Get Match Ready – win Women’s Euro 2022 tickets & cash instantly

The annual ‘Get Match Ready’ promotion from Doritos, Pepsi and Walkers Max is almost here! It kicks off on 12 May 2022, and the main instant win runs until 31 July 2022.

This year’s promo is a combination of winning moments and algorithmic instant win formats, with 500 prizes of Euro 2022 tickets and 150,000 prizes of £10 cash.

What are the prizes?

For the 2022 promotion the prizes are:

  • 150,000 x £10 Cash Prizes
  • 500 x pair of tickets to a Women’s Euro 2022 game

Winners in the ROI will receive the Euro equivalent of the prize. All tickets will be awarded by 16 July 2022, but the instant cash prizes will continue until 31 July 2022.

How to enter the Get Match Ready instant win

  • Buy a promotional pack of Doritos, Pepsi Max or Walkers Max featuring the Women’s Euro 2022 logo (if you bought before the promo started on 12 May that’s OK!)
  • Either scan the QR code on the packaging, or go directly to  
  • Enter your details, plus the batch code from your product:
    • Walkers Max or Doritos bag – the code is on the back of the bag and starts with 3 letters
    • Pepsi – the code is on the bottle neck and is 4 numbers (for cans just use the first 4 digits on the bottom)
  • Choose your preferred match venue
  • You’ll find out instantly if you’ve won!

There’s a maximum of 2 entries per person per day and you can win one £10 prize and one pair of tickets maximum per person. The tickets may not be for your preferred venue.

What are the chances of me winning?

For the ticket prizes, this is a winning moments format and all prizes should be won. The first person to enter after a random winning moment will win a pair of tickets. There are 500 prizes across 60 days, which works out at a winning moment approximately every 190 minutes. So it’s not a great chance of winning – but you’ll have a better chance if you enter overnight when less people will be taking part. I won a pair of Final tickets at 1am.

For the cash prizes, it’s an algorithmic instant win format, where every entry has the same chance of being a winner and only a small percentage of the advertised prizes are awarded (this is my least favourite competition format). Generally, about 4% or less of prizes will be won – this is because less than 4% of consumers actually enter the promotion after buying the product! Your time of entry makes no difference.

Like the Instant Cash Wins 2021 promotion we’re told in the T&Cs how any promo packs have been produced (a whopping 107,176,000) so we can work out the chance of winning £10 instantly is that number divided by the number of prizes – so it’s a 1-in-714 chance of winning with each entry, This is much worse than last year where the odds of winning were 1 in 244 (and last year there were also prizes worth more than a tenner). BUT there are the guaranteed winning moments prizes too, and I’ve already heard of several ticket winners, so it’s not all bad news!

If you miss the main instant win period (which ends on 31 July 2022) you can still take part, as there’s a late entry prize draw which closes on 31 January 2023, with one prize of £500 cash (or Euro equivalent).

There’s a No Purchase Necessary postal entry route for Northern Ireland residents detailed in the T&Cs.

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8 Responses

  1. graceann gray says:

    I have won an easyjet voucher for £500. what does it mean by send a id with a picture or proof of purchase have never won a comp like this

    • Di says:

      Congrats! ID is a photo of your driving licence or passport. Proof of purchase is usually a photo of your receipt, or the promotional packaging showing a barcode, batch code or unique code.

  2. Marie G says:

    I was having the same problem, so tried leaving off the B at the end if my code this time and it was accepted.

  3. JULIE B says:

    Same for me. Have two different codes on Dorito’s each one entered gets the same message – Invalid code. Then on the 3rd attempt – told only allowed two entries per day.

  4. Marius says:

    I tried to enter but i got Code Invalid message twice, and as its limited to 2 entries a day can’t try again . Anyone else had this problem?

    • Sarah R says:

      Same.I entered code wrong couple times because didnt put spaces..then today tried to enter the same code and says code invalid

  5. Henrik Hansen says:

    Also true the next day. (Today.£

  6. Hector says:

    This was meant to start at 10am today but the site has not gone live.

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