Homemade Halloween: Toilet roll mummy!

Has Halloween crept up on you like a giant hairy spider? Well never fear, because it’s possible to fashion yourself a last minute outfit from toilet roll!

Quick Toilet Roll Mummy costume

To create this last minute mummy, you will need:

• 2 toilet rolls
• a white long sleeved/legged outfit (I used a white Abba catsuit…don’t ask!)
• white trainers
• a stapler
• white & black face paint
• dry weather – toilet roll and rain DON’T mix!

First, get your outfit on and paint your face white – add black circles round your eyes. Rub some white paint on your hands too!

Then get a friend to wrap you in toilet roll – not too tightly, but not too loosely either! Carefully staple the toilet roll to your clothing at the top of your legs, knees, shoulders and elbows where it’s likely to fall off when you start moving! Tear off some long sections and knot them round your limbs for dangly bits!

Finally, head down to the local graveyard and freak people out by lying down on the graves (actually, that last bit’s optional). Take a monster with you for double the fun!

Cute monster outfit

Easy toilet roll mummy costume!

The toilet roll will fall off in an entertaining fashion so make sure you pick up your litter afterwards!

Check out my Baby and Toddler mummy outfits too!


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  1. Tinselgirl says:

    oh you have such fun! I wish you’d been around when my son was younger!

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