnings!

  • Log in every day to check if your membership number appears on the Daily Draws list at – there are 20 numbers published each day at 12 noon.
  • If you spot your membership number and click it, a £20 bonus will be credited to your account
  • You’ll also find out instantly if you’re one of the week’s thirty lottery winners – if you are, your winnings will be immediately credited to your Free Millions account!

In addition, up to 30 of the 140 numbers displayed each week are referrers of the previous week’s winners – if they click, these referrers will instantly win the same amount as their referred friend won the previous week (which could even be a cool million pounds – wow!)

The winning lottery results are published every week and winnings are credited to the members’ Free Millions accounts – this won’t be less than £20, but could be over a £million!

As the Free Millions membership grows, the number of lines played each week will increase – as will the number of weekly winning members – giving members lots more chances to get lucky!

You must check the daily draw results for seven consecutive days to be eligible for a prize – and if you don’t check for 14 days your account will be suspended until you log in again. Just click the link in the daily email reminders they send you!

Earning bonus cash is easy!

It’s super easy to earn a bucketload of bonus cash in your Free Millions account too.

  • Refer a friend bonus – it pays to refer your friends by sharing your unique referral link with them, or on social media. If a friend you referred to Free Millions goes on to win, your number will appear on the Daily Draws page – if you click it, you automatically win the same amount as your friend! After registering, access your own unique referral link at
  • £10 bonus – log in every day for a week (daily from Monday – Sunday) and check all the daily draw numbers, and your account will be credited with £10 bonus cash!

How do I claim my prize cash?

You can transfer money out of your Free Millions account as soon as you’ve had a win, as long as you’ve reached the minimum balance of just £25 (or £50 if you also want to withdraw your bonus cash!). Payment is by PayPal – or for big wins, by bank transfer.


  • If you want to win cash, you must check the site every day – set a daily reminder to check the numbers on your Google Home, Alexa or phone!
  • Looking for your membership number can be a helpful job for the kids to do each day!
  • Share your personal referral link regularly on your social media – remember, if a referred friend wins, you win too!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with Free Millions using my referral link and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your big win (because remember, if you win – I win too, yippee!)

Free Millions is also featured on my popular list of free entry Instant Wins & Daily Draws!

6 Responses

  1. Alison Thackray says:

    Is it just the 10 daily tabs you need to check – whats the Lotto & US version tabs for (info?) Do we have to do anything with them as wall?

    • Di says:

      The lottery lines are published as a reference and to show details of any winning lines, so the syndicate members know what to expect that week! It’s mainly for transparency, so the members can see that the lines have actually been purchased – you don’t need to check them!

  2. Mei says:

    Hi Di

    So I also need to check all the numbers of the people I referred too, to win what they win, if they do win? Thanks!

    • Di says:

      If one of your referred friends wins (so they spot their number, click it and are one of the 30 members of a weekly winning syndicate) then the following week, your membership number may appear on the daily draws list as a winning referrer, if you click it you’ll win what your friend won. So both you and your friends need to be checking daily!

  3. Prashanth says:

    Who can participate. Am i eligible to participate from india. Pls let me know. thanks for the info.

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