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A beginner’s guide to comping

If you want to know how to win UK competitions, this page contains all the information and links to get you started! And don’t miss my blog posts the top 5 competitions to enter right now and my compers shopping list of purchase-necessary comps in the supermarket!

So, let’s get started…

What is comping?

Comping is the UK term for entering lots of competitions and prize draws – and if you take on this incredible hobby, you can proudly call yourself a comper. Be warned though – it can be addictive!

But aren’t competitions a scam?

Only a very tiny percentage of UK competitions and prize draws are a scam – in most cases, the promoters really do want a genuine and happy winner! Don’t be a cynic – after all you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to win!

Before I give you some of the best links to get comping, here’s my top ten tips for new compers:

1. Be positive

Successful compers believe they will win amazing prizes – and they do (check my list of prizes if you need proof). If you enter competitions thinking ‘Oh, I’ll never win’ – then you won’t! Read How to be lucky for practical tips on improving your luck.

2. Be choosy

Decide what you want to win and make a wishlist of prizes – from small things like vouchers and tickets to big things like a holiday or a kitchen. If you focus on finding and entering competitions to win those prizes, you’ll find the hobby more manageable. The first step to winning those dream prizes is to find relevant companies on the internet, Facebook and Twitter – follow them, like them and join their email lists so you’ll be the first to hear about new competitions.

3. Get a new email address

You will get LOADS of emails, so set up a new account especially for comping – Gmail is a great option. Choose a short, memorable and simple address, as you will have to write, type and spell it thousands of times. If you want to join Twitter and Instagram for comping, try to sign up with the same short memorable name.

4. Always look for the WIN

Whether you’re in the supermarket, on the train, in WHSmith or in a waiting room, always look out for the magic word WIN. You’ll be surprised where you find competitions – on products, in magazines, on bus stops… If you have a smartphone you can enter most comps there and then. You can also use your phone to search Twitter or Google for comps if you find yourself waiting around – you can always Like or bookmark them to enter later on (see my tips on Googling for comps here).

5. Put the effort in

The majority of people who enter competitions don’t like creative or effort comps, but these offer the very best chance of a win. Tweeting a joke, sharing a photo on Instagram, commenting on a blog, making a purchase, doing a quiz, filming a video – these comps are harder to enter, but much easier to win. In some cases you may well be the only entrant! You can find lots of creative/effort comps on the SuperLucky Facebook page, a list of current on-pack promotions on the Compers Shopping List – and the blog giveaways listed on my monthly Blog Comp Linky offer a good chance of a win for just a little effort.

6. Go local

Finding low entry competitions is the key to winning lots, and local magazines, newspapers and shopping centres are perfect – create a bookmarks folder in your browser for their websites and Facebook pages, and check regularly.  Tune in to your local radio stations as the text and phone-in comps get very few entries! Read more tips in my post How to find local competitions and giveaways

7. Be social

Join a forum like Loquax or Money Saving Expert to connect with other compers. Compers News Chatterbox is my preferred forum, but only accessible to magazine subscribers (subscribe using my affiliate link here). To find thousands more competitions, you’ll need to join Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have created FREE ebooks and videos to help you (these were created in 2018 but the advice is still relevant!):

Join a Facebook comping group – I have one called Lucky Learners – or search my list of local groups or comp clubs. Comping friends are fantastic for finding new promotions and they will let you know if they see your name as a winner – they’ll also cheer you up if you’re going through a dreaded ‘dry spell’ without any wins!

8. Read the rules

Yes, it’s boring but it’s also very important to check the T&Cs and read the rules. It’s no good entering a competition that’s already closed, or winning tickets to an event you can’t attend. It’s particularly important to check the details of any competition where you’re putting in time and effort – whether it’s judged or random will affect the amount of time you should spend on it.

9. Watch out for tick boxes

Don’t get tempted by the big prizes offered on survey sites like or OfferX. These sites make money from selling on your details and you will get bombarded with spam phone calls and emails. For most other non-survey comps the tick boxes will be optional and you don’t have to agree to receive further information (if you don’t, you might miss out on future competitions though). It’s best to stick to entering competitions found on the websites, Facebook pages or Twitter pages of companies you trust.

Check my list of UK competition websites for a guide to the ones which will generate spam – and read my posts on how to identify a scam email, scam text message and scam Facebook promotion too.

10. Be efficient

Use the Autofill function in your web browser, or download Roboform to help you log in and fill out entry forms quickly. In your email app, set up your name, address and phone number as an email signature so it’s automatically added to your entries. Set up text replacement shortcuts on your phone to quickly type common phrases like your phone number, email address or the usernames of friends you regularly tag on social media!

The best comping websites

SuperLucky is great if you enjoy competitions that require a bit of effort or a purchase – you’ll find creative comps shared here on the blog as well as on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. I also have an easy clickable list of instant win and daily draw comps – lots of people bookmark this for a daily visit!

I can usually tell which UK competitions will be easier to win and I tag these posts on SuperLucky to help you out – find them at

If you want to find thousands more easy entry comps and prize draws though, it’s worth registering with a dedicated site or forum – try to stick with using just one so you don’t duplicate your entries. There are lots of UK sites listing competitions, but I recommend these free ones to get started:

  • Loquax – use the Prize Directory option to filter the prizes, click Thanks to track the comps you’ve entered
  • The PrizeFinder – filter by category, register with the site to use the competition tracker, but avoid the first few comps in each category as they will be paid listings (usually surveys resulting in spam emails or phone calls)
  • MSE (MoneySavingExpert) – the competitions board is vast and there’s no way to filter the prizes (apart from a search), but if you’ve got a lot of time to commit to the hobby then it’s a good option – you can also contribute by adding comps that you find
  • HotUKDeals
  • Competition Database

Find more on my list of UK competition websites – I also have a list of worldwide competition websites if you’re outside the UK!

I’ve also compiled a couple of ways you can source competitions via other UK compers – on Facebook if you’re already a Lucky Learner you can join the Facebook competitions group or the Instagram competitions group. On Twitter, anyone can subscribe to the Lucky Learners list. These compers have kindly offered to be on the Twitter list, so it’s OK to retweet their tweets (see my Twitter guide for more on this!)

When you start winning…

Many new compers might miss out on prizes simply because they don’t know where to look. Make sure you’re regularly checking:

If you’re not winning…

Don’t give up! Successful comping takes patience, perseverance and positive thinking. Read my posts How to increase your chances of winning competitions and How to be Lucky for tips on improving your chances… and also check my list of the top mistakes compers make – which ones are you guilty of?

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And finally

Thankyou for visiting SuperLucky – if you need advice, get in touch via my contact page, Twitter or Facebook. I do my best to respond to everyone, but sometimes things do get a little bit hectic at Coke HQ, so bear with me!

I wish you the best of luck in your new hobby – and let me know when you win your first prize by tweeting me with #myfirstwin!