Homemade Halloween: Baby & Toddler Mummy costumes

MUMMY MUMMY MUMMY! As you know, I’m in Halloween mode this week, and our house is already choc full of monster costumes, spiders and pumpkins!

All year round my blog gets traffic from ‘baby mummy costume’ on Google searches – Ry’s photo is top of the search results – so I thought it was about time I gave you the lowdown on how I made his prize-winning mummy costumes…

For Ryland’s first Halloween, I decided to make him a super simple last minute mummy costume – here’s what I used:

  • white bodysuit and leggings (ours were from American Apparel, but they’re not cheap!)
  • white hat (again, try American Apparel)
  • six rolls of bandages (from Boots)
  • a few safety pins

At ten months he wasn’t moving far at all, so it was easy enough to wrap him up in bandages, and pin at the back (keep in mind you won’t be able to change a nappy while baby’s all wrapped up!) The great thing about this outfit is that once you take out the safety pins, the bandages can go back into your First Aid box and the clothes worn as normal!

The costume was a hit, so last year I did the same again, as Ryland was walking and I thought it would look pretty good. This time round I created a budget mummy, with all the bits bought from Tesco.

  • 15 rolls of Tesco bandages (just 28p each!)
  • Long sleeved white t-shirt (about £2)
  • White leggings (I used girls age 4 so they were comfier – £1.50 in the sale)
  • White cotton baby hat (the same one as the previous year)

Total cost: £7.20

I soaked the white bandages in cold tea for a few hours, then rinsed them afterwards to get a nice colour! Then the time-consuming bit – sewing them onto the hat, top and leggings, knotting them and leaving bits trailing for that proper mummy effect!

If you sew the bandages on loosely the costume might even last till next Halloween!

Then take your little mummy out to the local churchyard for a runaround… spooky!

Homemade toddler mummy costume by SuperLucky Di

Don’t forget if you’re dressing your kids up for Halloween, take lots of photos for the Halloween comps!

18 Responses

  1. Sew scalloped swatches of black fabric to the arms of his onesie, and cut holes in his stocking hat for eyes. Voila! A bouncing baby bat Halloween costume.

  2. Helen Yendall says:

    Di, this is soooo cute! Makes me want a baby, just so I can dress him/her up like this!! Thanks for sharing, really made me smile!

  3. Laura Anne Farnworth says:

    Genious outfit idea Super Lucky! Your little one looks fab.

  4. Rachael Jess says:

    I love this.
    Good Luck

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