How do I know if I’ve won a competition?

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  1. cc says:

    Hi Di
    The Dangers of Twitter comps and how to spot a fake direct message.

    I experienced an issue on Twitter with a fake direct message claiming I had won a prize and using a companys logo to contact me.
    It looked genuine but was not. I was duped. Please be careful. It was reported and the necessary things were put into place.

    I was only following the competition provider and still got a direct message.

    • Di says:

      Thanks for the warning Caroline, sorry to hear this. It’s so easy to copy a profile on Instagram or Twitter, and although with bigger brands you can tell because the verified tick is missing, that’s much harder with smaller businesses. It’s a reminder to always tap the photo and visit their profile page to investigate before responding.

  2. KelleyP says:

    Thank you for this, I was more concerned that it was a genuine competition, which I did feel it was, so it’s reassuring to hear that it will be a little while yet. I’m not on Facebook for a variety of reasons, so I appreciate you responding to my comment.

  3. KelleyP says:

    Thank you for this comprehensive round up of checking you’re a winner and pitfalls to avoid. How long is normal to wait for a prize to be delivered after you respond to a winning email or text? Or are things slower with the pandemic? I won a £100 Tesco Giftcard in their YAYCATION competition and responded accordingly by email, including sending photo ID in July but didn’t receive a response nor have I received the giftcard yet? The competition has ended too. I wondered if anyone else who won a giftcard has received theirs yet, or should I email again to check all’s well? Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.

    • Naina says:

      Hi KelleyP, not sure if you are in the Facebook Lucky Learners Group, as we have a dedicated post for this.

      There was a final draw from unclaimed prizes/not won prizes after the original competition closed. Then someone asked Tesco when we could expect our prizes. They said 4 September which was Friday but no one has yet received their prizes.

      I think it is more likely 28 days from the round up comp which I estimated to be 18 September.

      With all these comps, it is best to check terms and conditions when entering. The t and c on this comp did say there would be a final round up comp, when it would be and prizes would be issued after that.

      Too many people start emailing and posting on social media a week after a comp has close asking where their prizes are. With those comps that do it properly, there are always t and c’s which make it clear when prizes will be issued. Usually 28 days after final draw. This one thought they have had to wait for people to send confirmation of being over 18 etc. so probably took a bit longer.

      • Di says:

        Thanks for the helpful response Naina! There are delays this summer due to Covid-19 and prizes are taking much longer than usual to be sent out. It’s always worth checking in a compers group as there are usually other winners of the same prize, so at least you know you’re all in the same boat!

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