Get match ready with instant cash wins!

Every year Pepsi, Doritos & Walkers Max team up for a generous Champions League on-pack promotion, and this year’s ‘Instant Cash Wins‘ promotion advertises 570,000 cash prizes.

But unfortunately this is an algorithmic instant win promotion, and the chance of you winning a cash prize with each entry you make is only around 1-in-244. Considering the generosity of previous UCL promotions, this is really disappointing – it’s also misleading, because the promotional packaging doesn’t state that the prizes will not all be won!

What are the prizes?

Usually there’s lots of UCL merchandise on offer, but this year it’s all cash prizes. Winners in the ROI will receive the Euro equivalent of the prize. 

  • 20,000 x £100 Cash Prizes
  • 50,000 x £20 Cash Prizes
  • 500,000 x £10 Cash Prizes

How to enter the Get Match Ready instant win

  • Buy a promotional pack of Doritos, Pepsi Max or Walkers Max featuring ‘Instant Cash Wins’ – look for the gold flash on Doritos, and the big QR code on the Pepsi bottles.
  • Either scan the QR code on the packaging to open Facebook Messenger, or go directly to  – I recommend you go straight to the website, as there have been some problems with Messenger entries.
  • Enter your batch code from the pack:
    – for Doritos & Walkers Max, it’s the long batch code in the centre of the Best Before box
    – for Pepsi, it’s the first 4 numbers on the neck of a bottle, or on the base of a can.
  • You’ll find out instantly if you’ve won!
  • If you do win, you will have to upload a photo of your itemised receipt OR the product packaging showing the batch code.

There’s a maximum of 2 entries per person per day and you can win three prizes in total. You must enter using your legal name and cannot use multiple names or email addresses. 

What if my code won’t work?

Check you’re inputting the right code – for Pepsi it should just be 4 numbers. Some Doritos codes are being rejected at the moment, but hopefully that’s just a teething problem!

What are the chances of me winning?

This promotion is an algorithmic instant win format, where every entry has the same chance of being a winner and only a small percentage of the advertised prizes are awarded (this is my least favourite competition format). In the terms & conditions we’re told that there are 570,000 prizes and 127,775,415 promotional products. All these cash prizes will only be awarded if everyone who buys one of those products enters the instant win – but statistics show that less than 4% of people actually bother! So we can expect around 23,000 or less cash prizes to be won – but that’s still a generous amount of cash! And with those figures provided in the T&Cs we can work out that the chance of a win every time we enter is 127,775,415 divided by 570,000 prizes – which works out at 1-in-244 chance of a win.

T&Cs state “you must retain a unique till receipt or the promotional pack featuring batch code for each and every entry.” – however they don’t say that winners have to upload all losing entries, so I would argue that it’s ok to enter daily using the same batch code (or get a few different barcodes to use). Be careful though – if you and your partner are entering the same batch code twice a day from the same IP address, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask you to produce a receipt for every entry!

If you miss the main instant win period (which ends on 25 July 2021) there’s a late entry prize draw which closes on 31 January 2022 – there are five prizes of £100 cash.

There’s a No Purchase Necessary entry route for Northern Ireland residents, which is detailed in the T&Cs at

Don’t forget to check the full Compers Shopping List for more current instant win and daily entry promotions you can try!

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22 Responses

  1. Yogesh Chauhan says:

    when do we get to know the winner and 2 runner ups as the date for the draw was 31/01/2022.
    i have tried all walkers sites and there is nothing there,it keeps sending me to the GOOGLE COMPETITION SITE, so could you please publish the resaults on Facebook so everyone can see it and throw away the CRISP PACKETS they have saved.
    Thank you

    • Di says:

      You’ll need to post off for a winners list, see point 25 in T&Cs > Provided no objection is received, the surname and county of residence of the Level 1 & 2 winners only will be made available by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope to 6958 Perfect Match 2021, PO Box 906, Chilton, Aylesbury, HP22 9HR and will be available for a period of 8 weeks from the close date.

  2. Jill Emms says:

    I have a 30 pack of can n every time I put number in from the the number under Best Before date…it keeps telling me to enter a valid code….The box is a promotion box…so what am I not doing right ?

  3. Addy says:

    I think Pepsi is only after getting details including email and phone number. I have had over 8 cans all with the same batch number but I cannot enter all of them as I need a separate mobile number & a separate email for every entry. This is ridiculous. And I strongly feel it is just a marketing ploy so that these details can be sold on to third parties later on. If there are instant wins then Pepsi CO should not ask for a mobile number. And they are insane to expect anyone to enter a different mobile number and a different email address per entry.

    • Di says:

      Hi Addy – It’s always the case with the on-pack purchase necessary promotions that they want to get your details and ideally hope you’ll opt in to receive further communications! I’ve been entering on the website at with the same 2 batch codes every day (one from Doritos, one from Pepsi) using the same email/phone number with no problem. And I don’t tick the box that opts in to further communication either!

  4. Bogdan Bednarczyk says:

    Doritos batch code don’t work, try several times without any luck, I’m very disappointed.

  5. Kate says:

    Hiya I’ve got a few Pepsi cans and know the batch code is on the bottom but not sure what digits to type if this makes sense. If anybody could help would be much appreciated. Many thanks Kate

  6. Joe says:

    Ive type the full code in some many different ways and its just keeps saying(maybe your not entering the right code) and the code is the batch code on the neck of the pepsi bottle…followed instructions from the website….give up.

  7. Callie says:

    I don’t understand the keep receipt part because my dad buys Doritos for me every week and I didn’t know that I had to take a photo of every packet I had, I just took note of the code before throwing the packet away. Also I did take a photo of one but i think I accidentally deleted. I’m getting more Doritos today so what do I take a photo of? Is it the barcode?

    • Di says:

      If you win you’ll need to upload a photo of either the batch code you entered (this is the code from the BEST BEFORE panel) or of your receipt, so take a photo of one of those before you eat your crisps!

  8. Janos says:

    Is it on every can on pepsi?

    • Di says:

      We’re not sure of the details for this one yet Janos – T&Cs aren’t on the website yet. In previous years it was the batch code from the neck of big Pepsi Max bottles, or the bottom of the cans. The batch codes were the same on all cans from the same multi pack last time I think!

  9. tom says:

    where and what is the batch code

    • Di says:

      It’s usually the code under the date on the Doritos Best Before panel, or on the neck of the Pepsi bottle – we’ll know for sure when the T&Cs are published at, but this might not be until the start date of 17 May!

  10. Grace says:

    Hi please do u no how to enter the game please because I have got a Pepsi max drink so not sure how to win the game so thanks anyway

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