The Great Oreo Cookie Quest

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  1. Indira says:

    Hello, i just found your website and find it so interesting, you got new fan from Germany 🙂 Currently i have 302 cookies with score 716 which makes me the one who has the highest score in whole Germany, the second place has only 199 cookies with score 453. How is it in your country? It would be so awesome to find someone to work together 🙂 The main prize here is 1x samsung note 8!

    • Indira Daranindra says:

      update : i have now 311 with score 739!

      • Di says:

        Wow! You’re doing a great job there Indira! Do you have many competitions/contests over there in Germany?

        • Indira says:

          Yes, we have a lot of giveaway too, or “Gewinnspiel” in German. We have also big forum where we share the newest contests which are currently available. There’s also product tester program. 🙂

  2. Gaynor Spanswick says:

    I can’t get past the submit account set up page on the app ,I’ve tried it on 3 phone and it won’t load on any of them.

  3. Samantha Harrison says:

    Fantastic thanks Di. Got a £5 voucher today and 25th on the leaderboard. Really random stuff it comes up with. Scanned a shopping trolley earlier and it said it was a surfboard? Back to it tomorrow.

  4. mark gardner says:

    Some odd ones that come up on mine was feather boa, ski lift and accorian. I had the problem with the oreo not scanning but it is working now

  5. Lynne OConnor says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this one. I’ve just earned my first £5 voucher just by using Google image search for the clues. This was much easier than the actual items around the house which the app seemed to have problems identifying (although it did misidentify some interesting items including a fire extinguisher from Coke can, record player from a biscuit tin and no idea what it thought was a turtle!)

    • Di says:

      Does this mean I’ll get cookies for scanning a fire extinguisher and a turtle? Ha ha!!

      • Lynne OConnor says:

        It probably won’t recognise the real thing! I’ve had no end of trouble trying to get it to accurately recognise household items and keep ending up going back to google images. Have you been able to get the app to recognise an Oreo as the app crashes every time I attempt this one. none of the others, just the Oreo clue

  6. George Williams says:

    The OREO Quest App seems a bit flaky on my Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android OS v7)
    Sometimes the screen flashes intermittently between relevant information and then a black screen.
    Also getting error message “Something went wrong (Code 1202)” when logging in :/

    • Di says:

      I’ve been getting that same error message this morning George! I left a message for the tech team to call me back yesterday – I’ll mention your issues too! It’s early days so I imagine there are a few glitches they need to sort.

      • George Williams says:

        Yes, I’m not surprised about the bugs, with it being early days. Thanks for following up Di.

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