Halloween Creative Competition Linky

I’m kicking off the Halloween competition linky early this year as there already so many popping up across social media – scroll to the end for the comps! Expect the usual from photo competitions: pumpkins, kids fancy dress, zombie make-up – and the odd recipe thrown in for good measure. More and more promoters are deciding to reward random winners rather than judging the best photo, so even if you’re not an expert carver or face painter it’s still worth having a go!

Halloween Creative competitions

Tips for winning Halloween comps

  • Look to Pinterest for inspiration – Americans create some amazing stuff for Halloween, so there are wonderful new photos constantly being uploaded.
  • Plan an early Halloween party and photoshoot before 31st October – lots of the comps close on Halloween, when you’ll be too busy to make a good job of the photos and won’t have time to upload them.
  • Take LOTS of photos from different angles so you’re not entering exactly the same shot in every competition.
  • For fancy dress photos, take the kids somewhere dark and spooky (the bottom of the garden will do!) – the shots will look much more exciting than your lounge.
  • If you’re pumpkin carving, originality rather than skill should work in your favour – after a few years of these competitions, promoters will be looking for fresh and funny ideas.
  • Home made fancy dress always works a treat – again, try and be original or do something that stands out from the crowd – I won loads of prizes with Ryland’s baby mummy outfit (see photo above!)
  • Avoid voting comps at all costs, unless you want to end up sobbing and stressed out in the corner of a Facebook group.
  • Bookmark this blog post – I’ll be adding new comps regularly to the linky list until the 31st, and let me know if you spot any good ones!

Here’s my Halloween Pinterest board for inspiration!

Follow Di’s board Halloween on Pinterest.


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