How to enter ITV competitions for free

ITV competitions feature some of the biggest prizes in the UK – £100,000 cash, cars and lots of holidays. The comps are widely advertised on TV, and online, text and phone entries cost a pricey £2 each. 

But did you know you can send ‘free’ postal entries for most of the ITV competitions, if you don’t want to spend £2?

All entries – phone, post or website – have the same chance of winning ITV comps as each one is assigned a unique ID number. The winning ID number is chosen at random from all entries using a winner selector tool, under independent supervision. Most of these comps will receive in excess of 100,000 entries!

Note that a postal entry is still classed as a free entry, even though fast-rising stamp prices mean that even a second class postcard will cost you 65p to send.

Do people win ITV competitions with postcards?

Absolutely! SuperLucky reader Andrea had a £15,000 cash win, and Compers News readers have also reported winning big prizes with postal entries.

How do I send a postal entry?

To find the address for your postal entry, head to, click on the prize you’d like to enter for and then click the postal tab.

For ITV postal entries, you can use:

  • a picture postcard
  • a plain postcard
  • an envelope

Be green – recycle used birthday and Christmas cards or product packaging for your competition postcards!

If it’s plain card, write the PO Box address on the front, then your details on the reverse.

If it’s a picture postcard then lay it out like below, with your details on the left (not my real number, by the way!).

If you write details vertically, there’s no risk of the Royal Mail machines confusing the sender’s details with the destination address. I do this as a matter of course with all my postcard entries, even if I’m not including my full postal address.

If you don’t have a postcard, it’s ok to send an envelope – either seal it and write your details on the reverse, or write your details on a piece of paper and put it inside the envelope.

You must use a stamp on your entry! If you use a second class stamp, post early – it could take up to 3 working days for your entry to arrive.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, please allow longer for post to arrive. The new ITV comps are still listing a postal entry route, so your entry will definitely be included in the draw if it arrives before the deadline!

For more postcard tips, see my blog post How to send a postcard entry.

Are multiple draw entries allowed?

Yes. Although there are limits on paid entry methods, you can enter each ITV prize draw by post as many times as you like.

Each entry must be sent on a separate stamped postcard (or envelope) – if you put multiple postcards or entries into a single envelope, they will not be entered into the draw.

What prizes can I win in ITV competitions?

The majority of the ITV competitions offer huge cash prizes, usually accompanied by a car or a holiday! Here’s my pick of the current prizes and the closing date for postal entries – full details and T&Cs for all these comps can be found on the ITV website at

You can also find details of completely free-to-enter online ITV comps there (no postcard required!), including the Spin-to-Win competition, where the winner receives a phone call live on air and must answer with the phrase of the day to win a prize.

If you love to enter cash competitions, I recommend you check out my blog post how to win cash prizes in free online competitions, which is full of tips on entering to win big money online!

10 Responses

  1. There is also the option of entering these competitions via the Wins Day draw ( every Wednesday) , all you need to do is view some adverts / ITV promotions click on a wining ticket which gives you the chance to enter these comps depending upon whether their scanner states your ticket is a winner / looser Good Luck ;0)!!!!!!!!

  2. Nanna says:

    Hi Di – I write(well type) all mine on one A4 piece of paper, then fold it in half so as the address fits in the window of the envelope – is this Ok? i’ve tried asking ITV if this is Ok but had no reply – do you know? x

  3. Mrs C says:

    Hi Di!

    That’s so interesting about postal entries, I had no idea that we could enter as many times as we liked by post. I don’t know where I read we were only allowed to enter once by post. Now I know i was wrong, thanks so much! x

  4. Olwyn Strutt says:

    What number do itv call you from if you’re lucky enough to win ?

  5. LAura says:

    This is laura from Liverpool we in Liverpool don’t ever win anythink on tv shows so I am a bit hacked of entering I shop each day for my elderly neighbours so I wouldn’t no if my phone was ringing

  6. Jane johnson says:

    I don’t believe postal entries ever win

  7. Sylvia Robbins says:

    1. Most of the TV draws ask you for name and phone number only so you may treat a winning call as a scammer or spammer. They may leave a message or they may ring back once more but will probably choose another entry to be their winner. Andrea would know if this is correct.
    2. I stockpiled nice normal size postcards in the 90s when lots of public places had them and always use these for free prize draws. If I had, for some reason, to use an LWE. I would put all the info on the front. I have won stuff because the promoter liked my card. Quite against the rules but who am I to argue.
    3. Since 1975, I’ve only ever had one entry returned to me – that was a flimsy Avon ‘card’ that was included with the product that I bought but didn’t want.
    4. Our local newspaper competition editor said that if entries were too big for the ‘hat’ they went in the bin.
    5. I have always believed that ‘last in – first out’ is a sensible rule to follow, but these days all the entries may be amalgamated on a typed out list and a random selector used. Di would know.

    • Di says:

      Thanks Sylvia! regarding point 5, every entry is given a unique ID number and that number is uploaded to an online random winner selector tool – so the postcards aren’t physically ‘drawn’ at all.

  8. Alice Colling says:

    I use envelopes, but write my details on a piece of paper and seal it inside. Is that wrong?

    • Di says:

      I’ve confirmed with ITV that it’s absolutely fine to write your name and number on a piece of paper and place it inside of an envelope!

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