How to avoid an Instagram ban

Have you been the victim of an Instagram ban?

You can be blocked from activity on Instagram for a number of reasons – automating too much content, sharing copyrighted, sexual or violent content, user complaints, or logging in from too many IP addresses. But the most common reason for a ban is surpassing Instagram’s action limits – and this is the ban that many compers are being hit with!

Instagram activity blocks can last from minutes to months – they’re annoying, but these automated systems are the best way to stop spam and abuse and to keep the platform safe for its millions of users. Instagram is administering blocks on accounts engaging in dubious activity – and unfortunately, the activity of a comper is definitely suspicious! Following, liking and commenting in quick succession, sharing multiple posts to a story in a few minutes, posting similar comments on different profiles… it’s no surprise that compers are constantly seeing the ‘try again later’ warning!

It’s usually doing too much of a particular action that will trigger the block, and that could be anything that doesn’t seem like natural behaviour. Following/unfollowing too many accounts at once, tagging too many people in comments, liking too many posts one after the other, etc. You will usually be blocked from doing that action but might also get additional blocks. It could be that you’re blocked from liking and commenting on posts, but can still upload content and add to your story. 

Instagram Action Limits

An Instagram ban is usually given because you’ve exceeded your action limits. The exact number of actions allowed is unknown, but it’s suggested that the date of registration, average activity level, engagement rate and your follower number has an effect on the limits. These limits will also change if you’ve already been hit with a ban!

Here’s a list of average 2020 Instagram action limits as suggested by Social Pros:

  • 7-13 follows per hour / 100-150 follows per day
  • 300-400 likes per day
  • 2-5 comments per hour / 20-30 comments per day
  • 10 DMs per hour

What to do if you get an Instagram ban

If it’s an option, tap Report Problem or Tell Us on the pop up warning. You can also go to your profile, tap the three line menu at the top and go to Settings > Help > Report a Problem > Something isn’t working to let Instagram know. Tell them you’ve been blocked but don’t know why, as you’re not a spammer.

You could also try these methods to see if you can lift the ban:

  • Reinstall the Instagram app
  • Log in using a different device
  • Switching your device from WiFi to mobile data

If you’re still able to add content to your profile, try sharing an original photo or two to your grid and story, just to prove you’re not a bot.

How to avoid an Instagram ban

If you’ve had a block already, Instagram is watching you! You will need to learn to behave more naturally, and slow down. Don’t treat Instagram solely as a giveaway platform – learn to appreciate the content, and start uploading more photos and videos of your own.

Here’s some tips on avoiding a repeat ban:

  • Slow down – don’t do a super quick like and tag, and then immediately move on to the next giveaway. Be extra careful with group giveaways where you need to like multiple pages!
  • Restrict yourself to entering just a few giveaways each hour – if this seems OK for a few days, try slowly increasing your numbers and making a note of your daily figures.
  • Only spend a few minutes on Instagram at a time – switch to Twitter or Facebook for a while in between each Insta session
  • If you’re commenting on a giveaway with multiple friend tags, add different text to each one – and don’t leave too many comments!
  • Share your own original photo and video content to your grid or story – use hashtags, which will help you gain new followers
  • Save giveaways to enter later, rather than entering straight away. A lot of compers like to create dated collections, then they save the posts and enter on the closing date
  • Interact with friends’ content regularly and ask them to like and comment on your posts too 
  • Don’t follow or unfollow more than 50 accounts in a day
  • When your ban is lifted, post original content on your feed or story first, before starting on your giveaway entries again!
  • Ditch any keyboard shortcuts you use for Instagram, and type your comments and tags manually
  • Activate two-factor authentication for your account (in Settings > Security)

Have you experienced an Instagram ban? How long did it last? Do you have any tips on avoiding them? Let me know in the comments.

10 Responses

  1. Lily says:

    I want Instagram banned because I have many accounts be pedofiles keep on following me and I can’t delete my accounts because I messed my Apple ID up

  2. moth says:

    I got one of those “activity will be limited” bans that pops up each time I enter my account, but I can comment, like, follow, unfollow and add to my story just fine? The only thing that’s different is I can’t see anybody else’s stories, even live ones. I haven’t gained many new followers or likes, and I haven’t done any serial liking, commenting or following/unfollowing. It might be tags, but I’m not sure. Anyone got any advice?

  3. sara says:

    help! i’ve been banned since january 6th 2021 – what more can i do?

  4. Laura Corrall says:

    I’m still on a commenting ban. I’ve tried all of the above tips and have no idea when this ban will be lifted.

  5. Holly Harmsworth says:

    I used to get instagram bans regularly, but since I have started entering differently I haven’t had a ban in over a year. Now I only upload personal pictures to my page and use stories for sharing competitions. On multi tag competitions I only enter if I really want the item and tag two people in separate comments then make a note of who I have tagged and the page and come back to it a while later and do the same repeating this until the competition ends. I also don’t enter more than 6 every half hour. It seems to working for now 🙂

  6. Richard Ford says:

    There may also be a political factor. On Facebook- instagrams owner, there was a great purge on anyone voting Trump. This has eased a little.. but having the wrong opinions is still dangerous.

  7. Zoey says:

    Never had bans to recently and now most days I either cannot comment or add to story. I’ve posted to my grid ok but still then cannot comment on posts. I’m spacing my comments out so not replying one after another but annoying when promoters ask to tag 3 in separate comments.
    Good read on tips and will try and alter my patterns

  8. Julia says:

    I think Di’s article is correct, but only most of the time. I also think the algorithm is becoming more broken – machine learning gone wrong . I say that because it’s not achieving it’s objectives: scammers are operating in abundance, yet genuine users (and I’ve seen a number of businesses commenting on this) are prevented from interacting. It feels discriminatory in the way it is excluding people. I can relate to Sam’s comment – most of my early blocks were breaching the limits Di describes. Recently this has not been the case. I logged on after a few days, liked a picture of a jumper and tried to share a charity post to my story and bam, banned for a week. Maybe the algorithm doesn’t like charity work either

  9. yvonne pallett says:

    Thanks for this Di

  10. Sam says:

    I do all of the above and always have done. And still get banned, but only lately. Post a pic on my grid or story. Comment on a post without a tag. Then tag, and bam I’m banned.

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