How to enter Heart Make Me A Millionaire

Heart’s Make Me A Millionaire on-air radio competition is back for a 5th year – it’s the biggest competition on UK radio and is widely promoted on air and online. Every weekday between 5 February and 2 May 2024, Heart are giving away up to 8 cash prizes between £1,000 and £20,000. Or the entrant can decide to refuse the cash, and have the chance to become a millionaire instead!

Before you read on – I don’t advise entering Heart Make Me A Millionaire unless you can afford it, and please be aware of how small your chance of winning is. It’s easy to get carried away, and to keep sending more and more entries – with up to eight chances to win each day, it can end up being very expensive and make you miserable if you don’t get the call back. Unsurprisingly, we never hear from the winners about how much they’ve actually spent on Heart competition entries prior to winning – but it’s likely to be hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Instead of entering premium rate entry comps, I recommend sticking to standard rate (15p) radio competitions and text-to-win competitions, on-pack promotions and online free-to-enter competitions. I’m featuring Make Me A Millionaire here on SuperLucky because it’s one of the most famous competitions in the UK – people search Google for information on it, and if they arrive here then in addition to explaining how the format works, I like to make them aware of cheaper and free alternative competitions they can enter!

This post will answer some frequently asked questions about Heart Make Me A Millionaire. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever won a cash prize in one of Heart’s premium rate text competitions, and how many entries you reckon you made before you won (be anonymous if you like!)

Update! The 2024 millionaire is Samantha Hayes – read about her amazing win on the Heart website

Is there a free entry for Make Me A Millionaire?

There is no free alternative method to enter Heart Make Me A Millionaire, and each entry will cost you £2 online. If you enter by text message, it will cost you £2 plus your standard network rate, so an additional 15 -18p. If you make multiple entries in a round, these will cost less (see below for more on this).

However – the T&Cs do state that there may be free promotional entries via Global Player into selected rounds of the promotion, and this will be advertised on air.

With big money prizes on the radio, the amount of revenue from the entries has to cover the cost of the advertising and the cash prizes, plus earn a decent profit for the radio station. As you can imagine, these easy-to-enter competitions get thousands of entries, are addictive and difficult to win. When you win big money, it’s not the radio station paying your prize – it’s all the people who have texted in, and there are thousands of people entering!

On the other hand, Bauer Radio’s Make Me A Winner promotion, which offers prizes up to around £120,000 every day, does have a free entry route, and you can make 42 free entry phone calls every day if your mobile contract allows.

Am I eligible to win Make Me A Millionaire?

Before you spend money on entering, it’s really important to ensure you’re actually eligible to win:

  • You’re 18 or over, and currently residing in Great Britain (you can’t enter if you’re on holiday outside GB)
  • You’ve not won a prize worth £1,000 or more from Global Radio in the last 6 months
  • You’ve not won 2 prizes of any value from Global in the last 6 months
  • You’re available on Friday 3 May 2024 to take part in stage 1 of the final* 
  • You’re available on Friday 10 May 2024 to attend the Million Pound Final*

* If you plan to take the cash prize offered, you don’t need to worry about attending the final! If you do forfeit the cash prize, you may be able to nominate a representative to take your place at either stage of the final if you can’t make it.

How do I enter Heart Make Me A Millionaire?

You can only play between 8am and 4pm on weekdays. There is a different cash prize value every day, which will be between £1,000 and £20,000 and announced on air. When you hear the Make Me A Millionaire cue to call, you have ten minutes from the start of the following song to enter for that round. The song will ALWAYS play between the start of the hour and half past the hour and there will be a maximum of eight rounds per day.

  • Text WIN followed by the name of the ARTIST performing the Make Me A Millionaire song to 82122. Texts cost £2 plus your standard network rate, and you will receive a confirmation message 
  • Or enter online at and pay £2 via mobile, PayPal or debit card 

If you enter by text, you’ll receive a reply encouraging you into making extra entries at a discount – see the table below. Don’t get carried away!

Heart do state that they may accept slight variations on the correct answer, so even if you made a spelling mistake you should still be in the draw. 

What happens if I’m chosen as a winner?

Heart will combine all text and online entries, and choose one at random to call back – the incoming call could display as ‘unknown’, ‘withheld’, or a telephone number.  They will only attempt to call you once! The call will either be broadcast live, or recorded and played later, and Heart may ask you to switch to FaceTime for a video recording (you don’t have to do this if you prefer not to). 

You will be asked if you want to accept the cash prize, or forfeit it in exchange for a place in the Million Pound Final by saying ‘Heart Make Me A Millionaire!’

Million Pound Final: Stage 1

Stage 1 of the Million Pound Final is an online video call on Friday 3rd May 2024. Nine of the participants will be selected at random to progress to stage 2. 

From 3rd May to 9th May 2024, there’s a chance to be the tenth finalist. When the Make Me A Millionaire Song plays you’ll be able to text in or enter online as usual – but there will be no cash prize on offer. Instead, one winner will be chosen at random from all entries that week and they win a place in the final. 

Stage 2: The final ten contestants

For the Final you will need to come to London on Thursday 9th May, to participate in person on Friday 10th May (Heart provide travel expenses and accommodation on the Thursday night for you and a friend). Any entrant who is unable to participate in either of the stages of the Million Pound Final, may be able to nominate someone to represent them in their place. If you or your representative can’t participate, your place will be forfeited.

At the Final, the finalists each choose a numbered box (the tenth finalist doesn’t get to choose and will open the final box) and one box will reveal the ‘Make Me A Millionaire’ winning message inside. Watch last year’s winner Magaret open her box on the Heart website!

How many times can I enter Make Me A Millionaire?

You can spend a maximum of £24 on text entries per day (plus the standard network charges). Or you can spend up to £25 on the Win+ platform. You cannot use multiple devices or numbers and may be disqualified for this. If you win either a cash prize or a place in stage one of the Million Pound Final, you cannot enter again.

When is the best time to enter Make Me A Millionaire?

Without knowing actual entry numbers, it’s hard to say whether more people text in for the smaller or bigger cash prizes! But if you definitely want to win a million, then text in on the days when the prize is lower – then your decision will be easier (two previous millionaires turned down a £2,000 prize). And if you don’t think you’re brave enough to turn down a cash prize, then enter on the days with the bigger cash prizes.  As for which time of day, Heart’s breakfast show is the most popular commercial radio show in the UK, so I would suggest you skip the 8am and 9am rounds of the competition and wait until after 10am to take part!

How many people usually choose to go into the final?

Where can I read the T&Cs?

Full terms and conditions for Make Me A Millionaire are on the Heart website at

What other big cash competitions are on Heart?

Heart run several other regular big cash comps on air, including Cash Tracks and Show me the Money. None of these offer a free entry route. There are also a lot of pay-to-enter competitions on the Global Win+ platform – again, be careful if you take part as they will encourage you to make multiple entries in the draw by offering discounts.

Is there a cheaper way to enter Heart competitions?

Heart have a lot of sponsored on-air competitions, usually on the Breakfast show but also occasionally on the daytime and evening shows. With a promotion that’s sponsored by a brand, it will cost you standard network rate to enter by text – this is usually around 15-20p. These competitions generally get far fewer entries, because the prize value will be lower than the big cash comps and the time period for texting in is shorter, generally the length of a song (around 3 minutes). SuperLucky readers have won amazing prizes in standard rate text entry comps on the radio, and it’s a much cheaper option to focus on entering these! I’ve won holidays, gadgets and cash in Heart competitions that cost me 15p or less to enter.

Other Global Radio stations also have sponsored standard network rate text entry comps (eg. Capital and Smooth regularly partner with eBay) or sometimes they even offer a free entry routes for cash competitions (eg. Radio X Breakfast show gave away £2024 cash with a free phone entry route). 

Are there any free to enter Heart competitions?

You can enter lots of free competitions online at – but avoid the Win + competitions, as there’s no free entry route for these. 

Which Heart competitions do I have the best chance of winning?

You have a much better chance of winning the Heart online prize draws or standard rate text entry competitions that require a little effort to enter. This could be telling a funny story, sharing tips or uploading a creative photo or video to the website or social media. Check T&Cs before spending a lot of time on your creative entry though – sometimes the winners are judged, and sometimes chosen at random!

Where can I find more tips on winning radio competitions?

Check out instructions on how to enter Bauer Radio’s Make Me A Winner for free, and read my blog post How to win radio competitions. You might also enjoy my post what’s the cheapest way to enter text competitions?

Where can I find other competitions to enter?

Join my Lucky Learners Facebook group, visit my top 5 competitions to enter right now, or read my post on 10 easy ways to find competitions!

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