How to enter Omaze prize draws for free

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  1. Ollie Woods says:

    Why can’t U.K. residents enter the omaze house competition

  2. keith says:

    they seam to have stoped all links to the, so can come to the conclusion that they are all correct and that omaz is not what it seams

  3. Tony says:

    I’d just like to mention that as per section 4B of the (very well hidden) Eligibility criteria country list; ALL ENTRIES FREE OR PAID FOR, ARE VOID.. Unless you are a US resident.

    Sorry to disappoint. Hope this saves people some time. I discovered it a few thousand of entries in..

    • Di says:

      Wow thanks Tony – I do keep an eye on the rules but hadn’t noticed that at all! I’ve contacted Omaze to ask if UK residents are eligible to enter any of their current experiences at all. Looks like I won’t be off to space any time soon then! I’ll update this blog post accordingly.

      • Di says:

        Just to add – this change has only happened today (25 August). Omaze have confirmed that some experiences launched before today will still accept UK entries.

  4. Hazel Lemar says:

    Hi Di, I have entered the Omaze campaigns before via their ‘without contributing’ route. I know that we can enter these 3 times with a minimum of 1 minute between entries. However I thought that it stopped you after 3 entries but the one that I have just been entering seems to keep letting me enter. What is your experience?

    • Di says:

      Hm, I’ll have to look into this. I’m logged into my account and it’s let me enter 4 times. The updated rules aren’t as detailed as they used to be, although they do state “If a Participant exceeds the Entry Limit for an Experience, all Entries received over the Entry Limit… will be void and ineligible to win.” It’s still 2,000 entries when you use the free route, so most draws with a maximum of 6,000 entries will only let you enter for free 3 times. Maybe they don’t let you know when you’ve reached your limit! I’ll contact Omaze to find out what the deal is, then update the post!

      • Di says:

        Omaze have confirmed to me that :
        “Our system currently doesn’t notify users on the entry submission page when they’ve reached the maximum entry limit for a sweepstakes experience. However, if a user exceeds the cap while submitting entries under one email address, our system will automatically cap the user’s entries at 6,000.”

        You should also be able to see your entry counts on the “Your Experiences” tab of your profile. When you reach the maximum entries allowed, you will see “MAX” displayed next to your entry count.

  5. Sandra Crocker says:

    Does no-one live north of Oxford? Every one I have seen is down south with Oxford the furthest north you have had. Not everyone wants to move south so please explain.

    • Andrew says:

      First of all you say “…you have had” Di doesn’t run the house giveaway. This is a blog that Di Coke runs. It has nothing to do with Omaze and vice versa. Hope this explains?

      They(Omaze) recently ran a house giveaway to win one in Cheshire (well actually Greater Manchester ) I suspect they’ll run other competitions to win homes across the country including Wales and Scotland

  6. Diane says:

    This is probably a stupid question but the entry rules start with PRINT . Does this mean my entry will be be cancelled if I don’t use a printer or does it mean I should write in black capitals using ink?

  7. Ann Sandover says:

    Just wondered as it states plain postcard for the Omaze free draw if a coloured picture postcard would or would not be acceptable

    • Di says:

      It doesn’t mention a plain postcard anywhere Ann, T&Cs state “Print your full name, address, city, post code, phone number (optional), email address and which prize draw you want to enter., on either a postcard or letter” – so a picture postcard is fine!

  8. andy morris says:

    if anyone needs any postcards to enter UK comps..ive got 1000s of the cinema promo ones that the cinemas used to put in racks

  9. Bob Troy says:

    What I don’t understand is that there are NO TICKETS issued or provided by Omaze?

    This is concerning! The general public nor raffle participants have no way of confirming the winner (or none winners for that matter). This holds true for both paid raffle tickets and free raffle tickets.

    • Di says:

      Each ticket you buy will be recorded digitally, and the winner selection process is likely to be overseen by an independent adjudictor (this will certainly be the case for the UK draws which must comply with the CAP Code) to ensure it’s done fairly. Numbered tickets aren’t really necessary in this type of online raffle.

      • Bob Troy says:

        Thank you Di for that. That side of it I assumed such. To me though, that isn’t enough! I want to get a warm & fuzzy about my overall transaction and see better proof. It would be much better to receive verifiable visual confirmation and rid of any suspicion of potential foul play.

        Imagine this – what if all FREE entries go into a separate bin. And that bin doesn’t make it into the mix of the drawing. Who would know?

        Plain & simple (to protect the publics interest):
        Every raffle ticket purchase should be issued a refence number in some capacity.
        Upon the final draw, the winning reference ticket number should be made public.

  10. Fabio Guilherme says:

    hello! I received a promo code when i signed up for omaze in my email! do you know if i can use the code in the same experience multiple times or is cheating?

    • Di says:

      I would guess you can only use it once, and then it won’t be accepted again – but there’s no harm in trying!

  11. Fiona says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like this type of competition, because don’t those who are rich enough to contribute more improve their odds of winning? It seems to mean that entrants are not on a level playing field and it simply favours those who have more money. Thanks for the insight into how to do the free to enter draws, but the house one just seems unfair. Can you give me any suggestion that I’m looking at this the wrong way?

    • Di says:

      Well, for the international Omaze draws, the set maximum entry limits apply to free entries AND paid entries – so it is a level playing field! In the UK there’s no maximum limit, so people can indeed spend more for a better chance of winning – but this could apply to any type of purchase-necessary prize draw, raffle or lottery. It’s just a shame we have to pay for stamps and postcards in the UK rather than having the free online entries!

  12. Andrew Williams says:

    Apologies for long post.
    I’ve been entering Omaze competitions and I thought I’d give my tips and advice (not that I’ve won anything )
    These are regarding the American website ( )
    First of all set up an account. You don’t need to give any banking details just email address. I’ll explain why later.

    The prizes on the site range from anything from cars, holidays and house makeovers. Because the site is based in America as you can imagine all the prizes are American only residents. However some of the competitions can be entered worldwide including UK. From what I do know the car competitions are the ones based worldwide (You will have to check to make sure) these are the ones I’m concentrating on.
    The car prizes include the prize of the car plus sometimes extra prizes such as meet and greet famous people and extra money. The cars can be shipped to the UK if you win. I’ve no idea how much this would cost to do or if Omaze covered this, but you can request a cash alternative instead. This is normally 75% value of the car. Now if a car is worth $40,000 75% of that ( $30,000 ) is still a great prize to win. I’ve no idea if the extra cash included with the prize is included.
    To enter each competition cost with the money raised going to American based charities ( or sometimes worldwide). Entries cost from $10 for 100 entries, $25 for 250 entries up to $100 for 2000 entries. However you can enter for free where you get 2000 free each entries. Whether you think this is wrong getting that many free entries can be debated but they offer it so it’s that’s the way it is. If I ever win from free entries I will give a donation to the nominated charity.
    Now back to why to set up a (free) account. For each competition you are allowed three free entries which is worth up to 6000 entries . The site doesn’t notify when you have reached your maximum entry. It keeps allowing you to enter with no notice to say you’ve reached the maximum allowed. The only way to know if you have reached it is by checking your account then having a look on the competition where it will tell you if you have reached the limit. Obviously you can take the decision to not open an account and just take a mental note which one’s you’ve entered but I prefer knowing via the site.
    Anyway good luck.

  13. Ali H says:

    Where do i find the free online entry? I can only see an option for postal entry. Thanks

    • Ali H says:

      Ignore that! I realised i was looking at the uk one.

    • Sandy Chamberlain says:

      Didn’t you want the UK one? – Won a minor prize in Nov in their final drawing of
      Or your interested in the USA Omaze? – I’m in UK and Won 2 minor prizes with USA
      Either way; both Omaze groups offer Free to Enter Postal Entries.
      Email me if want info where to find on either:-

  14. Sandy says:

    No need to split entries over many weeks. As the sooner you get your entries in; the more entry chances you have to win one of their weekly cash prize bonus prizes like the CAR etc. So get them in. Don’t matter how many entries or who enters from within the same house address or use same email address; so long as each and every entry is individually sent in according to their rules and regulations. Read T&C for Free Entry option.

  15. Sandy says:

    If you enter Omaze UK; best to enter as soon as possible; as everyone of your entries (exception their one off entry) that entry ticket is Re entered into every draw Omaze UK has….. including each of their weekly Cash draws and monthly bonus draws. So get your entries in ASAP to get better odds of winning a prize!

    Free Entries; You and household members can enter as many times as they like so long as a new Postcode / envelope entry is submitted for each new entry. Good Luck all.

  16. Kevin says:

    Can multiple people from the same home address use the free entry multiple times for the same prize? I didn’t see anything that forbid it but just wanted to be sure before I have my relatives enter with their unique emails as well. I don’t want my entries voided if it’s not ok to do. Thanks!

    • Di says:

      Yes – you can send as many postal entries as you like, as long as each one is sent separately with its own stamp. Keep in mind with the cost of stamps it may be cheaper to just buy multiple entries online – plus you’ll be donating some of your money to charity rather than the Royal Mail if you do that!

      • Kevin says:

        Thanks but I meant multiple people in the same household using DIFFERENT email addresses VIA the online free entry method. Not postcard. Ive seen many contests limit #of entries to “household” just trying to make sure I havent missed any fine print. Thanks

      • Erin says:

        Question they say on their UK site for postal entries it’s only one entry per postcard or envelope received but it doesn’t actually say they have to be sent separately. So my line of thinking is can’t we just send a bunch of postcards or envelopes inside a larger envelope or package/parcel. Because by their rulings it seems it doesn’t prevent you sending in multiple postcards inside one package but rather that each postcard themselves only count as one entry.

      • Ols says:

        Hi, where in the rules does it say that your entry must have a stamp on it? What is to prevent you from hand delivering multiple entries?

        • Di says:

          Terms state “please send the sheet of paper in an envelope to the following address via either first or second class post..:”

  17. Alicia says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the only winners on the Omaze winners page are ALL americans? Should I even bother entering as British person?

    • Di says:

      I think Omaze is much more widely known in the US, and many of the prizes are aimed at a US audience, so it’s expected that most winners will be American! But it would be good to know the exact percentage of non-US winners.

  18. Sandy Chamberlain says:

    YES Mike,
    At the end of 2019 I WON 500 x FREE Entries into any Omaze USA DRAW; excluding their $Million Dollar Cash / Prize Home Draw. So yes they were Free to Enter Draws. Only a small supplementary prize; but still a Win which could have won a much larger prize. If you Win a Car; you get the option to choose a Cash alternative; or I’m sure they contact a dealership in Winners home Country – unless it’s a unique / antique car. So no tax to pay – import tax if it’s a prize which is shipped. Any prize won by a USA resident is taxable; including CASH.

  19. Sandy says:

    If you enter Omaze be it by your entered into the weekly CASH or monthly PRIZES… The sooner you get your tickets in; the more chances to WIN as every ticket flows over into their next draws round. So get those entries in ASAP as they’ll all count once received and processed. Received by Tuesday and once processed goes into the next drawings.
    Exception is when they offer to do a 2nd Cash Draw; Then only those who met that bonus comps T&C are entered with those tickets purchased only. Hope that helps.

  20. Mike Swaney says:

    Has anybody ever won a prize from Omaze using free entry option?

  21. Sandy Chamberlain says:

    Interesting Read Di. Thanks for Sharing.

    Di I’d appreciate your thoughts on any of these Paid Comps too please. No Free Entries. There’s a few. Do you know if any are not legit and what’s your thoughts? No rush as there’s many I’ve listed. Thanks in Advance DI.

    TripHunters – Win Travel / Trips plus extra draws for other prizes

    Raffolux – a Mix of Prizes both many instant CASH draws plus larger CASH prize and mixture of Items and Goods. Same people seem to WIN.

    Fair Play Competitions

    Cloud Nine Competitions

    WishClix Competition

    Hype Competitions

    Blitz Competitions Ltd

    Dream Car Giveaways – Cash and Cars as prizes

    Dream Vehicle Giveaways – £1,K Cash prize once a month plus CARS as a Prize.

  22. Sandy Chamberlain says:

    I’m doing both; a mix of FREE Entries plus PAID Entries into both the OmazeUSA (Today’s last chance to Enter) and many Entries into the OmazeUK Draw. I enter PAID when they Email me or Post on their FB Page Bonus Tickets when you Purchase Tickets. Like last week I received 30 Entries for £10.00 spent. However, to get my 150 Entries for £50.00 spent; I needed to enter 5 times X £10.00 or I’d have only received 1 lot of 30 free tickets had I Entered as 1 x a £50.00 Entry. . I’m expecting I’ll hold 300 Plus entries in this Drawing by November 19.

  23. Andrew Williams says:

    Hi, just curious to know if you entered to win one of the cars and won the car would there be a tax to pay or would they maybe arrange a similar car in the UK as the prize?

  24. Julie allen says:

    I like it if only I could have a house like that

  25. Frances Heaton says:

    These sound like great competitions to enter, and I think you would be tempted to donate to some of the charities. My only worries are whether you would be spammed, or whether they are complicit with GDPR rules.

  26. mag says:

    hI IF SOME ONE from us ever win, paying or not, please let us know here. Thanx

  27. Gill says:

    “If you do prefer the idea of a postal entry, you might want to split your entries and send a postcard once a week to ensure you have a chance in all the weekly £1,000 draws.”

    The table of entry dates (including the weekly £1000 draws) on the website says you’re entered into every weekly draw onwards from when they receive/process your entry, so there’s no need to send an entry in every week to enter each £1000 draw, you’ll have a chance to enter every weekly £1000 draw from your first entry anyway 🙂

    • Di says:

      Thanks Gill – I hadn’t realised this, so have updated the post to reflect this. Better to get postal entries in ASAP for the best chance of winning then!

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