Heart Faces for Florida 2018

It’s back! For the third year running, Heart are giving away an incredible twenty family holidays in their amazing Faces for Florida competition! (update – it’s actually 44 holidays! Scroll to the end of this post for details of the two additional comps!)

The prizes

All prizes are a seven night holiday, including British Airways flights for four people from London to Florida. 

  • Week 1 – Stay at Walt Disney World Resort Hotel in Orlando with 8 day park tickets. In addition, each holiday includes a VIP experience (includes Epcot Frozen Ever After Desert Party, Key to the Kingdom Tour, Savor the Savannah experience, etc – see T&Cs for full details)
    Entries close 9am on 18th January – winners announced on air daily from 15th – 19th January.
  • Week 2 – Stay at a Fort Lauderdale Hotel, car hire, Go Kart Racing, Everglades Airboat Ride, Catamaran Sail & Snorkeling Experience at Tropical Sailing, Paddleboarding Experience.
    Entries close 9am on 25th January – winners announced on air daily from 22rd – 26th January.
  • Week 3 – Stay at The Vinoy Renaissance St Petersburg Resort, car hire, Tropics Boat Tour for a Dolphin Exploration or Sunset Celebration Cruise, Tickets to The Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Kayaking Experience and tickets to The Chihuly Collection.
    Entries close 9am on 1st February – winners announced on air daily from 29th January – 2nd February.
  • Week 4 – Stay at Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach, car hire, All Access Tour of Daytona International Speedway, Tickets to The Marine Science Center, Family Parasail Experience or watersport activities, Daytona Beach bicycle tour. 
    Entries close 9am on 8th February – winners announced on air daily from 5th – 9th February.

How to enter

The competition format is the same as 2017 – upload a photo and then add stickers of Jamie and Emma’s faces.

  • First, take a photo of you and your family – or use an existing one (try and use a square format!)
  • Go to win.heart.co.uk, upload the photo and crop it to a square
  • Customise your image with Jamie and Emma’s faces, plus other fun stickers.
  • Drag the corners of the faces and stickers to resize, or tap outside the sticker to rotate it.
  • Submit your entry and share it with your friends!

Judging criteria

Winning entries will be selected by the Heart FM judges based on the most creative, entertaining, relevant and feel good submissions”.

Here’s some thoughts on what you can do, and some winning examples from last year. Sketch out your ideas before you do the photo shoot, to make sure it will work and plan where the stickers will go. Try adding text to your photo in Photoshop or Canva before you upload it – but make sure it’s readable. It’s worth uploading a random photo to the website first and checking out all the stickers on it without submitting, just so you know what’s available for you to use!

  • Creative – can you create Jamie and Emma’s faces in an unusual way, and combine with the stickers? Two of last year’s winners involved food – Jamie & Emma burnt into toast, and made into cookies! Time consuming, but definitely creative.

  • Entertaining – take your photo in a public or funny situation, something that Jamie and Emma can ask you about if brought on air. Do you have a good embarrassing story to tell about the photo, like hitching a ride at the local bus stop?

  • Relevant can you make your entry relevant to that week’s prize, to the destination, to Heart FM, to Jamie & Emma? Read the details of each holiday and decide which one you’d most love to win.

  • Feel good – does the photo make you smile? Including cute children or pets should give your photo a feelgood factor! If you’re a regular Heart London listener, do you know anything fun about Jamie & Emma that could feature in the photo?

Before you submit your entry, check the other entries – does yours stand out amongst them? There’s one entry allowed per weekly competition – so make sure it’s a good one!

If Jamie and Emma pick you as a winner, they’re likely to call you the day before (from a London number) to find out a bit more – and to check you’ll be around to answer the on-air phone call during the next day’s breakfast show. They might tell you that you’ve been shortlisted, but personally I’ve only heard of two people who have been told they’re on a Heart ‘shortlist’ but not gone on to win the prize… it’s a way to ensure you’ll definitely answer their on-air phone call, but still be surprised and excited when you find out you’ve won!

Check out the rest of last year’s winning entries in my Facebook album… I’ll be adding this year’s winners to an album as they’re announced!

Enter the competition at http://win.heart.co.uk/faces-for-florida/london/competition
T&Cs for the main competition are here – read them thoroughly and good luck!

NEW! Faces for Florida NW England

If you live in a postcode area starting with: BB, BD , BL , CH, CW, FY, L , LA, LL, M, OL, PR, SK, SY , WA or WN you can also enter the Heart North West Joel & Lorna’s Faces for Florida competition which has the same 20 holidays to be won but including flights from Manchester. Here are the entry dates:

  • Enter between 15th Jan & 9am on 1st Feb to win a family holiday to Walt Disney World Resort (winners announced on air daily from 29th Jan to 2nd Feb)
  • Enter between 1st Feb & 9am on 8th Feb to win a family holiday to Greater Fort Lauderdale (winners announced on air daily from 5th Feb to 9th Feb)
  • Enter between 8th Feb & 9am on 15th Feb to win a family holiday to St Pete/Clearwater (winners announced on air daily from 12th to 16th Feb)
  • Enter between  15th Feb & 9am on 22nd Feb to win a family holiday to Daytona Beach (winners announced on air daily from 19th to 23rd Feb)

Enter the NW competition at http://win.heart.co.uk/faces-for-florida/north-west
T&Cs for the NW competition are here

NEW! Online competition

And another one we can enter – this one is great if you don’t feel particularly creative. This competition has no ‘face’ stickers – but you can add holiday stickers and text to your photo.

Each week 20 entries are chosen at random and then those are judged on the ‘most creative, entertaining, relevant and feel good submission’ – there is only one winner per week (4 holidays in total, same entry dates and holidays as the Heart NW competition).

Enter the online competition at http://win.heart.co.uk/faces-for-florida/uk/competition
T&Cs for the online version are here

In summary…

  • If you live in the North West, enter all three competitions!
  • If you live elsewhere, enter the main judged ‘Jamie & Emma’ Heart London comp AND enter the same photo into the weekly online competition

There’s 44 holidays to be won so I’m hoping my readers pick up at least half of those – good luck!



16 Responses

  1. Cheryl Coleing-Wale says:

    My entry has made it onto Hearts Online Gallery… im very excited as im hoping this is a positive sign that I may win. Has anyone else had their entry posted on the gallery BEFORE they got told they’d won? I just don’t want to get my hopes up too much xxxx

  2. Sarah baines says:

    Hi, where I entered on the Bristol heart website there were no face stickers only beach-style ones. It said nothing about Jamie and Emma either… is it a different competition? I am confused as the prizes are the same. I was super hopeful but most others seem to have face stickers so i feel like i have missed a trick somewhere? I also haven’t had any email conformation for entering which is strange…? Thanks! 🙂

    • Di says:

      If you read the post above, you’ll see that you’re entering the online version, which has 4 holidays to be won (and no face options). You can also enter the Jamie and Emma one. There are 3 different competitions, and I don’t think anyone gets an email confirmation of entry.

  3. Amy G says:

    Di , can you enter the online one every week? or is it one entry per person?

    • Di says:

      Yes – it’s four separate prize draws, so entries won’t be carried over and each one is treated as a new competition.

  4. Tanja says:

    I’m very very new to competitions but decided to give this a go sent picture but then tried to find terms and conditions but couldn’t find them so added another picture of my cat of all things cute but not family picture thinking it would pull up terms and conditions but it didn’t it just entered picture even though I didn’t confirm my details grrr I’m a idiot,will I be disqualified it was a genuine mistake I was quite pleased with my pic and was hoping for my first ever win lol can I reuse my picture on other dates thanks x

    • Angie says:

      No your second image will just be removed xxx

      • Tanja says:

        Phew lol I was so frustrated with myself I didn’t enter any details it just entered although my cats probably got more of a chance winning than me lol thanks for your reply it was reassuring, hopefully I may have my first win

      • Tanja says:

        Phew lol I was so frustrated with myself I didn’t enter any details it just entered although my cat has probably got more of a chance winning than me lol thanks for your reply it was reassuring, hopefully I may have my first win

  5. Kath Taylor says:

    Hey Di,
    just looking at the Ts + Cs for the online comp…in the heading it says “Heart UK (exc London and North West)” I’m getting a bit confused as to whether I can enter this or not now – I’m in North Wales and have entered the main Emma+Jamie comp and the North West one that started on Monday….

    • Di says:

      There’s nothing in the T&Cs to suggest people can’t enter if they live in the Heart London/NW areas – I think it’s more for the website teams to know that these T&Cs shouldn’t be on the London and North West websites!

  6. Travel not complete says:

    This is the highlight of the year for many of us, i’m hoping I get a look in this year also, good luck everyone xxx

  7. Elysia Benn says:

    So excited for this competition! Hope this is the year my ideas are going to be good enough!

  8. Hannah says:

    Hi Di thanks so much great tips! Wishing everybody the best of kick for this year x

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