Get match ready with instant cash wins!

Every year Pepsi, Doritos & Walkers Max team up for a generous Champions League on-pack promotion, and this year’s ‘Instant Cash Wins‘ packs are already appearing on supermarket shelves, although the promotion doesn’t actually kick off until 17th May!

This week I picked up promo Doritos at Tesco, and Pepsi Max at Asda. There’s not actually a lot of information on the packs to explain the instant win format, or even a breakdown of the 570,000 prizes available. And over at there’s not any terms & conditions yet, but here’s all the info I have so far…

What are the prizes?

Usually there’s lots of UCL merchandise on offer, but this year it’s all cash prizes, and 570,000 of them! The prizes available are £10, £20 and £100. There’s no huge cash prizes so hopefully that means more winners!

How to enter the Get Match Ready instant win

Remember, although you can buy your packs now, you won’t be able to enter until the launch date of 17 May 2021!

  • Buy a promotional pack of Doritos, Pepsi Max or Walkers Max featuring ‘Instant Cash Wins’ – look for the gold flash on Doritos, and the big QR code on the Pepsi bottles.
  • Either scan the QR code on the packaging to open Facebook Messenger
  • Or go directly to 
  • Enter your batch code from the pack plus your details – you’ll find out instantly if you’ve won.

As yet, I don’t know the exact format of the instant win. The packs mention a whopping 570,000 cash prizes, which sounds like too many for a guaranteed winning moments format (which would cost them millions of pounds in prizes!).

I would guess it’s an algorithmic instant win, where every entry has the same chance of being a winner and only a small percentage of the advertised prizes are awarded (my least favourite competition format). I’ll update this post with confirmation when I’ve seen the T&Cs!

There’s a maximum of 2 entries per person per day and you can win three prizes in total.

If you miss the main instant win period (which ends on 25 July 2021) there’s a late entry prize draw which closes on 31 January 2022 – I’m not sure what the prize is yet for this.

There’s a No Purchase Necessary entry route for Northern Ireland residents, which will be detailed in the T&Cs when they are live at

Don’t forget to check the full Compers Shopping List for more current instant win and daily entry promotions you can try!

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  1. Grace says:

    Hi please do u no how to enter the game please because I have got a Pepsi max drink so not sure how to win the game so thanks anyway

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