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I love saving money (and winning prizes!) with cashback apps, so was pleased to discover a new app called GreenJinn. If you already use cashback apps, you’ll know how they work – it’s a simple and fun way to save money on your supermarket shopping and can help you get your promotional competition products at a discount! 

GreenJinn app

Unlike other cashback apps, GreenJinn offers the majority of its discounts on good quality and healthy products rather than junk or processed food – so you’ll see coupons on everything from avocados to sea bass as well as the occasional sweet treat like ice cream! You can also set preferences so the coupons are tailored specifically to your needs.

Every week there’s a new set of cashback offers on the GreenJinn app – buy the products you fancy, then take a photo of your receipt and upload it to receive the cash back in your PayPal or bank account.

Watch my YouTube guide to see how simple it is to use GreenJinn!

How to use GreenJinn

GreenJinn is available to download from iTunes and as an Android app.

  • Open the GreenJinn app and register your details
  • Personalise your coupons by going to Preferences and choose the categories you’re interested in.
  • On the main Coupons page, tap the icon for the supermarket you’re visiting (currently Sainsbury’s or Waitrose, but more shops are on the way!)
  • Tap the coupons to add to your cart


  • After purchasing the items, tap Cart


  • Tap the camera icon to Add Receipt Photos – GreenJinn puts a green overlay over your receipt to ensure it’s a clear photo.


  • Tap the camera icon when you’re ready – GreenJinn shows a preview of the receipt (this works much better than the other cashback apps I use as the receipt is clearer!)
  • Tap Done, then OK, Checkout – the GreenJinn genie will check your receipt.
  • When approved, you’ll receive a notification and you’ll see the amount of money you’ve saved
  • Transfer your cashback to PayPal or your bank account when your balance reaches £1.50 or more by tapping Claim – make sure you add your payment details in the Settings!

Tip: GreenJinn only shows you the coupon discount, so if you want to check how much the product costs before you shop, check

What do you think of the GreenJinn app? Let me know in the comments!

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20 Responses

  1. Jenny Ross says:

    Been using GreenJinn for about 6 months now and I am quite pleased. Got about £50 back in rewards. 🙂 I use this in conjunction with Emma, the budgeting app.

  2. Clair says:

    Can you use this app with online grocery shopping?

  3. Nina Fleming says:

    My receipt was rejected, so I took a picture again both sides but it never showed the green overlay. Not sure if it will be rejected again

  4. t says:

    mm not sure. A photo is taken but then freezes on sceen not allowing the app to cancel or anything had to close down the tablet! I guess the app keeps crashing! Also I think all the relevant supermarkets should be included automatically, I had a receipt rejected and didnt realise why at first

  5. Rose Elise says:

    Love this idea and looking forward to seeing more supermarkets get on a trend of coupons for healthy items!

  6. Diane Carey says:

    I’ve downloaded the app and signed up to the newsletter. Realised afterwards I should only have done one of the two. Looking forward to using the app. Sainsburys is my favourite supermarket

  7. Kaye Willan says:

    Yes just downloaded the App – I do shop in Sainsbury’s so will find it useful ! Thanks Di

  8. Margaret Riordan says:

    I,ve downloaded the app but I didn’t get my 10 points – boo hoo. I’ve also added your book to my Amazn wish list. Fingers crossed.

  9. Anne Johnston says:

    I’ve downloaded the app and it’s really easy to use. It would be great to see offers for other Supermarkets too

  10. Ron Goodwin says:

    I have Android

  11. h_igoe says:

    It looks pretty easy to use, will try it out next time I head to waitrose!

  12. Heather Haigh says:

    Looking forward to the android version

  13. Marsha Richardson says:

    Shame its not on Android yet. Any plans for this? I love a good cashback app!

  14. sharon brison says:

    Looking forward to using this app! Thanks for the heads up I love a bit of cashback 🙂

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