How to enter Omaze prize draws for free

Have you heard of Omaze? Recently I’ve had several readers contact me to ask if Omaze is genuine, or a scam – so I thought it was about time I blogged about them. hosts pay-to-enter prize draws, open to most countries worldwide, with incredible prizes ranging from cars and holidays to unique celebrity experiences.

Unlike most pay-to-enter prize draws, a set percentage of the ticket sales for every Omaze campaign goes to charity – for the celebrity experiences (dinner dates, premiere trips etc.), 60% of the money raised goes to charity, and for other prizes (holidays, cars, etc.) 15% goes to charity. Omaze itself takes 15% of the donations and the remainder is used for sourcing the prize, marketing costs and fees. So far their prize draws have raised over $130million for charities worldwide – find out more on the Omaze About Us page.

It’s certainly an exciting way to donate to charity, with the chance of winning a huge prize – and sometimes a once–in-a lifetime experience! But what a lot of people don’t realise is that every prize draw on the Omaze website has a free entry route. So if you can’t afford to make a donation to charity, you can also enter for free online. Or if you’re not happy about only a small percentage of your Omaze draw entry ticket going to the charity, why not use the free online entry route and then make your donation directly to the connected charity?

Each Omaze free entry is equal to 2,000 paid entries (which would cost $100!). The maximum number of entries is 6,000 entries per person per campaign, meaning you can submit the free entry form 3 times for each prize you’re interested in – receiving the same number of entries as a $300 donation. 

How to enter Omaze draws for free

  • Browse the Omaze campaigns at
  • Choose the campaign you’re interested in, then scroll down the page past the donation amounts.
  • Click on the the blue text line enter without contributing
  • Complete your name, email and postal address details
  • Tick the captcha box and submit the entry form
  • You can only submit one form per minute, so if you plan to do your 3 free entries you’ll have to wait a little while for the Submit button to turn pink!

The Omaze Million Pound House Draw

Omaze are currently raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust, the only charity in the UK providing specialised nursing care and support for young people facing cancer. There’s a very special prize on offer in this prize draw – a million pound house in Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire – and the winner will also receive £10,000. For this particular promotion, 80% of the proceeds (after the cost of the prizes) will go to Teenage Cancer Trust: Omaze have guaranteed this will be at least £70,000.


As well as the top prize of a house – to be drawn after the promotion ends on 19th November 2020 –  there are also thousands more prizes to be won including these ‘early bird’ prizes:

  • MINI Electric (prize draw for entries between now and 19 June 2020)
  • £10k Tech Hamper (enter before 24 July 2020)
  • Tesla Model 3 (enter before 28 August 2020)

Plus there’s a weekly prize draw to win £1,000 cash

Not only that, but in the grand November house prize draw another 2020 prizes will be awarded:

  • 10 x £500 John Lewis Gift Cards
  • 40 x £250 Curry’s Gift Cards
  • 1,970 x £20 Amazon Gift Cards

How to enter the Million Pound House Draw

If you want to buy a ticket for the draw (including a donation to Teenage Cancer Trust!) you can buy entries at at these costs:

  • £10 for 15 entries
  • £25 for 40 entries
  • £50 for 85 entries
  • £150 for 320 entries
  • £300 for 1,000 entries

Look out for coupon codes in the press to get bonus entries too!

Unlike the main draws, the alternative ‘free’ entry route for this particular draw is by post, so you will have to buy a stamp. You can send as many postcards as you like as long as each one is stamped and sent separately (not all together in one envelope). 

Postal entries will go into the Grand Prize Promotion (for the house and 2020 voucher prizes) and also the Weekly Cash Prize Promotion – but they’re not eligible for the Early Bird Prize Draws. Your entry (whether it’s paid or free) goes into the £1,000 draw for the week it’s received and all following weekly draws until the end of the promotional period, so it pays to enter early. 

If you’re going to send multiple postal entries, the stamp cost will stack up. A £10 online payment gets you 15 entries into the draw – and you would only save 25p if you bought 15 second class stamps for postcard entries.

How to enter the Million Pound House Draw by post

  • Write your name, address, date of birth, telephone number, and email address on a blank sheet of paper or postcard
  • Send with a 1st or 2nd class stamp to: Omaze Million Pound House Draw, Omaze Scrutineers, Civica Election Services, 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW.

Full details on the postal entry method are here.

If you do want to get involved with Omaze campaigns, make sure you check that the draws are open to your country – and have a good read of the rules at Omaze also share details of their winners online – check them out at

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13 Responses

  1. Alicia says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the only winners on the Omaze winners page are ALL americans? Should I even bother entering as British person?

    • Di says:

      I think Omaze is much more widely known in the US, and many of the prizes are aimed at a US audience, so it’s expected that most winners will be American! But it would be good to know the exact percentage of non-US winners.

  2. Sandy Chamberlain says:

    YES Mike,
    At the end of 2019 I WON 500 x FREE Entries into any Omaze USA DRAW; excluding their $Million Dollar Cash / Prize Home Draw. So yes they were Free to Enter Draws. Only a small supplementary prize; but still a Win which could have won a much larger prize. If you Win a Car; you get the option to choose a Cash alternative; or I’m sure they contact a dealership in Winners home Country – unless it’s a unique / antique car. So no tax to pay – import tax if it’s a prize which is shipped. Any prize won by a USA resident is taxable; including CASH.

  3. Sandy says:

    If you enter Omaze be it by your entered into the weekly CASH or monthly PRIZES… The sooner you get your tickets in; the more chances to WIN as every ticket flows over into their next draws round. So get those entries in ASAP as they’ll all count once received and processed. Received by Tuesday and once processed goes into the next drawings.
    Exception is when they offer to do a 2nd Cash Draw; Then only those who met that bonus comps T&C are entered with those tickets purchased only. Hope that helps.

  4. Mike Swaney says:

    Has anybody ever won a prize from Omaze using free entry option?

  5. Sandy Chamberlain says:

    Interesting Read Di. Thanks for Sharing.

    Di I’d appreciate your thoughts on any of these Paid Comps too please. No Free Entries. There’s a few. Do you know if any are not legit and what’s your thoughts? No rush as there’s many I’ve listed. Thanks in Advance DI.

    TripHunters – Win Travel / Trips plus extra draws for other prizes

    Raffolux – a Mix of Prizes both many instant CASH draws plus larger CASH prize and mixture of Items and Goods. Same people seem to WIN.

    Fair Play Competitions

    Cloud Nine Competitions

    WishClix Competition

    Hype Competitions

    Blitz Competitions Ltd

    Dream Car Giveaways – Cash and Cars as prizes

    Dream Vehicle Giveaways – £1,K Cash prize once a month plus CARS as a Prize.

  6. Sandy Chamberlain says:

    I’m doing both; a mix of FREE Entries plus PAID Entries into both the OmazeUSA (Today’s last chance to Enter) and many Entries into the OmazeUK Draw. I enter PAID when they Email me or Post on their FB Page Bonus Tickets when you Purchase Tickets. Like last week I received 30 Entries for £10.00 spent. However, to get my 150 Entries for £50.00 spent; I needed to enter 5 times X £10.00 or I’d have only received 1 lot of 30 free tickets had I Entered as 1 x a £50.00 Entry. . I’m expecting I’ll hold 300 Plus entries in this Drawing by November 19.

  7. Andrew Williams says:

    Hi, just curious to know if you entered to win one of the cars and won the car would there be a tax to pay or would they maybe arrange a similar car in the UK as the prize?

  8. Julie allen says:

    I like it if only I could have a house like that

  9. Frances Heaton says:

    These sound like great competitions to enter, and I think you would be tempted to donate to some of the charities. My only worries are whether you would be spammed, or whether they are complicit with GDPR rules.

  10. mag says:

    hI IF SOME ONE from us ever win, paying or not, please let us know here. Thanx

  11. Gill says:

    “If you do prefer the idea of a postal entry, you might want to split your entries and send a postcard once a week to ensure you have a chance in all the weekly £1,000 draws.”

    The table of entry dates (including the weekly £1000 draws) on the website says you’re entered into every weekly draw onwards from when they receive/process your entry, so there’s no need to send an entry in every week to enter each £1000 draw, you’ll have a chance to enter every weekly £1000 draw from your first entry anyway 🙂

    • Di says:

      Thanks Gill – I hadn’t realised this, so have updated the post to reflect this. Better to get postal entries in ASAP for the best chance of winning then!

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