How to enter Gleam giveaways

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  1. Andy says:

    If i accidently turn on my vpn and i used only single account. is my entries invalid?

  2. kaynaklar says:

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  3. Kim Fortenberry says:

    Do you need a Facebook or instagram account for the “visit this page” or “view this post” to be valid. The only social media I use is Pinterest. So I have not been clicking on the others in case it disqualified me.

    • Di says:

      Public posts on Facebook and Instagram are viewable to anyone regardless of whether they’re signed in, so I think it would count!

      • Kim Fortenberry says:

        Thank you very much for your answer and fast response.
        Your boards are very helpful

  4. Anuj says:

    Please make a chewing
    For gleam giveaway

  5. Betty Curran says:

    I have just experienced a new problem with Gleam. I haven’t changed anything at all but when I click to retweet I get a message “Connect your Twitter account to perform/verify Twitter actions in 1 click.
    We will not post without your permission.” I can follow but not retweet and I can’t see how to connect the accounts.

    • Di says:

      Have you tried logging out and then reconnecting by logging in with Twitter – or trying on a different device to see if you have the same problem Betty?

  6. Rick J Bryant says:

    I now have a problem on my iMac. I sign up for contest and pages reload to click an icon for facebook, twitter…..50 others to then re-do sogn up…..None will work on my iMac.
    On my iPad it will work to some degree. Hmmmmm


    Hi Superlucky,
    My query is that In gleam giveaways, the winner is declared and his entry no. (in format #745236) is shown.
    How to know my entry no. winners are declared (the full names are not declared).????

  8. Michael Perkins says:

    A lot of computer giveaways use a steam follow that doesnt seem to work at all. It loops to making you sign in at steam, then the app is like it hasnt been entered again & asks your name & email, then choose a app like FB or twitter, then it still hasnt given the entry, Im on a macPro. HELP!

    • Di says:

      I’ve got no experience of Steam at all I’m afraid Michael! When I’ve had issues with apps and widgets before, I usually try and avoid the social media logins and just use my email address. Could you try this?

  9. Kelly Hemmings says:

    Hi I used to be able to use gleam , but now when I try to connect to Twitter or Facebook etc it just keeps going back to sign in and not the competition list? Is there a setting I need to go to? And why could I use before but not now?
    Has anyone else encountered this problem??

    • Emma Nixon says:

      I have the same problem.
      It started after i did the last IOS update on my ipad.
      Works ok if i use an older device which has not had the update.

      • Kelly Hemmings says:

        Yeah had done a recent update too. My email got all messed up as well. Was thinking about completely restarting my iPad ?!

        • I’ve been in touch with Gleam – they’re aware of the issue but can’t replicate it themselves. It might be a bug at Apple’s end where cookies are wiped after login meaning you have to log in again. Sorry to not be of more help.

  10. Karol says:

    Hi…is a problem that I enter gleam with a different email that the one i use with my YouTube account?I normally use my phone and today I try to enter with my computer and gleam said that i already have and account…i did understand so I wonder is it has anything to do with the fact that I used a different email from the one i used on YouTube. I’ll appreciate any comments,thanks.

  11. Djddjd887 says:

    I can’t seem to get my YouTube account linked – it just takes me to youtube rather than registering it to my profile? Twitter fb etc are all okay

    • Djddjd887 says:

      Please help! I have found no other place on the internet that might be able to help me!

  12. Andrew Ricketts says:

    I have had my Twitter account locked twice in a short period of time from entering Gleam competitions, how can I avoid it getting locked again other than entering less competitions which kind of defeats the object of comping? Thanks.

    • Rather than entering less competitions, perhaps you could try interspersing your entries with more manual tweets (so, not via an app like Gleam) – try sending replies in addition to your RT entries, to show Twitter that it’s a real person using the account – and interact with friends if you have any comping/sweeping buddies?

  13. disqus_mncnTqwiGZ says:

    Another family member also joined a giveaway from the same ip adress. Will my entries be invalid?

  14. Jonathan Hess says:

    If a family enters the same giveaway with different accounts on the same computer will they become invalid? Because it is asking us if we are human.

  15. kelly tone says:

    if i logout will my submission will be terminated?

  16. Jonathan Loy says:

    So i tried to enter a giveaway and it stays red when i enter birthday 00/00/0000 and cant continue tried to tell jayztwocents about it cause he’s the one hosting it but he’s a smartass and tells me to read the example i know how to put it in entered before.

  17. Diane Jackson says:

    I’ve somehow managed to delete the facebook icon tab on Gleam giveaways, where it says “Entering as ….. ……(shows all the social media tabs EXCEPT THE FACEBOOK ONE now) Edit Logout” Any advice on how I can get it back? Thanks

  18. Chester Douglas says:

    I have a question… I’ve entered multiple Gleam giveaways that are giving away the same prize using my email for each one but I never entered under multiple accounts on the same giveaway. Can I still be allowed to enter as many giveaways as I’d like to increase my chance of winning it or is this considered spam since each separate giveaway is to win the same type of prize?!

    • It’s fine! If they didn’t want people to enter them all, the promoter could choose to use one single Gleam widget embedded on multiple blogs. I remember when I really wanted to win a Spirograph for my son, I think I entered 15 different blog giveaways for one! (I won it in the end!)

  19. Utsav Devadiga says:

    Gleam counts our entry do it count valid entry or invalid entry too??

  20. Bec says:

    I visit and read a lot of quilting blogs and if they have a giveaway, I usually enter if it is something that I like. I may enter 10 or more a week. I’m up late at night and this passes the time for me and is fun. Recently, I keep getting the message for me to login to my existing account. (email address) has has already been used to log in to Gleam.

    Please login to your linked account: (it shows the facebook icon)

    I don’t want to login with my facebook and have never had to before. So what is happening?

  21. Anu Modi says:

    skipping video (long videos,no one can watch daily) lead to disqualify ??

  22. Ankita Kumari says:

    I entered a gleam competition with my laptop and I shared the link with my roommate and he also entered with the same wifi connection but with his laptop and his email account will I be disqualified ?
    Because when I checked it showed same IP address for for both the laptops.

  23. Perla Espinoza says:

    I’ve been disqualified from one giveaway on gleam for getting more entries with different accounts does that mean in disqualified from any other giveaways on gleam?

    • Each giveaway is treated differently, so anything that happened in a different giveaway won’t have any bearing on a new one. But if you enter with different emails/identities from the same IP address in other Gleam giveaways, yes of course your entries will be invalidated every time.

    • Cirilla Rianon says:

      What did you think? That is cheating hon. You can’t enter into a giveaway with more than one account!

  24. Hijaabi potato says:

    Is there any way to know our entries are valid or invalid? I never win in any gleam competition even after getting almost the highest entries. Does it depends on the country you live in? Like gleam doesn’t choose few countries like India and all?

  25. Dorr Farm says:

    I always find with Gleam that the total number of entries doesn’t go up; as though mine aren’t counted, even though it’s ticked. I’ve never won anything through Gleam and I’m wondering if there’s a problem.

  26. Sergey Grebionkin says:

    Where can I find all the competitions that I entered and check their status and other info?

  27. Lola says:

    Will fast forwarding through a video disqualify me? Some people put several videos on theirs that you can watch for daily entries, but watching the same videos everyday for a month is a little tedious.

    • Usually you won’t actually be able to skip through the video – you’ll only be able to check that entry after watching it all the way through. Personally, I wouldn’t bother doing that daily unless you really want the prize – as you say, it’s tedious!

    • Helen Sammet Richter says:

      When the video is too long for me to watch I speed it right where you choose which quality of the video you want. Helps a lot. I can watch more videos a day and sometimes it’s better to watch it with higher speed because some youtubers talk so slow.

  28. Sofia says:

    If I enter a giveaway and then receive the email with the number of entries, can I get discualified?

  29. TStyles says:

    How does gleam send u the price and how do they check parental consent?

    • Gleam don’t send the prize – it’s just a tool used by a blogger/promoter/brand to host giveaways. The promoter will contact the winner by email and ask for their postal address to send the prize. Promoters can request a date-of-birth option on the entry beforehand, to check age of entrants.

      • TStyles says:

        Thanks for the quick reply, also if you’ve entered a competition, are u able to leave it?

  30. meriemdz says:

    Why when I am in a competition that does not accept my date of birth ?

  31. Kylie M says:

    Will you get disqualified after entering too many giveaways/competitions? I’ve seen two different youtubers say “Spam accounts and accounts looking for giveaways will be invalid by generator”. I’ve already entered a dozen or so this week and am worried I will be flagged by the generator as spamming.

    • Is this specificlly for Gleam giveaways? Gleam is able to detect fraud where there are multiple entries into a single giveaway from the same IP address (this is probably the ‘spam’ they mention). If you’re entering separate giveaways this won’t apply!

  32. miva2 says:

    Thanks for your explanation. I didn’t know there was a manual checking process related to the winning entry. So I suppose that means if I get an entry by (re)tweeting something and then delete that tweet, it doesn’t count even though the gleam widget still shows a checkmark. Thanks!

    • Now, that would depend on how thorough the promoter decides to be – a lot wouldn’t go as far as checking the entry still exists – the important thing is that they did it in the first place!

  33. Kawtar says:

    So I wanna win and i have1000 entries 🙁 but I don’t know how much ppl r making out there like how can I know

  34. Martina Evans says:

    I don’t understand the ‘subscribe to Youtube’ entry on the gleam widget. It just says to subscribe. How will they know that I’ve subscribed, if there isn’t a box to write my Youtube account name in?

  35. Rose Elise says:

    I’m new to Gleam but I know I have entered more contests than I have received confirmation emails for in my inbox. Do all contests send a confirmation email? I’m hoping the entries all went through.

  36. Michelle Schultz says:

    I’m having issues with Gleam and clicking on the Instagram button. I’ll click on that button and my entry count goes back to 0 with no success of linking to Instagram. Any advice?

  37. Kev says:

    Can you place entries on more than one email account? Why doesn’t the giveaway that im in say the total amount of entries?

    • No, you can only have one email account registered with Gleam. And promoters can choose to hide the total number of entries when they set up the ‘widget’!

  38. IsabelOBrien says:

    Do you know how to edit your account details as an entrant? It has my old instagram account saved to it so I can’t do any instagram entries. I don’t see any options on the widget to change these things?

  39. khader says:

    The one with the largest number of entries wins ? Is this how gleam operates
    the winner is chosen randomly no matter what number of entries he has ?

    • A single task is chosen as the winning task, so anyone can win regardless of how many tasks they completed. Some entrants just do one mandatory task, others might tweet daily for a month. The person who tweeted daily will have 31 entries in the draw compared to 1 – so they have a better chance of winning!

  40. Debjyoti Ghosh says:

    can you please tell me how can I win something for sure….I have entered in almost all giveaways…Not getting selected is not a good feeling

  41. Debjyoti Ghosh says:

    when a giveaway has ended the winning entry is shown with a ‘#’ in green box with numbers. What i that? Is that the no. of entries he got from friends and tasks?

    • That’s the number of the winning entry – so for example my giveaway might have 1600 tasks completed, from 300 entrants. Task #1340 is chosen by as the winning task, but it may be one of 10 entries from entrant number 268 – does that make sense?!

      • Debjyoti Ghosh says:

        how will i know where am i in the total tasks…..say i have 5 entries then my entries can be anywhere right

        • The entries are in date order, but if you do five one after the other then they will be 5 consecutive numbers in the draw. Like buying raffle tickets!

  42. Debjyoti Ghosh says:

    my question is that I don’t have a huge friendlist on social media. I post the giveaways but don’t get any entries. My entries only come from the given tasks. So to win is it entirely dependent on your friend’s entries and as much entries one can pile or someone with say 10 entries can even win. So is there a luck factor or winners are decided based on one’s maximum entries?

    • I’ve run lots of Gleam and Rafflecopter giveaways, and with the referrals, people only usually get 1 or 2 extra entries – not the dozens of clicks you might imagine! And I’ve given away prizes to entrants who only did the mandatory comment task and ignored the rest too!

      • Debjyoti Ghosh says:

        most of the winning entries I saw had over 500 some even thousands of entries. If referrals give a mere 1 or 2 entries how do they amass so many entries?

        • That’s because of the entries assigned to tasks – so one person can earn anything from 1 entry up to 200 entries depending on how the promoter/blogger sets up the giveaway. I usually allow 1 entry for comment/tweet/friend referred, then give 3 or 5 entries if they join my mailing list. Never let the huge entry numbers put you off – it will usually be 1000 entries from 150 or so entrants!

          • Debjyoti Ghosh says:

            Thanks a lot. You cleared a lot of doubts hovering over my mind

  43. Petra Beck says:

    Di, do you happen to know how I can edit my email address for gleam? I have recently changed/updated my email address in facebook but the gleam widget still sends comp confirmations to my old address (which I was planning to abandon due to some problems with it). I can “log out” of gleam but when I log back in it does not update the email adress via facebook. Argh.

    • Hi Petra, sorry for the super late reply – I bet you’ve sorted this, but if not could you try logging out of Facebook and Twitter, then signing in to Gleam using your new email address, then reconnecting the FB and Twitter as you go?

      • Petra Beck says:

        Hi Di, no logging in/out didn’t work. It just recognised me by my Facebook profile (I don’t use twitter), but kept using the old email address. However I then clicked on the “powered by gleam” link at the bottom of the entry form, which brought me to gleam’s website, and I used their “contact us” form. They responded very quickly and sorted out my email address change. Well done gleam!

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