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After four long, frustrating months, tomorrow I’m FINALLY moving house from Nottingham to Brighton! I’ll have limited internet for a week, and without childcare until September when Ryland starts at his new nursery. So for the next month or so I will be devoting my limited time to my paid work (for Compers News and The PrizeFinder), doing up our new home and enjoying Summer holiday fun at the seaside with my boy!

As a result comping will be taking a back seat, and I won’t be able to respond to all the Facebook messages, notifications, tweets, blog comments, emails and text messages I get daily. BUT I do get asked the same questions all the time, so here’s my round up of Di’s FAQs. Hope it will be useful!

Is this Facebook page/competition dodgy?
Yes, it probably is! For more about spotting scam pages and how to report them, read my PrizeFinder post How to spot a scam Facebook page.

How do I enter competitions on Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook?
I’ve written four huge, detailed PDF guides to help you get started – and get winning – on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. You can access them all for free at

The promoter changed the rules/extended the closing date – what can I do?
Changing the terms and conditions isn’t allowed and you have every right to complain. Read my PrizeFinder post The Importance of T&Cs for more details.

My favourite company have launched a voting competition and I’m not happy!
Voting competitions are warts on the face of comping! People share voting comps with me all the time on Facebook expecting me to enlighten naive promoters, but I just don’t have the time to contact them all. That’s why last year I published an infographic and detailed post called Ten reasons why voting competitions are a bad idea. Send the promoter a polite email, Facebook message or tweet with a link to this post and tell them they’ll get lots more entries if they make it a random or judged competition. Most of the time, the promoter WILL change their mind (and yes, that’s not allowed under the CAP Code but I don’t usually mention that – if you can get them to change their mind before they have any entries that’s perfect!)

How do I complain about a competition or prize?
Read my PrizeFinder post When things go wrong, which I wrote with guidance from the Institute of Promotional Marketing – you can contact them directly at

How do I find low entry competitions?
Search on Google, Google+ and Twitter. On Google, restrict your search to UK pages and the last week or month. Search for the prizes you want to win, or the type of competition you enjoy, rather than just ‘competition’. Blog giveaways have much lower entry numbers – try adding the word ‘blog’ to your search to find some.

Someone is cheating in a competition!
I blogged about the growth in cheating compers last March in Cheating in Facebook and Twitter competitions – the post is a little dated now but it’s still a big problem. In most cases, the promoter would rather deal with it privately – so email or private message any screenshots, links and evidence of cheating to the promoter first, before going wild with accusations on their Facebook page! People get angry very quickly and it could completely put the promoter off ever running another competition. With photo competitions, it’s always worth politely suggesting that the promoter use Google Reverse Image search to check the originality of the entries before announcing a winner.

I don’t understand Rafflecopter
It’s easy! Read my post How to enter Rafflecopter giveaways. It’s lengthy though, so grab a cuppa.

Is it worth subscribing to a UK competition magazine?
Do you have the spare time? If you do, then yes – definitely. Compers News is the best comping mag in the UK and a subscription also gives you free access to the private members forum Chatterbox. But to be honest, you can be a successful comper without spending ANY money on magazine subs, stamps, phone calls or promotional products. All you need is a computer/smartphone, the internet and a bit of time!

I’m a promoter/blogger – where can I share my competition/prize draw/contest/sweepstakes?

  • If it’s hosted on a blog and is open to UK entries, add it to my monthly linkys at
  • If it’s a creative competition, share it on my SuperLucky Facebook page
  • If it’s any type of competition at all, and open to UK entries, add at The PrizeFinder and share on the PrizeFinder Facebook page
  • If it’s a Like & Share competition, read my post on How to Run a Facebook promotion and don’t share it anywhere as I’ll flag it as spam!
  • If it’s a voting competition, read my Ten reasons why voting competitions are a bad idea and think again…
  • You can also tweet me your comps at @superluckydi, @theprizefinder or @compersnews.

How do you win so much?
Enthusiasm, organisational skills and a random sense of adventure, plus a knack for spotting low entry comps. Read my blog regularly and you’ll soon learn the tricks of the trade!

That’s all folks! Next time you hear from me, no doubt I’ll be sharing some silly competition photos from Brighton Beach… TTFN!

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